24 7. Here with a new monster truck 2 review. This is a 110 scale, xlf ready to run brushless monster truck. So apparently you can go up to 60 to 70 kilometers an hour. Its got an 85 amp esc 3653 500 kv motor, so well definitely check that out. But lets have a quick look around the box. It does come in a brushed version as well, but we want the brushes and if youre interested in this links are down below go check it out. If you want so 110 scale does include 7.4 volt batteries forward drive, obviously its got metal shock, absorbers oil filled and theyve also got like these metal, a arms as well so interesting. All right here we go now make a fire did. Send me this. So if youre interested, like i said, go check it down below cool hat now, this body definitely reminds me of something the shape of that. What do you reckon? I think it looks like this. A little bit kind of looks like the uh xmax body. I definitely think it does. Ive probably got some inspiration from that, but uh thats it there lets have a look at the other stuff. First, it does come with an instruction manual, a small little uh charger. There some tools four way: wrench and a couple of screwdrivers heres, your basic controller, its got all your trims, your reverse throttle and steering your trims for that as well, and yeah does the job nothing too fancy.

Now the car itself dampening is pretty damn strong in that pretty thick, but it does have oil filled shocks, thats a bonus. A lot of these uh kind of cheaper cars just have like the friction ones and just bounce around like crazy, but this one it doesnt. So thats excellent to see lets quickly. Take this body off. Give you a closer look at that there we go there. Nothing too uh too fancy, but it looks pretty cool. You know they sure their own, but check out this bad boy. Wow lets flip it upside down quickly. Yep chassis is countersunk still using phillips head screws in this particular model, but it is what it is and you can see those arms there aluminium and it doesnt always mean its better. A good quality plastic with nylon that can flex, in my opinion, is the winner winner, chicken dinner, but you know im not too sure we observe judgment until we use it now, while were flipping around you can see the wheels and tires. I dont feel if its foaming its really really thin, but uh might have a little bit in there, but uh well see how they perform now. Lets have a look at this battery because its pretty big it seems yeah well its a five thousand milliamp hour. Two cell lipo, as you can see its hard case as well pretty tall but 5000 milliamps, should give you in about 15 to 20 minutes.

I reckon now we look at the chassis, interesting design. You have your center differential front and rear all metal gears and from the front, you have a nice stamped brace leading from the front diff to the center diff and from the center to the rear, same type of brace there. So that should give it some rigidity, and so it doesnt bend like a banana after a big jump, you can also see the drive. Shafts are all metal dog bones, rear to the center and center to the front as well and also im? Looking here looks the same for the drive shafts as well, pretty aggressive angle. There you can see yeah. It definitely looks like that. The shock towers are same metal and at the back as well, and you got some well damaged mitigation – there, it kind of bends in a little bit. If you hit something too hard, as you can see, nice wheelie bar there should keep it uh thats. Pretty extreme angle so well see how that goes. Can it be adjusted? No, i cannot see that it can be just, but at least it does really bad, because brushless monster track kind of big tires definitely normally gets the back wheel up now. The esc, like, i said, believe, was 80 amp, but um. It seems like a two in one system, so it doesnt have a receiver per say its all in there. So thats whats called two one.

Deans connector flip it over here to your brush mode. You can see 3500 kv motor, not much else to say or see here, theres your basic steering server. At least it is a normal size, size, sorry and it is a three wire. Some of these can get like that five wire kind of steering servo and it makes it pretty impossible to change because you can still change it up because it does have the normal style servo plug in that receiver. So not myself to see yeah thats, pretty stiff suspension oil food shocks are fully adjustable, as you can see, so proof will be in the pudding when we get it out on the track or anywhere currently covered locked down here in australia, so uh with sydney, especially So can get it out anywhere. I can. I will get the video out and lets charge it up and see how she runs all right. Guys. First, test weve got a pretty decent two cell lipo battery and a good thing about its hard case. I can take some knocks, but anyway were out here. Sorry, if its a bit windy, it always happens its like a tradition here. Lets lets give it a test good thing about. You can um dial it back if its too too fast for you, if its a new car for your kids, you can dial it back here, which is pretty cool for throttle and also the dual rates as well, but lets go Music.

Oh there we go got my little uh helpers, its got a wheelie bar, i dont know if it actually can do really lets, try, maybe on concrete or something a bit more um grippy its pretty good, really long. Grass, there anyway, really cut out okay. How much are out there? This could definitely cool carpet stuck Music so far, so good bodys, looking all right, im gon na do a top speed all the way down there. All righty brain seems decent acceptable. Bad lets. Try it again really Music fun see what he thinks of it decent car. Do you reckon zach? I know its nothing compared to x max, but oh Applause, Applause thats, a good thing – i guess, but it cant flip, when youre going over soft terrain, also notice that the esc is a little bit temperamental. Sometimes it works wrap it up.