Well today i just received the new release from xlf. This is their 110th scale. Rc monster truck its called the f22a and uh like to thank banggood for sending this through for review. So, as we can see here on the box, it is a 110 scale. Now this one is a true 110 scale size, unlike uh wltoys latest release of one zero, four zero, zero, nine. They claim that was a 112 10 scale, but in fact it was a 112 scale, as you can see in my video. So this is a true 110 scale. Rc brushless monster truck this one comes with a large uh, 5 000 milliamp hour 2 cell battery for extended run time. I believe its a hard pack well have a look at that in a second four wheel, drive and also oil metal shocks, oil filled, of course, so uh yeah. They also claim it is waterproof as well up here waterproof control system on the side of the box. Here i didnt even realize this, but apparently they got a brushed model here, its called the f22b. So, as you can see, theyve got the claim speeds here for both the brushed and the brushless. So this one they claim 60 to 70 ks an hour on the banggood listing, so we should get pretty close. If not, those speeds im, hoping with the brushless system on this one and 48k, is an hour maximum speed on the brushed version which is uh in the pink and uh purple sort of body shell scheme there, so uh yeah.

I think this one might have a 550 motor with it, so uh thats plausible, it probably would get around 50 ks an hour so anyway, guys lets open up the box. Now this is going to just be a quick overview and unboxing today, because i wont have time to actually get it prepared charged up and take it out today, but theyll be in another video ill. Do a full running video on this uh. This truck so uh lets quickly see what we get in the box and a closer look at the xlf f22a right guys. Ive got everything out of the box and uh. First off weve got this user manual. Its got everything you need to know how to set it up if youre new, to rc, okay, all the controls and towards the back here got some really neat exploded, diagrams of every part of the car guys or every part of the truck rather sub frame, really Nicely detailed exploded diagrams, so if you need to do any repair work, you can just refer to this. Weve got their whole list of parts here as well. Theres, two pages, probably a couple more pages here: yep and all the screws. They use really good, really good book in this uh little bag. Here we have some tools and, as you can see here, weve got two different screwdrivers theyre, two different sizes, an allen wrench we have the uh tool to take. Your wheels off is aluminium, which is good rather than plastic, and it looks like weve got a couple of extra screws here and full set of body clips now the charger that comes with it is a usb to balance lead charger.

Now, if youre brand new to the hobby, i guess you could use this a couple of times, but to be honest with you, youre going to get sick of uh waiting the charge times, especially with the large lipo that comes with it, its a 5 000 milliamp Hour, lipo and something like this is like a little trickle charger. It will take absolutely all day to charge. So, even if you knew the hobby and youre looking to get a truck like this or any other hobby grade truck as your first purchase id highly recommend that you buy a hobby grade charger ill link, some that ive, i recommend in the description below ive reviewed A few uh charges lately and uh ill recommend them in the link below so yeah. I highly recommend that you get a hobby grade charger. Not only will it charge your battery a lot faster, but also balance the cells. Okay, i dont think this is up to balancing any cells. Okay, guys so yeah. Just keep that in mind. Okay, guys so lets have a closer look at the new xlf f22a monster truck. As you can see, it is a one tenth scale in size. This is a true 110 scale. I like the wl toys. I really like the body shell design on this. One weve got the xlf new xlf logo there as well its a really nicely uh printed out body. Shell weve got a wheelie bar on the back; hopefully that is of some use on this truck.

I like the clear windows as well on this lexan body, okay and uh. This one is fully upgraded to metal guys. So, as you can see on the bottom here, weve got the all alloy chassis plate or on. The bottom here is made up of uh phillips head screws. Okay and weve got all the uh swing. Arms are all metal oil filled shocks, okay, rather thick cvds or uh dog bones on the rear, and we actually have adjustability on those turn buckles for some toe adjustment. All right, so yeah, really nice same with the front. Lets have a look all the sea hubs. Metal along with the oil filled shocks, and this one has camber adjustment and tow on the front as well. Nice big basher bar here very rigid and solid plastic. The wheels on this one theyre. Actually pretty soft uh ive, seen this type of wheel on a diff. A couple of different rcs before especially uh ones like zillihome, so pretty soft tyres pretty decent uh grip on there. I think so well test that out shortly so uh yeah lets take the shell off and well have a look underneath, okay guys so, underneath that lexan shell, we can see that the metal continues. The metal parts continue on the xlf f22a got some nice thick chassis plates on the top or chassis bracing. They look pretty decently thick there. Okay, uh the shock towers, uh, pretty thick metal as well all throughout.

So this should be a pretty durable truck for bashing. You know its made up of a lot of metal upgraded parts here, as you can see now this uh esc that theyre claiming is a 85 amp esc. It looks like its got. An integrated fan a couple of capacitors there, so it should handle 3s rather easily. It does come with this 2s battery here. Well, have a closer look at that in a second, but you can see theres an on and off switch. Hopefully it is a waterproof or splash proof esc. I think they did state on the box that it might be waterproof. Weve got a three wire servo plug there, which is also really nice to see no five wire garbage on this one, it looks like weve got an auxiliary port empty there, so you could probably add some lights to this. One just see that there weve got one powering the fan and then weve got an extra one. So hopefully thats got live power. You could even probably put a fpv all in one camera to this one. This side here we have the blue, 3650 3500 kv motor. Just here i think you can see it just in there 3500 kv its got a nice blue heatsink to match. Now this one looks like its got: a center diff with a center spur arrangement there as well its got a casing in the middle there and weve got the tenth scale size servo just there, and we can see the servo saver just tucked in there.

It looks like a pretty decent size, okay, and we also have a two piece: center drive shaft just there, where it meets the um, the middle spur gear or gearbox there. Okay, so yeah it looks pretty decent uh thickness as well xlf. What i like about xlf compared to companies like wl toys, they do have thicker components even on the xlf buggy ive said that a couple of times in my videos, you can see its got rather thick drive cups there for the diffs, all metal, diffs and ball Bearings throughout as well and theres your toe and camber adjustments just there as well. All right so lets have a look at this battery. Now it is a rather large battery, its a 5 000, like i said, before 5 000 milliamp hour, uh 2 cell battery its pretty decent size. So this should give us a really long run time out of this battery and it is a hard pack which is nice to see. Okay, so, like i said before, you might want to get a hobby grade charger to charge this one up in a hurry. If you want to get out there and uh drive this particular truck, you dont want to be waiting around with that usb trickle charger all right, but uh yeah pretty decent uh battery bay. Here all right, it comes with a velcro strap to secure the battery, and the tub in here is pretty decent size, so you should be able to fit uh fairly decent size, uh 3s batteries in there around the 2 000 milliamp hour 2200, or maybe two and A half thousand milliamp hours, okay, so yeah pretty decent.

So what im going to do now is quickly take one of these wheels off guys. I want to see behind it to see if its a plastic, 12 millimeter hex or an alloy one and uh yeah. That should nearly wrap this video up guys so lets take one of the wheels off okay guys. Well, after taking the wheel off, i was happy to see that theyre using a alloy 12 millimeter hex rather than a plastic one. So these will last a lot longer and wont strip out which is good to see. Then, as you can see, heres a c hub, like i mentioned before, everythings all metal guys, you know so, hopefully its going to be pretty durable to some bashing. You know i know plastic is pretty good in its own way as well, because it flexes but well see how this uh all these alloy parts uh perform on this particular truck, does have a good weight tool with all these alloy alloy parts on it. So uh yeah it should be pretty durable anyway, guys so uh the shocks look like they got a pretty decent amount of oil in them as well so yeah. Hopefully, it performs pretty good when i take it out for a bash test so anyway, guys thanks for watching this uh quick overview and unboxing of the new xlf f22a monster truck uh, the diffs i forgot to mention they seem pretty well lubricated, theres no grinding at All and the mesh is really good on this one, so its very quiet, so thats good to see should run really well yeah.

So the point of this video today, like i mentioned before, im not gon na, have time to run it today in this video but uh be sure to stick around and subscribe if you havent already for the upcoming running video and test bash on this particular truck. Okay, guys, but for now ill leave a link in the description below, as well as a coupon code, ill reach out to banggood uh my contact at banggood and make sure they can send me uh some sort of coupon code. So you save a bit more money on this one i believe its around the 220 us dollars at the moment, which is not a bad price. Considering that this one performs well okay, so i will soon see about that im, looking forward to testing it out and especially to see if we can get the 60 to 70 ks an hour uh like it states on the box and on the banggood listing so Uh should be interesting, i think, on 3s. It will definitely get up to that sort of speed, but uh well see when i test it out on the gps, speed reader so anyway, guys for now uh if youre new to the channel be sure to subscribe. That way, youll see all my upcoming videos and hit that notification bell thats important too uh leave a like. If you like this video and also comment below, i sure do appreciate it when these guys interact and comment in the comments section so anyway, guys thatll be it for today.