Triggy, i did get it as a rolling chassis version. It was supposed to be a 4s kit, but i decided to put a 6s motor and speed control in it and i do not regret doing that. I put it through its paces. I upgraded quite a few things. I made a lot of modifications myself, but it did end up being quite a good 1 8 scale basher, but, as you can see guys, we are not here to talk about the trophy flux chuggy. We are actually talking about the new 2022 hpi vorza s. Now this is a 1 8 scale triggy, it comes in three different versions: it comes in a nitro, a basic, and this s version the difference between the basic and the nitro is just the motor ones, nitro ones electric, but the difference between this one and the Other two is this: one comes with some 7075 parts that the other ones dont come with. So what well do, as always is get the car out of the box. Take a look at all the parts see whats new, see whats similar to the old versions and then well get it outside and give it a good shake down. I dont want to go too hard on it because im sure theres, a few things im going to have to change for my preferences, so lets do this guys. I cannot wait to take a look at this car and guys. I would really appreciate it if you could leave a like subscribe if you want to hit the bell, if you want to see my up and coming videos and ill definitely get back to any comments and questions as soon as possible Music.

Now, where else will we start but talk about the new body style from hpi? It looks fantastic in my opinion. I, like all three colors, the green, the orange and the red first saw the spoiler the rear wing in the box. It looks very strange, but when i got the car out and put it on the bench, it looked much better, it does suit the car. I think it looks pretty good one thing i noticed straight away without actually taking off the shell was the suspension. Now they really havent set it up right. This is wound all the way down and theyre extremely soft, but as you can see, there is one more mounting point closer to the center of the car as well as on the rear. So we will be able to get a little bit more height just by changing their mounting points. Be aware, if youre not one to read instructions, these screws, the black ones here and the silver ones here – are different thread. These silver ones are actually counter clockwise thread. Theyre reverse thread screws, as you can see there, one is counterclockwise and one is is not marked, so that is a normal thread, screw the new wheels and tires look pretty good theyre not really offset, but it is extremely wide already this car, the tyres look great. They are very grippy and theres a lot of a lot of foam in there, so i think theyre going to be very good now guys.

The basic layout actually looks very similar to the old flux, chuggy thats, not a bad thing. The only thing i can see here that they probably should have done was put a center brace from tower to tower because all these new bashes you know people are starting to go really hard on them and you do want as much strength as possible. But i can do that myself, its not hard to add a center brace if you really want one. So, as i mentioned with this one, you do have the additional 7075 shock towers. You have a four millimeter thick 7075 chassis with a little bit of weight reduction at the back here, and it also looks like theyve made the ackerman 707.5 as well, which is excellent. The servo saver is quite substantial that should be very effective, ss40wp waterproof servo, as you can see, the vorza has an 8 kilogram servo and the vorza s has a 10 kilogram servo. Now, as you can see, hpi have gone with the clamp style motor mount very similar to what traxxas have just used for the sledge. I know people arent, really a fan of these motor mounts ive not tried one yet so i cant really make a decision. Hopefully, its all good one thing: i did notice that i really like is they reused or kind of remade the old style front bumper, which is excellent, its an extremely strong front, bumper im glad they went with that, but they havent added a rear bumper.

This time, which is kind of disappointing, i definitely like the addition of the rear bumper on the old trophy flux, chuggy, sway, bars, front and back super thick swing. Arms super beefy tie bars, front cbds and we just have dog bones on the rear. One other thing they added to this car that they didnt add to the other two versions: the aluminium shock bodies here, im sure the plastic ones are fine, but im glad that i got the aluminium ones. I probably need them. We have the flux elh four to six cell 150 amp speed control, theyve gone with the flux, mlh 220 kv six cell motor. One massive benefit is the cooling fan mounts here, as you can see, theres one on top and one on the side. So you can actually run two fans on the motor, which is excellent, front, mid and rear differentials with hardened steel diff gears. As you can see, we have 17mm wheel hex and the traditional hpi steering the carrier and hub design, rather than the typical 1 8 steering youd see these days. The dual ball knuckle on the rear. We have very familiar hpi style, rear hubs, one slight letdown is they have not added any aluminium braces front and rear are both plastic as well as the mounting points thats? Why i thought, maybe a tower to tower center brace would be the way to go. That will prevent any of those plastic braces from snapping, but, as you can see guys, there is a small selection of upgraded parts in the manual.

Some of these parts are already on the s version, but there are a couple more that you can add to make it even stronger in the box. Youll also get all the information you need, the hpi racing instruction manuals are extremely detailed, very good. Every single thing you need to know in there a glide plug wrench or wheel, wrench have a 1.5 millimeter, a 2 millimeter, a two point: five millimeter and a three millimeter allen key. You have four 1.2 millimeter shock pistons and four 1.4 millimeter shock pistons to change the dampening and the rebound on your suspension. They also include a 23 and a 24 tooth servo horn, just in case you want to run an aftermarket servo and we have the controller and four double as to go with it, which is excellent, now, im not familiar with the hpi electronics, but this controller from The old hpis this definitely looks like a change now. Obviously, weve got proportional, swirl and reverse proportional steering got an on off button at the back here, which is pretty cool. We have got a third channel switch there and up the top here we have all our reverse switches, our trim, steering jewelry and bind button. Now i have been out for the first test with this car. It was really wet. It was raining at the time, but i can definitely say i like the way it handles. Just from that little run. It handles a lot like the old trophy flux, puggy.

But one thing is obvious: the suspension definitely needs some work. It needs stiffer springs most likely. It will need thicker shock oil because it is extremely soft. The way its set up at the moment, though, would probably be good for racing or just flat ground bashing around, but i definitely would not suggest taking over big jumps and stuff. I checked the chassis, it is completely straight. It has got a few little scratches no actual, indentations or gouges. So i think this is legit four millimeter 7075 aluminium, which is fantastic. That should last a long time. One thing i should mention is the system. The electronic system is absolutely flawless. I had no glitches, no drop out like signal drop out the motor, the speed control theyre, absolutely perfect, so i will leave the stock system in there for now. Until i find it needs upgrading because ive added too much weight or something like that because, as i said, i will be adding a center brace ill, probably change the wheels eventually, because i have got some other triggy wheels that i would love to try on this Car and the suspension is going to have to change as well, so the springs may be heavier im, not sure thats, obviously not going to add too much weight, but its still adding a little bit. I did say i wanted to test some different wheels, but these are really good wheels, theyre, quite good for the wet and im pretty sure theyre going to be really good for the dirt as well.

Everything seems to be pretty strong, so i cant really say much more than that until i take it out again so ill get it all set up to my preferences, get the center brace on there, get all the suspension fixed up and take it out for another Bash, i cannot wait for that. Guys, keep an eye out im sure its going to be a good one, but guys there is one thing. I cannot do a speed test at the moment because i actually broke my gps system. It is a tiny, little soldering job, but i may be able to fix it if not im going to have to save up and get a new gps. But i will do that as soon as possible stick around, because i will chuck a little bit of footage at the end of this, but for now guys cheers catch you in the next video and, as always, stay safe. Well guys at least we get to test out whether its waterproof or not its fast, and it sounds great: Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, uh, Music, uh, Music, Music, yes, Music, yeah.