The four four wheel – drive dxl uh i’m excited for this one, so i’m gon na go straight into it, because we’ve already dealt with andy’s. We know what it does. We know it’s self rights. We know it bunny hops, dude, the bunny hop is probably the best feature. Dude the bunny hop is one thousand percent of the coolest feature. I don’t care if it’s this high off the ground, it’s, awesome and it’s fun and it’s exciting. I hope i bought the green one. I did buy the green one there. It is oh that’s sharp there it there. It is kind of i’m still stuck. Why did what do they do there? It is four wheel: drive hoss four wheel drive all right now, throw it on the ground, see if you can break it. Okay, now, let’s let’s go for it i’m, going to try out some of the original features. I guess why did i got to put it under this? I know right what’s it in there. Oh, i need batteries. I forgot, i need batteries, you have some. I do put the battery in it and see what this thing can do. We know how to put this in right now: i’m, putting it wrong on hand and uh everyone. Let us know look how tight that is: that’s that’s how wrong we were that right. There is how wrong we were it’s, a nice looking dude. The cooling fan like that shows how serious this thing is.

Where’S the button it’s already kicked on holy crap. Okay, how better is the clipping system dude this? The the clip system is the best thing ever like one click like and we’re on, and it i mean it holds better. Obviously so, hopefully, this doesn’t break as easy as i do on my bigfoot and stampede god. The sound is so sick, Music, yeah yeah. When you get it to smack off the wheelie bar Music, oh yeah, this one, you can’t, adjust it’s a solid wheelie, but if you can get it to smack and then kick it forward, that’s how you really get to pop i’m, like trying to be like extra Careful, i feel like Music. All right, can he bucket someone says hold the set, but nothing happens. I saw that too. I didn’t do that. Oh it did. I didn’t do that, so it literally like so it’s trying Laughter it wants to so bad dude. This thing is so much better than the two wheel drive stampede, yeah, not being careful anymore. You did it dude, but now i’m stuck, you got it that’s, the first successful flip over. I flipped it over. It did let’s go for the back flip. Oh you landed. It did you put a hole in those accidents that was a complete dude. Look at the side. What what size yeah you fixed it! What side wow! Oh this one’s out this one is out all right. Well, let me try to clean the back flip.

I brought it back. Oh there it is there’s the backflip, or should i try to hit the new rail ooh that’d be sick. 50, 50 down the new rail yeah. Okay, let’s make that happen? Okay, let me jump up. Let me get, let me get warmed up. I’Ll uh bunny hop the double set: try 50 around the new quarter, that’s what i was trying to do right there? Yes dude! We can just stand right here and do it: Music, nice, rock to fakie, Music it’s, a good bumper it’s, a good bumper it’s. A very good bumper back in business, Music, yeah, oh that’s, pretty slick someone asked me what ramp this was in my last in a previous video it’s, just an elephant escape ramp and it’s literally perfect for what we do. It works yeah. I wonder if they make these anymore Music, i think we’re good! You should make a gap. You should pull that ramp way back dude, you cleared it by like 10 feet. That was even close. You were going slow, too that’s, what’s, crazy right at the end, see what this does got. Some torque nose, bonk well, there’s, only one thing to do: what’s that pull it back more a little more one more and i got ta try to keep it straight. So i actually put it off like it’s, already possible yeah. Oh almost a 5 0. Oh, i got a better one Music right here, Music, get myself over Music! There! You dark slit! Oh nice, couple more tries! We got this Applause, really quick, yeah! All right kind of try another one that was solid.

I couldn’t have done that better there. It is 5050 up, am 50 50 down the rail. Thank you for everyone. 500 likes. I appreciate that. I bought the house, we got it. I did notice 36 percent of people that watch my videos are subs. If we could get that number up a little bit. That would be awesome. I would really appreciate it. We’Re gon na come up with some fun things for the uh hoss. If you see we have a basketball hoop now i think you know what i’m thinking so make sure you stick around like comment subscribe. Tell me what you want to see. Hoss is here to stay for a long time. We’Ll beat the crap out of him, but he’s here to stay as long as humanly possible. So thank you.