com, and today we have a somewhat confusing unboxing. Now, of course, in front of you, you do have the arma exp outcast 6s blx. Now everyone knows the exps have kind of been this roller chassis kind of add on your own electronics. They give you lots of upgrades inside of the box, but i noticed something on this box. It says rtr way down here. So is this really an rtr exp? I’M confused. I got this about a week and a half ago directly from horizon hobby and typically we get little letters that say: hey here’s, this new vehicle, please don’t, post any videos until such and such date. I didn’t get a letter i reached out to horizon. I got no response, so here’s the video now with that full disclosure, i’m gon na be flying kind of blind in this video. I don’t have a spec sheet. I don’t have a website pretty much nothing to go off, but this box right here that screams rtr spectrum firma avc. All those things are listed on this box, but let’s see what you get inside of here now speculating a little bit about price of this vehicle. Of course, this is an exp, so it has all the upgrades installed and it’s an rtr. Now, pricing from the previous versions of the outcast and the notorious the exp, the roller chassis retailed for right around 469 dollars, the rtr version, lest the exp upgrades retailed for right around 549 up to 569 for the 2020 version of the notorious which is kind of Outcast stepsister vehicle now my best estimate on what the price could be on this outcast 6s exp rtr.

My guess this is gon na fall into right around that 649 dollar price tag. I don’t think they’re gon na push quite towards the 700, because then honestly, you’re getting into the 8s vehicle lineup the fifth scale of the outcast and kind of the creighton lineup. So i think they’re going to keep it in the sixes. My prediction 649 for this guy. As far as available colors it’s kind of like those old fords, you can get pretty much any color you like as long as you pick black. So yes, the outcast exp, 6s blx rtr comes in black only as far as the stock electronics looks like we’re getting the spectrum. Dx3 2.4 gigahertz radio system with abc the spectrum: s652 steel metal gear, digital servo, the firma 150 amp, smart esc and the motor is the 40 70 2050 kv firma, brushless sensorless motor. As with most modern day, rc’s you’ll have to supply your own double a batteries. For the remote you’ll need four of those, your own charger for your lithium batteries and you’ll need a combination of various batteries for the car. You can have either one 6s one 4s, two 3s’s or two 2s batteries. As far as all of the exp upgrades i’m gon na link in the upper right hand corner of this video over to my creighton video, where i went in depth on all of these upgrades, they are pretty cool. You get a lot of bang for your buck with the exp upgrades, including 70 75 machined aluminum, a lot of parts, including the chassis plates and the shock towers.

You do get those cool, limited slip differentials and those are in all three now not just the front. Two, like we saw in the creighton you get various other braces and driveline features that are kind of upgraded and give you that little bit of peace of mind when you are out bashing. This thing doing massive jumps and whatnot and the coolest thing about armis. They actually do listen to their customers and they take that input and make each version of these vehicles just a little bit better than the last version. Finally, before we dive into the box, i know someone’s gon na ask. Is it waterproof, yes, it’s waterproof before we get to the start of the show? Let’S go over some of the supplement items that come inside the box. What arma calls the speed pinion? This is a 16 tooth, mod 1 pinion, a bag of extra plastic parts, including body mounts and pistons; a bag of tools including cross wrenches, wheel, wrenches and hex wrenches, the creighton ex b bag or, in other words diff shims. To make your diffs a little bit. Tighter some official arma decals, the arma speed chart for this actual outcast with claimed speeds up to 60 mile per hour, with the included speed, pinion running on the 6s battery and arma outcast exp 6s blx technical pack, including exploded views on pretty much everything on the Vehicle and finally, the owner’s manual for the outcast exp, 6s blx rtr and the italian exp hmm.

Finally, the included radio, the spectrum dx3. This is pretty much a full feature: rtr remote as good as you’re going to get with an rtr vehicle. It has pretty much all of your reversing switches on the very top, including a throttle limit, which is great for kids. You do have the avc steering rate brake rate, steering trim, throttle, trim all on the side, a bind button, and you also have a third channel down here on the bottom. Finally, the wheel does feel pretty good in hand, and the throttle has a pretty good response. This does run on four double a batteries that you do need to supply yourself and finally, the arma outcast exp 6s blx rtr that’s a lot of acronyms there, but i set it once again now what makes this outcast kind of the perfect storm of rcs? Is you do get all of the exp features i’m going to link to a video in the upper right hand, corner to my creighton video once again, that has all of the upgrades in detail that’s on this outcast just similarly spec’d on the creighton now i’ll also Link to my outcast video, the original outcast, the v1 right when it first came out, i’ll link to that one in the upper right hand corner here as well, that’ll go over exactly what the outcast is now, if you’re not familiar with the outcast, the outcast is Based on a triggy width but a buggy length, so it definitely has a shorter wheelbase than the kraton or the italian, but it has the wheelbase of like a typhon or a one.

Eighth sculpt buggy. Now, with the giant tires on this thing, you are able to control this thing in there pretty easily and stunt truck this thing. You can do backflips front flips, pretty much anything. You want, with this thing in air, with the power of 6s voltage, but first to give you just some highlights of the outcast 6s blx exp rtr. Once again, it does come with the d boots tires. Now these things are the back flips. Some people call them the 6s backflips. Probably one of my favorite rtr tires on pretty much anything out there. These things are actually specked on so many vehicles, including like the mt 410 from techno. A lot of people run these tires on many other vehicles, so that says a lot about these now. Another cool feature on this exp version of the outcast is the paint job on the actual body and i’ve said it before. This is probably one of my favorite monster. Truck bodies has kind of that old ford, pickup truck, look love the roll cage, love that it has a bed and it actually looks like a truck and arma always does a great job of their paint. Jobs, including not only a gloss finish, but also kind of those matte features as well. They do a great job on their bodies. Now the front end of the truck. You do get a very nice front, skid guard and also a front bumper just to protect some things.

All of the details of the front end are just spectacular with the decals, the x out headlights, the nose step badging and, of course, the don’t just bash blast. Logo from arma on the back side of the outcast, you do get a smaller than normal age, skill wing and you do get a wheelie bar because after all, this is a stunt truck you’re going to be doing some wheelies, and this will keep you on the Ground, so you can keep running with the body off. You can definitely see some of those exp upgrades, but also the new rtr electronics inside of the outcast exp, starting with the spectrum s652 servo. Now, of course, this is digital it’s, waterproof it’s, all metal gears has about 265 ounce inches of torque, so it’s, a good starter servo for your rtr. The esc is the spectrum firma 150 amp smart, waterproof, esc, capable of 4s up to 6s. It includes ic5 connectors. Actually, two of them with a little loop. If you want to run just one battery and if you use spectrum’s smart batteries, you can actually get input onto the included radio. As far as your battery voltage, the spectrum firma brushless sensorless motor is a 40 74 can and a 2050 kv option. It is, of course, capable up to 6s lipo and it does come with this giant arma heatsink on top of it with some holes. If you do want to mount a fan later on down the line, the new battery trays from arma are probably one of the most versatile battery trays on the market.

Of course, you have all this great velcro strapping. Do some wire management on top there over here on the side as well, for your balance plugs, and you have an adjustable nose right here that can take some pretty large 3s packs stacked on top of each other. Looking at the underside of the outcast exp, you see the beauty of this 7075 aluminum chassis. All the details on the bottom that’ll most likely get scratched, but of course, exp stands for extreme bash their logo. You do get a nice little uh. If you can read this, just send it and, of course, the original arma motorworks logo. Well guys that is it. That is my quick look at the brand new arma outcast exp 6s blx rtr, but as always i’d love to hear your thoughts on this vehicle. Do you think there’s a place for this, and the market is 649 estimated too much for an rtr vehicle love to hear your thoughts down in the comments section? Also, what would you have done different on this vehicle? Would you have put different electronics, more upgrades different tires, different colors put those comments on down in the comments section, but, like usual, if you like, the video hit the like button. If you haven’t already subscribe to the channel and click the notification bell, so you’ll be notified anytime, i upload a video.