If you can read this, just send it so without further ado. Let’S do that Music what’s up guys got the new arm italian exb a 6s. This is also an rtr, a ready to run version. This is an absolute beautiful, looking car. Of course, you got your exp graphics there on the body, which always looks amazing, got the guitars uh so excited to finally have a uh another italian in the stable and uh for arma to uh to put together another another version of italian uh again it’s. My all time, favorite rc, um that’s, why i’ve got you know a couple more i’ve got the v3 and the one that i built from scratch using bachelor queen parts as a lightened speed. Basher. This truck looks absolutely amazing, we’ll pop the lid, real quick. Of course, you get all your ex b 75 uh shock tower in here and all your bits, your upper suspension, blocks. All your chassis braces there just a quick little look here. It does have the firma. Uh 2050 kv motor a 40 74. It does have a heat sink on there with no fan, but you can install your own fan. It’S got the holes for it right there and there should be enough body clearance to uh to mount a fan and it does have the firma 150 amp esc with the spectrum s652 servo, which is uh, i believe, 19.8 or so kilogram. So a little bit more torque than the old 15 kilogram.

I did go ahead and swap out the stock 15 tooth pinion. That was in here with a 20 tooth that’s. Why? I normally run on my italians. It does come with a 23 tooth speed, pinion uh in the pack, but i wouldn’t recommend using that for bashing in the dirt and stuff like that, because it will definitely overheat the system here’s a quick shot of the chassis. Of course, you got your don’t just bash blast and if you can read this just send it so, of course, we’ll be doing that and it’s got the exp arms like the exp 6s creighton. As far as the geometry change goes, it looks like what they did on italian. Is they just mounted the shock? It looks like it has the same shock tower. They just mounted the shock position to the outer hole instead of the inner hole like on the creighton new guitar tires are belted too, which is really awesome, that’s a big upgrade from armor on that um. I did go ahead and vent these uh, but that should i definitely cut out on the on the ballooning and blowing out tires and stuff, especially when you’re geared up so a big thanks to arma for listening to the bashers on that and getting some nice a Nice belted option for the italian other awesome things. It does have a bumper now, which is really awesome, it’s kind of the same design as the 6s exb, but it’s a little bit smaller version.

You know for the italian so it’s, so it fits in there nice, but it’ll definitely protect this front end which, before you had no protection at all, of course, like all the other exps, it does have the rubber sealed bearings throughout the entire truck, which is really Nice and it comes with the dx3 radio and transmitter, which is a really awesome. Transmitter i’ve had no issues with this whatsoever and the other trucks. It’S got a very nice foam wheel, a nice spring tension in the throttle, it’s very comparable to the old tactics. In my opinion, so it’s just a really nice uh, transmitter and setup. Of course you got your instruction manual, your stickers. This is your optional, 23 tooth speed, pinion. You got your tools right here and then another little baggie right here with some body mounts and stuff. Like that, which is really cool, that they included, that it also comes with these uh 13 by 16 shims outer bearing shims uh, which i would highly recommend these, especially after your gears get worn a little bit just to kind of help. Tighten up that ring and pinion a little bit here’s a quick shot of the box arma exp italian 6s, rtr 70 plus miles an hour i’m assuming with the 23 tooth optional opinion on the side. Here it shows you’ve got your spectrum, receiver and radio which it does have avc. You got your spectrum servo, which is 19.08 kilograms.

Your um firma, 150 amp smart, waterproof, esc 4s6s, capable and then your firma 4074 uh 2050 kv brushless motor again. This car is ready to run, but you will need to provide uh four double a batteries for your transmitter, a battery charger and then your lipos either two 3s or a single 6s, and this italian does have the exp gears in it. Like the other 6s models. Exp models with the limit slip um. I left the differential fluid stock for right now, i’m, just going to run with that and see how she handles with the exp gears. Before i go messing around with the with the diff weights, i just want to see how she handles out of the box and huge thanks to arm and horizon hobby for sending this out. I can’t wait to uh to give it a run. Uh. The italian is my time favorite i just for the speed to handling they’re, just uh underrated bashers in my opinion, but it’s just one it’s, just an amazing truck. So all right, guys, let’s see what’s up dang she’s, fast, Music, hey guys. I had to cut the avc off, i didn’t realize it was on. It was making the front tires kind of wobble, so i don’t really need that bashing anyway, oh Music, all right like it says on the chassis. If you can read this, just send it so without further ado. Let’S do that. I wish they’d cut this grass out here in this field.

Hey guys, this dirt is super tacky because it just rained earlier so this thing’s getting a lot of traction. Can’T, really uh drift it out much. Oh Music, hey guys! This thing is definitely a speed. Basher! Oh, that was lvc had just enough power to uh, bring her down Music little wet grass slip and slide that’s a good test of those guitars. All right, guys, we’ll go ahead and call it it’s getting dark out here, but this thing’s an absolute animal love. It love the italian again big shout out to arm horizon hobby for uh coming up with another awesome vehicle in the exb line. Gosh she’s gon na need a bath for sure, but everything on the truck has held up. I really good, as far as i could tell um. I did uh end up bending the back of the chassis right here. Just a little bit from this high speed street launches and beginning the video when you’re nailing a ramp going 70 miles, an hour puts a lot of stress on the back of that chassis right there, but other than that. Everything’S uh has held up just perfect uh. You know for the extreme extreme stuff uh, you know, you’re gon na need the m2c chassis uh. You know the four millimeter saturn 75, but it’s three mil 75 definitely holds up for light to moderate, bashing and uh. It says you know it’s a lot stronger than a stock, uh rtr, uh stamp chassis for sure, so, uh again, big shout out to armand horizon hobby and uh we’ll get this thing out again soon.

Hopefully, it’ll be dry and uh we’ll give another blast all right.