Okay, guys, we got a new ride to the channel and i have i have a photographer today, working the gopro a little different approach. Here we have a brand new typhoon. Dad got this for his birthday: he’s pumped the kids are pumped and this thing looks beautiful, so we’re not gon na do a conventional type of unbox today, because there’s about 2 000 of them on youtube already. But i will tell you why we bought this. We have a granite here which we love and we could have been very happy with the second one it’s not doing so well right now, but i figured we get the typhoon. You have so many options, because essentially this is just like the scenting and the big rock, so we’re, just gon na put some we’re going to try it we’re, going to put some monster truck tires on it. That way, it’ll give us a little more ground clearance. Just like a monster truck or just like the granite and the big rock and super versatile, all the parts are coincide with the granite, pretty much interchangeable, and we know that this thing is rock solid. Besides that, we have the 17 mil hex and it’s the only car of the 3s lineup thanks bendo yeah panned back a bit yeah thanks a lot that has the 17s. So we have great options for killer tires and wheels Music and that’s pretty much it we’re. Going to run it today, are you looking at me ben, but this thing is huge, so it is essentially the same frame as the granite but longer, and it is in fact the same frame as the scented and big rock.

So before we run it there’s. Some things that you got to do set the trim set the trim, that’s right bennett. What else we’re gon na do we’re gon na set the steering end points um one flawed of these cars is in fact this servo is pretty weak. It doesn’t last a whole long time and it’s. So by setting the end points, you are not stressing the servo to travel further than it actually wants to you’ll limit them to the max mechanically and therefore you will add some life to the servo. This thing’s beautiful all right, we’re, going to run it see ya since the lighting wasn’t, so great guys in that last segment i thought i’d add a little more footage. A little crisp, video and uh just take a look at the at the car also gives me an opportunity just to say thanks to the subscribers and the viewers, you guys, um it’s been a lot of fun thus far. I appreciate all the views and all the growth, even if it’s just a little bit week by week, it’s greatly appreciated if you’re watching these videos and you enjoy the content. Uh hit the subscribe button and again very much appreciated, so let’s take a look uh. Furthermore, at this car um, if you’re familiar with the arma 3s lineup, i think they all come with the slt3 controller, except for the new vortex um. It works really good. I really have no complaints.

It comes with the same tools as the rest of the 3s cars it’s, the red tool and the preload clips and the bind plug. But the only thing unique about this one is that again because of the 17 mil hexes, it comes with a tool um for the wheel, nuts being much larger than the rest of them. To be honest, it feels pretty chintzy and not so tight on the nut. So i likely will not be using it, so the body’s off take a little overview components interchangeable with the rest of the 3s lineup. You know what these things show up on marketplace, because people are upgrading them for real cheap. So you have a set on hand and it’s just easy to swap them out that’s about it. Yeah we’re, looking forward to running this car mind you it’s totally different than our other one, because it has a lot less contact patch. The tires are smaller um and looking at the rear end here, i could foresee us putting a wheelie bar on on the back uh much like the front. Although this little bumper looks sleek and pretty trick, not too functional the kids – and i are hard on these things, so what’s beautiful beautiful about the 3s lineup, you can grab a bumper off the big rock truck the scent in the granite, whatever one you like and They’Ll all just screw right on, and you know what the parts are cheap, also all right moving onward.

So this is an afterthought. I just thought one i’d show you the cool decals with this body, but after running the car, because i’m, obviously editing editing this after the fact that this body doesn’t get touched. The pickup truck bodies just get beat up so bad, but when this goes ends up upside down, it’s, basically on the wing and the shock towers, so this body gets untouched, which is brilliant all right. Moving on, we are setting the end point. So, to start off, you want to ensure that your steering rate is full max throttle, trim, centered and steering trim centered so now, you’ll turn the steering wheel, full right and full brake or reverse, and then turn the car on or the radio on rather you’ll see It flashing so at this point, uh it’s ready to accept a calibration. So now you’ll want to have your block your car on stands. Always you should do all your work on stands just in case. This thing wants to run away from you, uh turn the car on now you’ll notice. The wheels are turning now keep a close eye on the wheels we’ll use. The third channel i’m toggling with my left thumb there. If you, you need to look closely you’ll, see incrementally those wheels yeah they’re quite noticeable now that they move with every click. So the premise here is to click until the wheels stop moving that way. The servo the steering servo isn’t, trying to get past a point where mechanically it would just you know, there’s just little gears in there.

You don’t want to stress them. So just keep looking closely every click and then let off so let’s do that again, i’ll back it off about 10 clicks you’ll see how it comes back and also you need to recognize there’s a bit of slop in the front end with the tie. Rod with the connectors so just ensure that the wheels when it comes to an end, still moving still moving and then, when i finally get to a point where it’s not moving i’ll just come back a couple clicks just for a little safety barrier. I guess you could say again just to save that servo a little bit here, let’s go to the opposite side clicking clicking here they go, they start moving, so we’ve eliminated the slop in the front end still moving. I think that’s pretty much it let’s. Do it again, let’s bring it back there we go moving moving, bring it back a couple just for a little safety barrier. That’S it turn the car off turn the transmitter off um. I hope you enjoy the footage guys we had an awesome day. It was my birthday. We went to three different spots to run this car Music that’s. It tires last time they’re going to be clean. First time, she’s hitting the ground super pumped brand new typhon, see if the gopro can catch it, Music, Music. What a sailor that was sweet! I like barely touched that ouch wow, beautiful, hey, Music, Music, whoo, guys mesmerized by the car that i can’t even talk, sails really nice.

Here, oh punches on five got a big 5200 milliamp battery. You really can’t ask for more. This thing is lasting, really like a long time, i’m being a jerk, because my kids haven’t tried it. Yet this is savage. This thing is amazing. Here i was like. Oh, these rocks are nasty Music Music, so this thing’s running on 2s guys it’s still a ton of fun.