0, and today we have a new release from armor the 60 mile, an hour vortex, blx, uh and that’s two wheel drive that’s, not the right one right. She whoa this is the right one richie. This is the new armor vortex. I believe it’s called 4×4 3s billax brushless and does 60 miles an hour yours for around 379 dollars. So let’s have a quick look at what you get for your money, we’re, obviously going to see some similarities between the granite four by four three s: blx the sentient 4×4, 3s, blx etc, and the new vortex the different speed. These do 50 miles an hour. The new vortex does 60 miles an hour plus with the optional pinion and a 3s pack fitted to it, but before we dig into the details of the car, where does that extra speed come from? Well, it has a kv brushless motor, but then so does the centen blx and the samsung blx also has a 100 amp esc just the same as the vortex. So extra speed must be coming from the gearing or to our choice now bear in mind. It’S got the same electrics as the sentinel and the granite 4×4 3sp alexas. It does seem quite a bit to pay 60 more just for 10 mile, an hour price increase. Although i have to say i am loving the sterling of this truck a lot more than i am the granite and the sentinel it’s available in three different colors and i’m quite liking.

The purple and the white myself and it looks like it’s, got the same. Easy to work on modular construction as the rest of the range great to see it’s got the fan on the motor to keep things cooler on there. Spectrum esc. I have another week, i’ve had with the spectrum electrics um the jury’s out on this one, as is the plastic shocks. Have they finally cured the problem with them leaking? That will remain to be seen when these are actually out there in the marketplace and we’ve got a nice wheelie bar on the back there to handle that extra speed, it’s, certainly very much a contender. I would say against the traxxas rustler 4×4 vxl, which it does be the on price, but you do need to bear in mind. This is not all metal, armor there’s a lot of plastic in this one, which is where it gets its competitive price point from so don’t buy this expecting it to be an old metal armor. But if it’s anything like the rest of the 3sp lx range, it should be pretty good. Let’S have a look in a little more detail. What we get for our money and there’s the better side on shot of the white and purple body, which i think absolutely pops out – videos i’ll leave you to look through those in your own time, drilling down to the detail if you’re familiar with the blx range, A lot of this is going to be familiar to you: spectrum dx3 radio, on there complete with abc, which is good for this price point i would say: digital servo 7.

27 kilos. Although that’s 15 more talk than adsm servo, i would say that would be my first upgrade as it is with any of the armors on there it’s. The one area that i do think they need to be stronger on is the servo strength on there. Spectrum, smart esc included so you’ll be able to use the spectrum batteries now. The one thing that does interest me is the tires here. We are d boots cutter, tread pattern designed for extreme forward traction those wheels look, i have to say quite sexy. Will that tire tread balloon considerably, though add in 10 miles an hour? If these are the same as the tires on the granite 4×4 3sblx, then ballooning might be an issue and you might want to consider upgrading to battery towers from somebody like power, hobby stadium, truck style, wheelie bar with rubber tires roof skid plates very nice feature. Indeed, the injector molded drilling features the large pull tab like the rest of the range enabling you to remove the gearbox much easier than the earlier models which, whilst modular, could be a little bit of a pain to remove catalytic slipper, clutch pad fully adjustable, etc, etc. D5 safety pinion on here. This is a great innovation across the whole range, to my mind, with a little e clip on here and the flat spot already cut into the side of the pinion, meaning it’s going nowhere. So, even if the grub screw comes out, this little clip will hold on to the gear bearings all round.

Oh silicon, o rings smoother operation and better ceiling, so looks like they may finally have cured the leaky shocks it’s only taken four years. I would point out sorry, but i’ll call it like it is think. Armor are hammering home the point that these shocks are designed not to leak on here innovative shock, absorber design, silicon o rings for a perfect seal, so that is kind of hinting that they have addressed the issue, although it’s taking quite a while to do just remember Guys, if you like what you see today, don’t forget to subscribe, tough steel, turnbuckles all round, so you’ve got wide range of adjustment, upgraded servo saver, and this is quite a good innovation as well, which is uh recently appeared across the range the steering assembly so designed. So that stones will fall out rather than getting caught in the steering setup on there, causing you problems, heavy duty, seat hubs and steering blocks built in dirt deflectors. This modular design does enable you to take out the motor, the esc and receiver all in one unit. There you can sort of disassemble any part of this car within about five or six minutes, so very, very easy to work on. If your first time to rc, i would say, though it is people who might say: oh it’s, beating tracks at some price uh, the new traxxas vortech 3.0 that came out yesterday had like a normal metal drivetrain. This has got all plastic, so you do need to bear in mind.

You can’t compare them like for, like in terms of the releases two completely different beasts on here, but they are simple to work on one screw: power, module, removal, five, screw, electronics, module removal, waterproof electrics and four screw diff module removal. But if you go upgrading this car in any way, you’ll be doing that on a regular basis, internal metal gears on the diff it needs to have a metal gear on the outside. To my mind, i’ve run one of these on three of run, the blx on 3s, and it was heavy wear to the gears, run it on 4s that things virtually melt instantaneously on there so come on. Armor let’s see you make an upgraded metal. Diff outer ring for this, so your power module motor fan, etc, slicer slipper and the one thing being with the spectrum smart electrics on here. You can actually use their app and get a clip that enables you to clip your mobile phone on the top. So you can see things like the speed in real time, it’s just battery life, etc, etc. On here and in just a wide range of parameters on the car, much the same as the traxxas app to your limited warranty is around six pounds in weight being all plastic on that sort of thing, i can quite easily believe the thing does reach the claimed. 60 plus miles an hour on there, but it does affect the question as it doesn’t appear to be a lot different internally to the rest of the 3s blx range.

You are paying around 60 more for a 10 mile, an hour increase in speed which looks like it might be down to gearing because there’s not down to the electrics or certainly on the face of it, hope that makes sense. So it is something to consider that if you’ve got one of these car, if you’ve got one of the 3s blx range cars already, you might just want to upgrade to the gearing used on this model. But, oh no quite a nice truck and, i would say the purple and the white one here, absolutely pops out at me. Well in conclusion: it’s got a lot going for it. It’S, certainly going to be very competitive against traxxas 4×4 rustler vxl. However, you do need to bear in mind. This is main plastic, and people would argue that about the traxxas cars on that looks like they finally cured the shock problem now. Finally, they would finally introduce a metal differential upgrade even as an option for this car. I think that would appeal to a lot of people, as that is the one weak point. Besides the shocks on this car anyway hope that’s been of some use. If it does, then don’t forget to like share and subscribe well thumbs up.