This is right there on the body rc pro links, so you could see its from the company uh new right, its actually pretty nice, its at walmart um, i think its for about 17 uh. If you round off, i think its 16.97 on the box, it shows well, i dont know the box right now its in my room, but its actually for this. If you round it off its 17 and its very nice, actually speed up to 70 miles per hour and yeah whats, going on with the um what you call um the physical characteristics and yeah this review. So if you see here its a nice little car, its 143 scale um because its actually looks nice, its got a body here, you could take off. Actually, it had some plastic caps here and here, but what happened thing is because i lost them because somehow i lost them, i forgot to put them back on and i lost them so yeah. So you can see its a nice buggy and it has like a if you see a racist punch in here. A bit like this spring. Here has a bit rare suspension. You can see here kind of its kind of stiff, though i dont think it really works for off roading anyways, so on the front, theres, no suspension at all, except um, these plastic flexing here you see that kind of flexes here kind of see the flex right There kind of the flexing and the plastic here and its nice – i like the rc, its nice – got some nice headlights here and if you turn it off turn on sorry, this is a charging port here, and this is the steering trimming you can adjust if the Car doesnt go in a straight direction, so you can see this is the on switch here.

This the lights are pretty bright, though oh check it out like ill turn off our power saving. So you can see the tires are pretty soft. I, like the tires by the way you can feel that by the way, theyre kind of hard but theyre pretty soft each and every time i see yeah theyre, pretty soft, not bad yeah. All of them are nice, its a black and red color. Okay, so were gon na quickly test this thing out and see if we could actually do burnouts, okay, theres the controller here um, so i mean the steering is not personal. You can hear clicking here and the throttle is actually proportional. You can go slower to faster. This is full speed, 70 miles per hour. This is neutral right, its pretty cool its 100 rtr. So i think the car is has an internal uh, what you call lydium battery. You can charge with a charger, so it does come with its. The controller comes with its own double dies. You can see here, powershell pretty nice here. Okay, so lets turn on the car and the remote and were gon na see oh its pretty fast, though. Okay, okay, try this. If the steering is poor not on all or nothing the servo, its all or nothing, Music, okay lets just uh burn off this thing. All right lets burn out here, Music, why doesnt? They do powerful burnouts, but Music anyways, guys who hope you subscribe to my channel right here.

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