4 gigahertz um dual joystick controller. This model is a corvette it’s a corvette, cr1 i’m, going to open it right now. So to open this. You have to turn this counter. Clockwise, okay: this is the remote sports car. When you put your when you wear your hands near the car um, the headlights turn on and the front looks like there are eyes and i’m going to open the corner. This comes with two double a batteries. I open the car now, and this is what it looks like this um. This is a usb cable which you use to charge the car so i’m, going to turn the car on now i’m going to um try this car. So this is my third car. This is my third car. I already have two more, this yellow one and then this red one. This looks very sporty and this is a new bright car. So when you turn the car on and then put your hand near it, the headlights don’t turn on you. Only turn on when you’re moving backward forward or backwards.