Today we have this monster truck, which is by the brand new bright. This particular truck is 2.4 gigahertz, which means you can race up to six vehicles at once. It is full function and also it comes with a rechargeable battery pack. This one is 9.6 watts and that should give it some decent power. Now the age rating for this toy, eight plus the monster truck itself, is based on the ford f, 150 raptor. What we’re going to do now is get it unboxed for yourself, so you have an idea what it looks like in the flesh we’re going to test it indoors on carpet and outdoors, and that should give you a clear idea of whether this radio control monster truck Is suitable for yourself, okay, so let’s get this unboxed Music, okay, so here’s the truck itself. If you haven’t owned a new bright radio control car in the past, they do have a decent build quality. So, as you can tell straight away, it’s got this matte black finish to the paintwork of the plastic body. However, these tires don’t have a proper rubber feel, so that might be a bit of a problem when we’re testing it, whether that’s, indoors or outdoors we’ll, see if it’s got decent grip anyway, so that’s the controller there that’s the charger itself. The 9.6 volt battery is here so what i’m going to do is going to get it out of the box and we’ll get this battery charged.

Okay, guys we’ve got the f 150 out of the box. Here’S, the radio control unit we’ve got the batteries for the radio control unit, which are included which are double layers and they are new bright batteries that you get in the box. Now here’s the lithium ion battery charger, the 9.6 spot charger here and the battery itself. Now, good news guys only takes an hour and a half to charge. I don’t know it doesn’t stay anywhere how long the battery lasts? Okay, so we’ll get this battery charged. Okay, so you simply insert the battery into the charger. Okay, now that the battery is charging we’ll, have a quick little look around the monster truck itself and i’m really liking the matte black finish that has got. I used to have a ford f, 150 monster truck before, and these top three lights here used to actually work, but these just look like reflectors on this one. Looking at the detail of the wheels and the general build quality of the monster truck, as mentioned earlier, new bright generally have quite good quality toys, so the suspension, etc does actually work the front. One doesn’t, though, nearly broke the monster truck by trying to force that one down uh so back one does work front: one doesn’t and a little bit of usable storage space, just like the real f, 150. Okay, guys, flashing, green lights on the charger. It only took approximately well about an hour to charge before this flashing green, led indicator came on so i’m.

Just gon na take this off check. The batteries are now in just going to turn the wheels left and right on carpet surface. Okay, there’s no noise from the wheels i’m sure you’ve seen our previous radio control cars, the range rover, sport and the rastar models. They create an awful lot of noise when you turn the wheels left and right, apart from the usual, sounds of the wheels turning left and right and the wheels moving back and forwards is pretty silent, um the rastar models we did before really noisy when they go Back and forth, and especially the range rover spot, which we have now returned because it was absolutely shocking: there’s, no interference, 2.4 videos. This helps, if you are playing with other radio controlled cars. Otherwise these would be going crazy right now, so that’s one good sign. Okay, guys it’s time to test this outside now so we’re, just gon na see how it runs. Okay, let’s go Music Music, oh it’s, stuck it’s, obviously not like a professional radio control car will make it over the snow but yeah overall guys. This is a really good monster truck by new bright. I highly recommend it for the money that you pay. Sometimes this is on offer. I got it for 45. Pound argos do sell it for 90 pounds, but it’s a toy that occasionally does come on offer. The radio control unit does feel really light and a bit flimsy it doesn’t have any pressure.

Sensitive controls mean that if you gradually press the forward button, it slightly moves along and if you press it all the way, it goes full speed same thing with the left and right. It only goes either fully left fully right and full speed ahead and reverse so there’s no in between, but anyway guys. I do recommend it. It’S good volley for money is well built. If you do appreciate, videos like this do subscribe share and like and i’ll try to get some more on. Okay, cheers. Thank you.