You know i actually ordered this car in um right right, probably right around when covid first started um, but horizon the the order kept getting pushed back and back and back more and more. You know local hobby shop but uh. It finally has arrived – and i am super excited to take this thing out. I’M. Definitely gon na have a lot of fun. With this thing, i think not the bmx track, not the motocross track. This thing is going to be fun from everything i’ve seen of these cars. They are awesome, you know i have the typhoon 3s and that car has been a blast and a really good time and love the way it handles and jumps so i’m hoping the 6s version is just as good, but a little more spunk behind it, but uh Let’S get this thing out of the box and check this thing out just quickly. Show you a few things on the outside of the box here. I know this stuff isn’t that exciting, but uh go over it anyway, but this is the new 2021 v5 typhoon. 6S. A bunch of changes that they made with them. It has all the same electronics that most all the v5s and all the newer armas have in there with the slt3 transmitter, the larger volume waterproof receiver box, the new all metal gear servo, but um that’s about it. Not going to bore with everything outside the box, let’s get this thing out of here and finally take a look at it all right, guys, we’ll get this thing out of the box here and check it out.

I quickly pulled the top off when i was down at the hobby shop just to take a peek inside but um. I haven’t really got to fully take a look at it, so you got your normal bag of goodies in here tire wrenches allen, keys, um. Also. They did give you the speed, gearing with this thing normal goodie stickers. They also give you a pack of shims, so you can shim your differential um if you need to on the front of the rear, which is really nice if they added some shims with these. Now, because, usually it’s always a a must, they also give you the optional speed, gearing with it i’m definitely going to take this and uh, throw it in there and give it a try at some point. Mostly with this, you get the uh. You know the 70 mile an hour right around there out of the box, but um definitely be throwing that in there at some point and giving it a test dots right now. The weather is absolutely terrible. Outside it’s, cold, it’s, snowy um, so i’m gon na, hopefully throw batter in this thing and quickly give it a test dot outside here, but um we’ll see how it goes, but i just want to get this thing out of the box and uh show you guys What it looked like, what get the box out of the way there? We have it the new v5 typhoon 6s guys.

I have been waiting quite a while for this car um. You know. Ever since i had the typhoon 3s. I had an absolute blast with that car. It has been an awesome car too, for me um. You know – and i always just was wanting to get a hold of this thing, because i figured you know 6s version a little beefier faster it’s got to be a good time, but um get the lid off this thing and take a look at the insides man. Guys this thing just looks awesome. I cannot wait to take this thing out for its first rip really nicely put together. Um everything feels pretty good i’m gon na go over. Obviously, all the bolts make sure everything’s tight wheels check everything over but um. You know some of the things going over this thing. Suspension feels really nice um feels pretty nice and plush we’ll see how the suspension works out. If i need to beef up the oil on this thing and not change it around i’m sure i probably will uh most of the stuff. I’Ve got a little bit heavier weight oil in most of the 6s lineup. The only thing i’ve ever gone down in weight on is on the creighton 8s. I actually softened it up to kind of help. Keep the back end from kicking, but um shock towers on this thing are quite beefy and thick really nicely heavy done see how those things hold up on the crashes um front and rear.

Both all steel, metal, driveshafts front and rear um. It has the safety pinion, not the pinion, but the safety gear down here the input cup. So apparently, you don’t get the fingers torn up down there, which i’m not sure why you’d be sticking it down there anyway. But you know people do dumb things anyway. It’S got the full spectrum. Uh firma system in here um really like the look of the new orange and stuff, like that. I know it’s, just aesthetics but car looks sharp, but then take a look underneath this thing all aluminum chassis and one thing i really like that they did back here. Also was that they stamped in um these kind of rigid up the back end. There put those stamps in there which helped keep the back end from flexing as much and possibly bending it so see how the chassis holds up. You know i mean the weight of the car isn’t too bad. You know for 6s, under this weight of a car, this thing should be a pretty much a rocket ship. I think should take off pretty good, but uh take a look at the rest of the stuff here, real quick, so also in there. What you get here is the new transmitter. This is the new slt3 transmitter comes with them, which was definitely a huge improvement over the stx2 transmitter they gave with the old rtr cars um this one. I have it on my big rock and so far i’ve been really happy with it works really nice.

So definitely been a nice improvement from the old transmitter they gave with the slt 3s or the stx2s on the old transmitters. It’S got all your normal things. You got your stepped on. If you’re, just a beginner, you know starting out on the cars you can drop. It down from 75 to 50 percent, so that’s, always nice. You got your steering rate your throttle rates, uh all your normal trim settings and um your a b on your third channel. If you want to hook that up to something on whatever it might be, but um the controller’s got a nice feel to it, got a nice rubberized grip for your throttle or your steering your thumb. Controller’S got a nice overall feel to it. I’Ve been happy with these transmitters so far, but um, so the car itself really love the body. On this thing i mean this. The new matte finishes that they’ve been putting on um. All the new armors are just awesome. Look, i really love the look of these bodies. Um, honestly, the decal job on this one is pretty nice, there’s, no bubbles or ripples or unevenness. Everything actually does a pretty nice job on that one, but um yeah we’re, going to definitely i’m going to take this thing out and it’s full stock form first and not take it out for its first rip around see how i like it see what it feels Like see what i need to change, um might decide to put some thing heavier.

You know oil um in the center diff or maybe put some silicone ear plugs in there. I’Ve done it on most of my other success cars and you like, because i i have seen a few other people running these um and they’re kind of getting too much ballooning and uh. Spinning going on in the front end of these so it’s usually an answer that there’s too much power going to it so probably going to put something in the center diff to stiffen that up to kind of distribute, evenly the power to all four wheels. But um car also comes with front and rear, sway bars, um, which definitely all the cars i’ve noticed. It does help um. You know not everybody. You cannotice, really a big difference with or without the sway bar um. It depends on the cars and the terrain you’re. On but um it’s nice that they definitely had those cars got all your front rear center braces. These are the composite plastic ones. Um again, we’ll see how long these hold up. If i need to upgrade them it’s one thing i’ve been doing with most of my cars at this point um, you know a lot of people are asking me lately about the exb. You know if i was going to buy them over again, you know. Would i buy the exb or just the v4 creighton um and honestly i’m going to continue to buy? You know the cars the way they are and just upgrade things as they break? I see no point in going out and spending money and upgrading parts that you might not even break and might not break in the future.

It just depends so you know again like if i was buying um. You know the exp or the v4 creighton again. I would buy just a regular v4 upgrade things as it goes and as things break change them out and make them a little bit better. It’D just be like if they made an rtr version of the typhoon. Here i would just buy this and go from there and have some fun with it. No point in uh spending a bunch of money on stuff that you don’t need right off the bat uh. It all depends on what you’re doing with it. What your you know, how hard you’re going to beat on it and uh. You know the terrain you’re going to use so anyway, guys the wheels on this thing feel pretty nice. You know i mean the tires. The stock tires they’re kind of they feel like a slightly harder compound a little bit. The foam feels pretty rigid and we’ll see how long that actually holds up. I know on some of the other stock tires on the copper heads on the uh outcast and the creighton’s, the ones that came on there. The foams very quickly kind of got distorted in there and lumped up and caused unbounces we’ll see how these foams hold up. On these tires, the only thing i’m noticing, with this car um that they did, which is kind of weird honestly, was the uh. The nuts for the wheels are completely they actually stick out level or a little bit protruding out from the rim, so i’m hoping these don’t get too marked up and uh torn up over time.

I think i’m gon na have to do with. This is um buddy, alden cost. He made me some uh printed 3d caps for these nuts and i’m definitely going to put a set on this thing, because it’ll help protect these things from not getting all ripped up and making them hard to get off in the future. Well, that’ll take care of getting the wheel and that’s all torn up and uh messed up. I appreciate that again now and costs. I really do man. Those have saved uh the wheel nuts on many of my cars now, but enough yakin, showing the car let’s chuck a battery in this thing and take it out for a little whip and see how she runs all right guys. Well, we got batteries in the transmitter. Got the battery in the car running this thing on a 6 000 milliamp, 6s, lipo and uh? All we can do now is fire. This thing up get the transmitter turned on get the car powered on sounds like six to me, steering working we’re, ready to move let’s. Take it outside all right guys. Well, we got her outside here in the snow, for its first poor run, we’re gon na take it up here where the roads are a little bit drier and uh. Here are a few little passes. All right guys got out here on some great pavement. Just this thing moves this thing is like a rocket. Oh man lost control of it well now it’s in the snow.

This thing is man, this thing’s a little hard to control out here, i’m gon na wet the pavement. Well, so much for not getting it snowy. I really didn’t want to do that, but uh kind of lost control of it. There definitely get this thing where it’s dry man guys this thing just takes off it’s hard to get traction out here. Definitely don’t want to get too wet out here. Don’T feel like uh, damaging the esc or anything else immediately. Well so far, this thing seems like it’s gon na be a lot of fun. This thing just flies it’s hard to stop it guys hitting the brakes and everything out here full speed. She does not uh stop too easily. This thing is just a rocket ship. Holy cow can’t. Wait to see what this thing’s like on the uh speed, gearing i’m, not going to keep it out here too long. You get the snow blowing off of it. One thing i noticed um that six thousand milliamp battery i put in this thing: it’s a little tight squeeze in there, not real easy uh to get the lid on it with that battery, but i’m also going to remove the extra wiring and connector setup in there, Which isn’t helping anything, because i always just run them on a single 6s anyway, so i don’t ever really use that dual connector, so that might help with a little bit of space, no problem with donuts sorry, i know i didn’t get a very long run guys, But um really cold and snowy out there obviously it’s not wanting to kill this thing on its first day, we’re going to blow this thing off real, quick and uh.

Take a look at well guys. All i can say is uh. The car just puts a smile on your face. I mean this thing: just flies, it’s, amazing how quickly this thing gets up and moves. I think this car is going to be an absolute blast down at the bmx tracks and um. You know out this summer it’s going to be a lot of fun. I think his car’s going to be a great car down at the bmx track for its size and speed uh. This thing should really fly down there, but we’re gon na take it everywhere. We’Ll. Take it to skateparks we’ll, take it to motocross track we’re gon na have a good time with this thing, so there’ll be some great stuff coming soon with this car guys. So i appreciate you all staying tuned and uh watching the unboxing video and a little a test video on this thing, but um be a lot more to come. So if you guys all enjoyed it, please like and subscribe, but until next time y’all be safe.