Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to the rc vlog guys we got a box uh, and this box is something pretty cool. I first before i open it. I got ta give a shout out to mac designs. He dropped these off, he bought these and he was like hey. If you want to review on them, check them out, feel free, so we dropped them off at the house and were gon na. Do a review on them. You probably already know what it is, since i probably put it in the description, but im super excited about it because i didnt even know. Actually i didnt even know these released. I saw it. I think i i dont even know how i saw, but it was like there wasnt a big roll out for these, but either way here it is bam the dr28. So these are the 28 scale mini minis by associated, but its the drag race mini. So take this out there they are the dr28. Oh man lets unbox this thing and give it a whirl alright. So here it is. If youre not familiar with the 28 line, the 28 scale line of associated cars, they make a whole bunch of different ones. They make a buggy, they make a monster truck, they make a short course. They make a stadium truck. I think they make a truckee uh here. I guess we got some. I had some in the background of the intro, see heres my short horse truck, which is really cool, and then here is the 28 scale and then they make a drag car which this is pretty sweet.

So we are going to do some drag runs. I did i am charging the gnss performance analyzer because were going to strap it on this thing and run it. One thing i like about these cars is that you dont need like a battery charger or anything. Basically, the way it works. Is you put your here? It is, it looks pretty pretty freaking good love the orange on the orange. I wonder if it comes with a different color, i havent seen another color. Maybe all that comes in is the orange. Let me see the other color, the other one we got in here. I would assume that if patrick was mac designed yeah, this ones orange also uh, but if i i would assume, if patrick got another one, he would get different colors so yeah. I think they only come out in orange. So what i was going to say is the way this car works. While we get this out of the package, as you put double a batteries in the remote and then the remote hooks up to your car and then thats how you charge the car. So you actually dont ever take a battery out of the car and charge it. So i have done several reviews on cart. Look its actually the exact same so heres the drag car theres, the bottom of the monster truck just different tires, heres the bottom of the short course, which makes sense they leverage the same platform um but made a drag car one.

So the the thing that i hate to just go start right off with the negatives. The thing that i wasnt a big fan of these cars is there are parts that break you: cant get replacement parts, it comes in kits um, but its almost like theyre theyre, not theyre, pretty cheap. I think theyre only like 55 ill double check the price, but theyre cheap enough. Where youre gon na go and buy parts just get a new car. You can get everything ah lee, that is on there good um. Let me im gon na double check the price. So i dont lie to you guys all right. I didnt lie that much theyre 59, so 60 bucks for the dr28 again next to the other cars, just a different body, really im gon na put the batteries in actually lets take the body off. So you can see what old girl looks like. I can see how this could be fun. The thing is: whenever i set up the performance analyzer so the way you do the performance analyzer to see it a quarter mile is you go 1320 feet? Is a normal quarter mile, so you divide it by 10, if youre on 10 scale so well divide 13, 28 or 1320 by 28 to get the quarter mile distance for these little guys, and then we are going to strap it on there. Its might weigh it down and just straight up run run the quarter mile on this thing and see how fast it is, what, if its faster than the 10 scale ones, i dont know well see its going to be a much shorter distance.

If i have to guess off the top of my head, its going to be like 45 47 ish um beat so it wont be very far, but i could definitely see how these could be a lot of fun, especially if you dont have a lot of room. You might even be able to do a full drag run inside the house, which would be really really cool uh. The tires are foam theyre, not rubber, like your other, this is an mt 28. This is a sc20, i believe so theyre not theyre, not rubber suspension. You have two springs in the back. Car looks pretty good check that out: uh uh. Okay, let me put the batteries in this remote because we need to get charging. We need to start charging this thing. That way we can do some test runs. I can show you what this things all about. Let you know how fun it is when evan gets home were gon na. Do some drag? Actually, you know what well do some drag racing with melissa melissa. Well, do some drag racing well hook, the other one up put the batteries in real, quick so to charge it theres a cord in the bottom here right there out to the side put the battery back in closes up, and then you charge it. You plug it into the side here and its charging. You can see on this light right here. This green light means that its charging uh lets see what else in the box i dont.

Actually i didnt see anything else in the box. Theres got to be like a manual oh here it is manual and some part number spare parts so heres the spare parts list here, uh. One thing that i wish they did with these is put some actually the body clips these little itty bitty body clips. You lose them really easy and they didnt give you any extra ones. Freaking super lame all right lets. Let this thing charge im gon na bust, the other one open charge that one up. Let me show you the uh. The performance analyzer is gon na go right on top like that, lets see if it goes in there with the body, i dont think it will. Maybe oh yeah, oh its its heavy, though thats definitely gon na thats. Definitely gon na affect the performance because it is significantly heavy compared to the the weight of the car, but were gon na strap the gn ss performance and analyzer on just like that, and then were going to do a quarter mile run and see how fast it Is but thats after we just drive the thing and see how much fun it is all right before we get into actually running these cars. A couple of things i want to note one: it doesnt have a wheelie bar, which that means that it probably doesnt pull wheelies, which makes sense if its the exact same power units as the other ones, which it should be.

They are blistering fast. Now, with that said, the reason why i have two mt 28s at 28 scale monster trucks, because this is the best handling one. In my opinion, i feel like the other ones didnt handle as well. There is no rear diff, so it should go straight, but yeah the other ones kind of spun out really easy. These are the best handling ones, the ones that the one that handled the worst, i think was the uh. It was the. I think it was the mini triggy. I believe what didnt handle very well, but it just spun out really easy. This one well see foam tires. Maybe that makes a big difference. I actually have a big graveyard of these in the garage and drawer in the garage because we broke so many of them again. I just buy new ones instead of get the replacement parts for them, because theyre relatively cheap, so yeah im not expecting too much since theyre, almost exactly the same as the older ones. However, it is cool its a different, a different twist on things all right there. They are theyre done charging so how you can tell theyre done charging whenever you plug it in this green light, will light up, saying, charge uh when the light goes off. That means theyre charged. I charged up both of them because melissa wants to drive so lets test. These things were gon na test them inside the house first and then were gon na go outside and do some drag race and then well hook up the gn ss performance analyzer and actually see what kind of quarter mile scale quarter mile time it runs all right.

We got these things on were about to drop for the first time, so the first thing melissa is driving. The other one first thing were gon na. Do is just see how okay, so it pushes like an absolute dump truck like i can barely turn left here. It pushes real bad, oh theres, a steering, trim knob right here were gon na trim mine out a little bit um. You just got ta make it okay, so it like mine, doesnt turn left at all. I think. Maybe you just pick something up. Oh my god. Mine doesnt want to turn left hold on. If you give it throttle, it will rip left butt and then, if you rip it right, it turns right. Just fine does not turn left. Theres got to be something wrong with mine. Oh, so i think whats happening is when im turning left its catching the body and its keeping that tire from moving see like its just full youre, not drifting, its a drag car, its full left right there, um, okay, so lets lets just drag race them all Right shes lining up. Oh, oh all, right on your mark, now youre a little bit ahead. Why are you angled towards me? Thats bad get set, go Music! Oh! We both split up all right, so we obviously cant just gun it hey. That was that was i dont know why mike cant turn left, look thats full left right there, all right.

Let me i got ta. The right tire is not spinning when i turn full left, thats whats happening, i think its catching the body. Oh well. Who cares? Okay, here we go were gon na. Do this again. Obviously you cant just gun it full pin on hardwood floor. It will lose traction on your mark on that one get set. Go oh man! Oh, so theyre theyre not crazy, easy to drive on hardwood yeah. What do you want to sauce your tires? No, you dont want to sauce your tires, so they handle just like the other 28s, which is what i figured so nothing extreme. Nothing crazy, fast doesnt have a crazy amount of torque and they do wash out really bad. All right on your mark get set, go! Oh, she went straight. You did good all right lets. Do these outside lets turn them outside all right were outside now. I think it will get better traction out on the cement. Oh thats mine, sorry gon na roll. It out the starting line will be oh, went over the manhole. Oh yeah way better its way, better. Okay, yeah all right, wait! Wheres! Where are we going because the line that way were just gon na go straight? All right on your mark? Get set, go Laughter. What happened i cant control it wait now it turns left kind of. Oh yeah turns left now. Oh man, oh you know what my cameras off you just crushed into the wall.

I couldnt have stopped it. It does go straight. You want me to fix your trim. Melissa, all right were lining up and she she moves it all right. Im this we traded cars im that guy were training cars. I trimmed her out. I trimmed it out. So her car goes straight now on your mark. Get set, go dang. She treat me shes straight. Wait were going to watch a replay, i think you jumped it. Lets run it again. Im pretty sure you jumped the freaking line. I think you read live uh. Oh the freaking mailmans coming in hot hes, coming in. Oh, my god super hot all right. We got ta wait for this mailman to get out of the way, but im pretty sure, melissa, red lighted on that last run. No all right! You say it. Let me say it all. Right mom on the left was on the right on your mark. Get set. Go. I treat you that time. Oh youre, trying to hit me something, needless to say, theyre the exact same speed on cement. They catch traction really really well better yeah lets. Do it thats fun on your mark, get set, go! Oh you totally treated me there, hey dang it guys melissas new favorite thing is to run over my feet. See you hear that she just hit the camera all right. So we got the gnss performance analyzer on this thing, im waiting for it to lock some satellites um.

I didnt put a body on it because one i dont think it needs a body to go straight and were just melissa, stop hold on. We got ta. Do the math on what that uh? What that quarter mile is, i think, its 47 something so you do 1320 divided by 28. Equals 47.1. Well, do 47 feet. Oh my god! You see that whats hes trying to take me out. Oh look! Oh, you cant see it, but it ran a 3 8 at nine miles an hour that is too funny so theyre not super fast thats 47 feet were gon na run another one because funny, let me get the camera out of the road before the mailman hits. It because you know he dont care guys most of its so freaking annoying. She keeps hitting my feet and she just laughs. Every time stop golly! I cant do anything out around here. All right were gon na do another one. While melissa hits my feet and she just hit the camera, go, stop trying to hit me read three eight at night, so it goes nine miles an hour that one did three. The first one was a three nine, so thats how fast it goes. I cant believe the gnss analyzes, basically the size of the car. It is really freaking big. Look at this thing. Look at that freaking massive! So now, im almost oh god. Melissa just thinks its hilarious to hit the bumps like shes.

A true basher at heart wants to just push the limits, so her whats your assessment, i love them. This is fine, she loves them, theyre fun, but she says they are kind of dump truck dogs, so nine miles an hour how fast they go. Obviously the gn ss performance analyzes a little off, but not that much thats, pretty freaking close to what it does at a 3 8 which is pretty freaking awesome i cant even well. I thought she was going in reverse anyways. I definitely recommend them theyre. A lot of fun ill put a link in the description for these cars theyre, the new team associate dr28, its a lot of fun.