I believe this one is actually an upgraded version of a buggy. They released a couple of years back called the 18401. Now this one ends in zero, one one so its very similar to that buggy. In my opinion, just by looking at it and um that particular model, the one eight four zero one was actually a non proportional budget, very cheap rc a couple of years ago, so um heres, their latest version guys so lets have a closer look uh before i Test it out now, first off in the box, we get the user manual here and its pretty informative guys. It tells you everything you need to know: okay, how to control the buggy if youre new to rc, okay, its got some exploded diagrams as well of all the parts should you have to work on it one day and at the back we have the full parts List as well now parts are very easy to get for this buggy because, like i said before, the a959 series has been out for years now so theres no shortage of parts online. They will actually fit this new one. Eight four zero one one as well, and we also get wl toys, standard, uh charger here, guys to charge the lithium ion pack that comes with this buggy. So its got the usb connector on one end and the 2s balance port. On this end and this little charger charges up at 2.5, amps, okay, now the remote transmitter that comes with this buggy is no exception, its exactly like all the other wltoys releases lately in the last couple of years, very common controller fully proportional, as you can see, Weve got the on off switch there that one two three four mode button does not have any effect on this particular rc, and we also have the steering, trim, dial and the throttle dual rate, and it is full fully proportional.

As with what were used to with wl toys now – and it takes the standard – four double a okay, so here is the 184011 guys and as you can see, it looks very much like the predecessors before it the a959 series of buggies and uh. You know theyre even using the same wheels and tires, but i did notice guys on this model theyre using a screw to attach the wheels, not a uh, an actual nut, so thats rather interesting. As you can see here, okay um, i dont, know why they went down that path, but for the price, i guess theyre keeping it at a very low budget price compared to those models. We also got a new design shock absorber here guys. These are actually look to be alloy bodied shocks rather than the plastic that were used to with the a9 series, and they look the part they actually look nicer than the previous models. As you can see there, i dont know if these will will actually hold oil. I remember the a959b and the a79 truck um. They could hold oil but did leak out straight away. So these are friction dampers here guys. So, as you can see here, it is uh rather bouncy, but just like the previous models, no different, okay guys, but, as you can see, the design is very much similar to the a9 series. Weve got a brand new body design here, new livery on the body.

It says max on the top r7 racing as well and theyve named this one. The exciting super power buggy all right, so it looks pretty cool anyway guys, um weve got a lot of plastic on this one. So, as you can see, the axles are plastic. Also, the diff cups and outdrive cups here as well, and a full plastic chassis like the previous version, so uh lets lets, look underneath the actual uh canopy and well see what this one offers. Okay, guys so underneath the shell of the one eight four zero one looks very similar to the ‘0 brushed a959. As we can see here, weve got the same ‘0 brushed motor setup. This one has a nice blue heat sink as well to match the motor mount there, which looks pretty cool. We have a five wire servo, which is standard for wl toys, brushed uh, rcs and uh looks to me on this model, though theyve changed the esc to an upgraded one. As we can see here, this esc receiver combo is actually rated at 60 amp, 7.4 volt. Okay, so this looks very familiar actually to the 12 scale buggies that they brought out uh late late last year, the 124 series so thats rather interesting, theyre using pretty much the same esc as you can see all plastic components throughout guys. I just had a look here and we can see through that gap we have a plastic center drive shaft as well guys, okay, um and heres the battery guys weve got a little caged battery here.

This is the lithium ion pack ill, get it out in a second, but i believe its a 900 milliamp hour and its got this uh like a nicad plug here, but you can actually fit uh jst lipos to work with this car so lets uh. Take the battery off this cage and well have a closer look. Okay, so here is the lithium ion pack that they provide with this buggy and uh, as i said, i saw it on the box 900 milliamp hour, 7.4 volt lithium ion the 16 500 cells. In this one, all right guys, so hopefully this gives us a pretty decent run time being that its only 900 milliamp hours and we have the balance lead there that hooks up to the charges. So it should charge up rather quickly, alright guys so before i take it out. I actually curious to see if this does have ball bearings, because on the actual box it does state ball, bearing so because these wheels have got a screw holding them in place. Instead of a nut, just curious to see whats behind it, so lets have a look. Okay, so looks like theyve got a shim here. Instead, as you can see, there is no ball bearings in there guys its just a plastic bush okay. So this does not have ball bearings like they stayed on the box im not too sure why they actually printed that, but, as you can see, its all made up of plastic guys.

The c cap, the diff caps, like i mentioned before, and the actual uh the axles here are plastic, but this is a budget priced rc um. It is price much lower than the a9 series. Okay, guys so well before i take it out, as we can see here on the box, i forgot to mention it does say: 30 plus ks an hour so lets just turn it on and see what sort of power it its got just turn on the esc. Turn the transmitter on and its all bound, not bad steering servo on this one. Pretty responsive, okay lets reverse okay, so it seems like its got pretty decent power from the lithium ion pack. Now i will charge this fully up. That was just in storage right, so its not fully charged and uh yeah well head out now and um go and test it out ill. Do a bit of a speed run on it see if we can get up to 30 ks an hour might even take a lipo out with me and uh well, test it out on lipo as well see if that gives it a bit more power as well. On top of the lithium ion pack, so lets go out and test this one out and see um how durable it is and yeah how it performs in general, for the around the 60 uh price tag that is without after the using the code that ill provide In the description below so uh ill catch us out there guys hey, guys well, ive got the uh little wl toys, one eight four zero one! One uh latest release its all charged up ready to go for its first test, run just out in this area of the parking lot here and well test it out on some grass down there.

So um yeah, first im gon na do a quick speed run with the using my g n: double s: sky, rc, uh, gps unit gon na just put underneath the shell here and uh set it up and well see. If we can get that claimed 30 kilometer an hour top speed on the box, so well be back in a second guys: weve got the gps unit uh, underneath the shell there on the one eight four zero one, one weve got it zeroed out on the app. So lets test this one out: okay and um. Before i start the run, i actually tried to um turn this throttle uh trim up and it seems like its not actually connected guys just free spin. So this does not have a throttle trim. Its just got a steering, trim. Okay, so lets see if it can get the 30 ks an hour on the stock lithium ion pack. Im, not gon na have to run it that far Applause. Okay, so, as you can see its not overly quick, okay lets uh have a look at what we got here and see if it uh matches up to what the box says: 26 kilometers an hour, so pretty close its not that far off thats, not too bad. Its not that far off, i actually thought it was slower than that all right lets. Try that one one more time quickly just to see if i can get any more out of it, i might trim it up a little bit a bit better Applause.

So you know this is basically a 18401 upgraded version. I wouldnt consider this anything to be like a a9 series, buggy um, because you know they are more expensive. This is more of a a lower budget cost buggy and an upgrade on the one. Eight four zero. One that they uh released a couple of years back, that was a non proportional, buggy yeah its 26 again guys, all right so uh lets just take for a test run now and see how it goes see how it can go on tarmac. How does it go on grass here thats going pretty good on the grass decent range, so yeah definitely more orientated towards beginners and uh the young ones? For sure the price point is pretty low. This one retails for around 60 us dollars with a coupon code that ill provide in the description, perth west os rc coupon code. But, as you can see, you can go pretty good off road. Its got enough power with the lithium ion pack to get up the hill here, even though it only does 26 ks an hour, its pretty zippy good speed for beginners, like i said Applause, but you know if youve been in the hobby for a while youre, not Going to get excited over this one thats for sure, especially if youve got a whole bunch of rcs, that are a lot quicker than this. One Applause handles well just like the previous models. The a959 a59b guys lets see how it goes in some thicker terrain down.

Here, oh there, we go theres a lot of uh leaf litter down here: wood chips, so its got enough power to get through this stuff up the hill yep, pretty cool, not a problem up. There lets bring it down whoa its got pretty low clearance. So i couldnt really get up that lip of that rock yeah, pretty capable little buggy full drive, of course, fully proportional, which is good. I mean you can go really slow over the terrain, so thats the key sort of feature of this upgraded 18401 uh. The previous model, like i just mentioned, was non proportional. Oh, it looks like the battery is dead, so its only a 900 milliamp hour uh battery in this one and as you can see, that was pretty much a runtime out of it, but i do have a little uh, 450 milliamp hour lipo. So lets put that in there its a red jst plug, which you can use with these um nickel metal hydride or nicad style uh black plugs here so lets put the lipo in well. Do a quick speed test on the uh lipo see if we can get closer to that uh 30 ks an hour and uh yeah well, give it a go: try it on a lipo for a little while, okay, guys well, im gon na have to wrap it Up here, unfortunately, because i did put the 2s lipo in there, as you can see – is a 450 milliamp hour one.

I dont know the discharge, but uh its a bit of a dud uh. It is an old lipo. I did charge it up uh before coming out here today, um and it did balance up well, but i dont know its just its a bit too old. I think, and its just lacking in power, so uh yeah, guys uh. This is gon na wrap it up. Uh, the review on the one eight four zero one, one uh it is the upgraded version of the one. Eight four zero one – and you know this one – is orientated more towards the young ones. I think uh not so much for us adults. You know it is a good toy car for for young ones to learn on or beginners to learn on for sure um. You know, as you can see, the lithium ion pack is only a 900 milliamp hour and does have a limited uh amount of run. Time. Usually you know the 959 series did come out with 1500 milliamp hour 2s lipos, and this is only a 900, so yeah i mean still fun little zippy car uh for the young ones. It does. You know come in at around 63 us on the makefire website, but you can shave off five percent off that price. Uh. If you use the coupon code in the description below perth west does rc will take five percent off so theres around sixty dollars. Us all right guys so uh yeah, i mean it, looks great.

I like the look of this one uh compared to the previous models, especially the old 95 series, nice body, shell, i mean it does have friction. Shocks seems like the front ones, a little bit firmer spring back a bit better than the the back ones. These bottom out a bit uh, but uh yeah im, not too sure. If you could fit oil in these um, you could in the a95 series, but they did tend to leak out. So i wouldnt even really bother. I mean you could try, but i wouldnt really bother um. You know trying to put oil in these. If you want to upgrade this in any way, uh for your kid, maybe just put some oil filled shocks on itll, make it a little bit less bouncy, but uh anyway, guys thanks very much for watching the review on the one. Eight four zero one, one. Thanks to makify for sending this one out and as always guys feel free to subscribe like and comment uh sure do appreciate it. Uh were nearly hitting 10k, so im pretty excited for that.