Winds are Swift, to say the least. Everything is kind of rattling and shaking around, but no big deal. I have a new package. You guys have already seen the thumbnail you've already seen the title. You know why we're here today, but a little bit of backstory for those that may be just tuning in to rcadventures for the first time years ago I lost my DJI phantom vision 2, which is a quadcopter when I was flying it across a 34 foot deep Pond, outside the back of my hour, a courage, and so I was flying along lost signal and underwater. I never saw it again and I had the quasi 5 fish, which is a remote operated vehicle that goes underwater. I had to learn how to pilot a submarine from the surface watching on a video screen and remote operate this vehicle over the last two years. Finally, in a previous episode, I found this sucker and I was so happy and in the end of the video I asked the question: how am I going to retrieve it and there were so many comments? Thank you. Everything was considered, but I must admit I was being a little sneaky see. I already knew that Kwazii was coming out with a robotic arm and claw. They had been working on this for quite some time and now that I had actually found the drone, which I couldn't believe was a perfect opportunity, but I'd found it about one month too early.

So I had to stall a little bit, but it is finally here and although it is too windy today, we can look at what's inside inside the box. Let'S go look at this giant case on the center of my table. My friends here is a normal sized of paper. Okay, this is how big that suitcase is. It is enormous. This is a the plastic carrying case for the quasi five fish that I have been so fortunate enough to be sent by Kwazii. Thank you very much to zeong and all my friends down there that are the engineers and and the the whole company behind this concept has been fantastic to work with, although you know watching a company go and make their software make their product available and then like Sell it everywhere for people that actually go to the ocean and use it Here. I am just a prairie man in the middle of Alberta with a backyard pond. Who am I really but check this out? It does say like this there's five fish right there in case you guys want to do a QR, read the underwater robot. I remember when I first unboxed it. This is the upgrade. What what are you looking at? I know some of you see it right away, but this is an all new v65 fish. The v6s look at that this has the prop protectors on it, which I always struggled with, because the weeds would get sorry my doors banging from the windstorm outside the weeds.

Always get caught for me in the props, and you know what, because those fans are spinning so quick to try to self level this machine, because it's it's fully smart, like this machine, is one of the coolest things to fly or sail through the water underneath the Water I've ever used like it's a 4k camera on the front self leveling there multiple modes, sport mode. You know attitude like everything about this. You guys have seen me gush about it before, but like what I'm seeing right now, you and you – and I are basically discovering for the first time, looks like a little bit of that. Styrofoam from the case came off, not a big deal and transport. Look at the protectors I don't ever have to worry about damaged props again, which wasn't like a big deal. I only had to replace a few of them here and there, but this is new on the bottom. This must be the mount for the claw I'm. Not sure unbelievable, so this yes brand new that's, a communications port, okay. That makes way more sense. So now I've got two of these suckers, where I don't have to with the claw. But now anybody visiting or whatever that wants to go diving with me can go diving. Thank you. So much crazy, that's amazing here is a new. This is actually the probably need two hands for this. This is the tether, the cable there. We go that's the communications cable because what's really going on here.

Let me put this off to the side. This cable end for those that don't understand goes on the back of the ROV. It gets popped in back here. This is a communications port that communicates up to the surface, because you can take this down like 100 meters. I think it is almost 100 meters that's a long way, so it communicates all the way up to here up through into this port into this radio. This radio connects or makes a Wi Fi signal that communicates with your phone so it's it communicates with your phone back and forth via Wi Fi, so you're getting picture you're getting everything you want. This actually has a huge hard drive in it, which records everything and everything all the attitude mode. Everything can be controlled through here this good to go. They even have like first person, view goggles that you can put your phone in. I find with like anything like an iPhone 11 max that I have the size is too big to fit in here, but anything smaller. It totally works it's too bad, but I think I think that's just because technology keeps getting bigger at one time. Phones were getting smaller, now, they're, all gargantuan and look at this. This is this. Is it this is what we've been all been waiting for? Wow. It looks like it's 3d printed, I believe, it's, a plastic claw, which is good because you don't want anything super heavy.

Underneath the five fish right, you want to have it I'm, just stunned by the Zoidberg like claw that's on it it's like a lobster claw or a crab claw and from what I've seen the control on this is fantastic. I'M gon na need more practice. First, I'm. Gon na have to relocate that drone, but I put a marker on the side of the pond where I just go straight out and I should be able to find it Wow. So nice and light like I was saying because you don't want to have too much heaviness, or else you always be fighting to level yourself out, but from what I've seen this thing can grab from the smallest objects, with the lightest grip to heavier objects. That are quite heavy and pull with strength. This is just unbelievable okay, so I started up the app on my phone I'm, just gon na start up the controller, which will automatically start up the five fish now really it doesn't like to be outside of the water. It certainly likes to be inside but I'm hoping to get a small demo of it. Does it ever look cool eh? It looks like a futuristic submarine that has some sort of grabber, claw and camera on the front, because it is that's exactly what it is. Whoo there's the light she came on so I'm gon na go into my settings here. Just go ahead and hook up to the Wi Fi five fish, one, two, three, four: five: six: seven, eight nine zero! I can do that right on the radio here looks like we were connected.

Go dive, hey, hey there! I am there. I am look at that, so that's actually being shot through the front of the five fish right now. So this is going to give you kind of an idea of what the five fish will look like as its swimming under the water it's, just generally going to be showing the claw right underneath the camera, which is perfect because as an operator, I can clearly see What I'm going to be grabbing after so super cool right away? A super cool feature now for what we all came here to see really was this claw in action and how is it going to work? Look at this see this dial right here when you move the dial open like up and down. Oh look at that. Listen like precision Wow guys that is cool, hey just unbelievable! You guys. I hope you have made some noise in the comments section down below by smashing the like button. You know darn well, we're, always here working trying to figure out new ways to entertain you and to to bring new and exciting radio control or remote operated vehicles. To your screen for you to discover now you guys have a general idea. Now you guys know what I'm going for trying to grab my drone from the pawn and maybe pass that, shall we start going on different dives to see what's down there with the five fish. I want you to start making me some suggestions down below, and I also want to know who the hell is excited for me to go out there and finally get that drone.

Guys thanks a lot for tuning in check out Kwazii and the five fish 6s with their incredible claw. I got ta get some practice in we'll, see in the next episode of rcadventures bye, so cool amazing it's, like a paradox.