This is a king motors, one fifth scale baja. I just picked this up last night, i’ve gone through it i’m, not gon na lie to you guys. I did give it a run, but this is going to be the first time we’ve seen it in a video so i’m going to give you a rundown of the upgrades that are on the car here. The first things we’ll notice is, it does have the aluminum a arms on the front as well as a front disc, brake package. You can see it’s set up on the servo here, so we have front brakes on this. Baja it’s got a rear, aluminum aluminum diff case, which is a little hard to see, as well as the upgraded drive shafts i’ve gone through this car and so far i really like it it’s very, very similar to my hpi, the only thing i’m, not a hundred Percent happy with are the shocks on the car i went through. I redid all the oil on them last night. They do hold up pretty good and they’re they’re. Nothing, nothing really wrong with them, but if you do hit them too hard, they have some leaks in them. I have noticed that is stock out of the factory. The one cool thing is, it has a spring assisted starter and i’ve, also set it up with a third channel, kill switch off. My radio just works off this button here, but let’s go ahead, fire this guy up and take it for a ride Applause.

So you can see with the spring starter, i barely have to pull it. I feel like in the long run. The spring starter is really going to save me. Some pull cord assemblies but let’s, take it for a rip and see how she goes Music. So this exhaust definitely has a cool sound to it, it’s, not the most powerful, but i do really enjoy the sound. As you can see, this fly sky gt3 provides pretty good range for it, Music. So the one thing right now it’s on a set of roving gravel tires. I may change them to something a little more aggressive, possibly another order from ddm coming up here in the future. Music is front right, brake’s, a little tight let’s get into what these bajas are made for start doing some donuts Music hmmm.