Race opt t3m, touring, Music foreign for starters, but the grip looks really high, and what weve heard from the locals is its really high um indoor tracks. We run normally run with guttering. They are going with a fire hose today, which is really cool yeah. We use that on a pop, long, GP didnt. We we did indeed so looking really good. The local guys are actually putting the track together now. So we still dont know what the layout is, but it looks like its going to be an interesting time. What car are you running today, boss, someone in the team Powers t3m, giving it a really good shake out today. Im sorry, shake down. Give me a good shake down here, Im, looking forward to seeing how that goes on this track, I mean its looking quite wide. Um its a decent sized track. You know chatting to a couple of the locals, though theyre kind of doing seven. Second laps the other week, seven second laps that is going to be fast, youre gon na have to be on your age. Im gon na be on the a game or giving me best, but Im not expecting Miracles, but were not so fun right were just yeah because were only just really outside the uh, the testing phase with the new cars. But this is the first real test for your car um Im interested to see how it goes – and I say your car because Im not running today, no youre not running youre youre on camera duty today, but Ill get some footages roll anyway.

Listen enough! Chit Chat. Lets go and see some racing all right, all right: Music, right, Music Applause, Music, right, Music Applause, Music; its now seen the track and youve had some good racing: yeah yeah, thats, a good race and its seeing a track on a couple of occasions. Uh, the last occasion, being last week, we visited a club near us called indoor Raceway stevenage weve had a really good nights, racing great crack over there, nice people very welcoming and the car really behaved itself and it was running okay yeah. It was so so far. Weve run weve run this over at Leighton Buzzard, which is a real low grip track. Uh Weve also taken over to Milton Keynes, where we we know that the grip there is a little bit higher yeah. However stevenage the carpet over. There was a little bit different to what we used to wasnt it yeah. The carpet was a lot grippier over there um, but you know what the car still wasnt right. It done well, but theres, still more in it. So the tires well be using at the moment are the a30s, which are good on the TTA ones. Dont think theyre that good for this car on the carpets that weve run it on and run it on three different in three different clubs. Three different carpets same. It behaves the same in each in each Club, really having asked other people what theyre running people that are doing really well theyre, saying 28s.

They have said uh as well that the a30s will work well, but I bugged yeah. It begs the question: why dont they run theyre, saying that theyll run well, but no ones using them. So um our local Club, everyones running the 28s, but theyre a brand that you cant get hold of anymore yeah. Sorry X, you cant get them cant get them. Um, so the options weve got now it is um so on there at the moment, weve got some sweep 28s yeah, but its the rush. 28 Rush, 28 Rush, 28x, apparently Ive got someone order now, so yeah not cheap, I have to say they were nearly. They were nearly 30 pounds for a set of four, which is a bit disappointing, but you know it is what it is, but I want to do reasonably well, so Ive ordered them so Ill. Tell you what were talking about tires, but the body shells since we used to race they have evolved because youve got my car over the end there with the master shell. That is, that was the go to shell back to Shell. So I got the go to shell. When we got back into it um you did a bit more research. I did a bit more research. I tend to ask people who do well at the government would go to what theyre running and they all seem to say. The same sort of things anyway, I have got another body, show on order at the cost of actually it wasnt that expensive about 22 pounds actually and Ive gone for the extreme twister specially something like that and its the light version.

So because Im not crashing much touch wood um. What have you done? Yeah you just jinxed yourself, because because, if thats in the question marks because my drivings got better actually um, if I do say so myself, I thought Id do it. I thought Id go with it. I think its gon na be a bit fragile, but I think its gon na give us more aerodynamics. These new shells Ive got this like Hunchback clip to them, havent they its theyre a bit old yeah. So if you actually look at the body there, the uh, the high point – is a lot further forward, whereas with this one, the the high points a lot further back so completely different Arrow, um and obviously weve done videos in the past, where weve talked about how Aero affects the cars, so the project continues yeah its far from over um, so new shell new tires should improve your grip yeah having more grip hows that going to help you on the track. Uh I can put the power down because at the minute I cannot put the power down its theres loads of power in there. The guys I was running up against it with uh against last week were running 13.5. Most of them. I didnt see any 17.5, which is what were running in this right. Was there a big difference? Well, I cant work out whether I just couldnt put the throttle down because of lack of grip, or it was just slower.

I I dont know. The thing is, though, because we we talk about this, obviously, but you were saying that you, you werent at Full, Throttle so thats it youre not fully using the 17 and a half no theres more to come. So hopefully, with an increasing grip were going to see those lap times drop exactly oh and I have actually loaded the body show as well, because that was too high. I havent looked at the footage back. I was probably scrolling around a little bit so Ive lowered the body shell, so yeah the project does continue and theres more in it, and you know Im really enjoying it Im really enjoying game back to maturing car racing. Initially we said we werent going to do that, but thats Motorsport in it. You start with something like the old ma3 here and then you you work yeah. So we went. Am I free yeah mo6 yeah gt12 yeah tt01 tt01e, Music, MTC, yeah touring car yeah, slightly faster touring car yeah, and this one here brand new prototype car? There is a video coming out very soon if you want to find out more about this one. Yes, yes, exactly so when you go into one of these high end kind of touring, cars and stuff, just to let you know, most of you might well know this, but when you get one of these cars, you cant expect it to perform Straight Out of the Box theres a lot of setup to be done even down to the adjusting your endpoints and exponential and stuff on a transmitter.

You know um every week you youll tweak something and youll get it right. I think I dont know we cant what we could be on with this one. You are, I think, probably with the the latest buzzage. You did at least three there two over at Milton Keynes, so youve run about five sessions for your car. Ive only done two with mine, so I have fallen behind signifi efficiently and actually, I think, Im going to take a slight detour interesting so again more about that coming up on the channel very very soon, oh! Well, if you want to keep up to date with how well this car is going – and you know, keep an eye on all the awesome tracks were going to go to then keep an eye on the channel. You know hit the notifications, ding dong, bell, yeah and um.