The AMT has been matched AGS or automated gearshift by Maori and is available on also the WagonR, the Celerio, the Ignis, and now the new desire. The do desire AMT is available with both petrol and diesel engines and it’s priced at about fifty thousand rupee is more than the corresponding manual gearbox option. So is it worth the extra money and the diesel engine option has always been the most popular one on the desire in the last generation and we’re getting with this use third generation, that sort of trend stays the same it’s still the 1.3. The DD is motor, which makes 74 bhp and 190 noodle middle stocks. I still got that fun. Little petty car characteristic, Music, five speed AMT has very little lag when driven sedately. In fact, the AMT and the diesel engine are a great pairing lag between shifts. Also. Does start to creep in if you do get a little more aggressive with the throttle? That’S said in stop stop traffic, which is what cars like the desire are usually going to be used in the diesel with the AMG feels very comfortable. The petrol engine is also the same tried and tested 1.2 liter k12 unit that makes 82 horsepower and 113 Newton meters of torque. Now the petrol on the new desire also gets a five speed AMT options which you play to the older and much slower. Four speed automatic on the last generation. This gearbox does not have a sport mode options which solve the other manufacturers do put into the am unit, which is a big disappointing, and it is a little slower from what we would have liked.

Considering the size of this petrol engine does need a little coaxing. Sometimes it does give you a little bit of lag at first, but once you get used to it once we know where your shift points out and once you know how much power you need to put in for the cargo ship, slow or buster, it is pretty Much as responsive as any other, a and B out there, unlike the Ignace Maruti Suzuki, has played it smart and has offered the AMT in a range of variants both of petrol and diesel, get the AMT in the V red and debtless variants, which means that you Could opt for a mid range model if you have a price constraint or you can opt for the fully loaded variant with LED headlamps, LED daytime running lights and a touch screen with navigation, apple, carplay and android auto.