Four wheel drive electric stadium truck so guys. The great thing about this brand is that you will not be able to find this on cheap overseas websites only at authorized hobby dealers only now, just regarding the car. It is a 110 scale, and the great thing is everything is included. Your battery charger car and radio there’s a retail for roughly around 260 dollars. Okay, all the spare parts are available so be confident in purchasing this brand trusted brand here at crazy hobbies, so let’s quickly, take it out of the box. Do a quick unboxing and go from there boxes, man, so Music, Music, let’s have a look inside the phantom xt and see what it’s packing all right. So we’ll just quickly go over the electronics and then we’ll quickly go over the car. Won’T bore you guys too much all right, so, just at the front steering servo, it is plastic geared and it’s roughly around five kilos. It is water. Resistant it’s got the server saver on there. Now, if you are thinking to take this in water or on wet grass, i’d highly recommend getting a balloon and putting a balloon over that receiver, all right, because if any water gets in there, you’re stuffed all right. Now you got your electronic speed controller. Here you can run 7.4 volt guys, but i highly recommend sticking to nimh 7.2 volt, all right so that’s it there. It comes with a tamiya plug all right.

You got your good old brush motor. It is a 550 can all right, um, we’re, pretty sure. It’S 12 turns right, then you’ve got your heatsink that comes off as well, just regarding the brush motors, guys, we’d highly highly recommend staying away from gravel. If any little rocks get in here, which they can, they can bounce in here right, you’re in deep trouble. All right, you’ll blow motor and you’ll be looking about 40 dollars for replacement, and usually i can tell you right now, if there’s any little rocks or anything in there guys that will not cover it under warranty, alrighty um, so they’re, your luck, electronics, i should say – And you’ve got your battery compartment over here, just quickly check that out that flips up and it comes with a 7.2 volt 1800 milliamp nimh battery. If you wanted to all right i’d highly recommend getting a 3600 milliamp now guys you can get a 5000, but the problem is the brush motors. They don’t like to be run for that long, so the good medium is 3 600 milliamp it’s, going to give you roughly around 20 25 minutes runtime. The 3600 milliamp battery will retail for roughly around 40 dollars so that’s that let’s quickly have a look over the car. All right, so let’s quickly go over the phantom xt now just at the front there’s a reinforced bumper, which is a fairly good size. All right – and you got your shock tower there right up front you’ve got your upper arm now.

They’Re, pretty narrow and you’ve got your bottom arm as well, which is a little bit more wider. Now. The good thing is, they are still drive. Shafts plastic hubs. There now just regarding your wheels guys there are 12 mil hex so wheels for the rustler will fit perfectly on this car, and you do have your draft shaft in the center here and we might be able to pop that open, nope, okay, so the drive shaft It’S, actually enclosed, so that’s, actually a good thing, there’s, no dirt or anything any rocks or anything that’s gon na fly in there, so that’s a good idea, good job maverick now spooky is fully enclosed. Just regarding your aerial, it will sit right in the middle here. Guys with the aerial would highly recommend recommending leaving it in the car. So if you poke it out of the car, if you, if you tip it over you’ll, tend to scratch that and then once you damage the aerial it’s, no good for the car. Now the shocks, the shocks are not adjustable all right, but they are oil filled and you do have the steel drive shafts on the back there and just for the rear. You’Ve only got this piece here, which is the which is the top turnbuckle for your rear arm, and it looks like the arms on the rear are the same as the front. So there you have it guys. That’S, a close up of the phantom xt quickly.

Have a look at the radio and the accessories you get so let’s quickly check out the phantom xt radio and charger that’s included. We’Ll start the charger first, so it’s, a usb charger guys, which can come in handy let’s, quickly, zoom up here and see what this led status says. So the charger guys plug it into the usb socket. First then, your battery okay, then you’ll, have a solid red light here, while it’s charging as soon as it goes green you’re done uh. If you get a flashing red error, so you’ll have to get that checked out just regarding your battery that’s included. It will take roughly with this charger four hours to complete charging and you’re going to get roughly around 10 to 15 minutes play time. You can buy faster charges and bigger batteries. All right, so that’s that let’s quickly have a look at the radio radar is actually pretty nice. It feels pretty comfortable in your hand, it’s very trendy. You will still need four double aaa batteries for your radio alrighty. Okay, you got your on off button right here, guys a few trim buttons here and just up top here. You have your trim buttons, also alrighty and that’s. Basically, it leave a thumbs up if you liked the video. Please comment if you haven’t already subscribed, come and join the crazy family. We’Ve got plenty of crazy footage.