Car kit on my fpuc1 rc chassis ill also be making these velcro body mounts to secure this model car body onto the chassis. These are a couple of parts that ive wanted to make for a while now, so i was really pleased to be able to bring these ideas to life and ive been looking forward to sharing the design process and these parts with all of you, so lets dive Right in Music ill go ahead and quickly introduce you to the project that you see here. The chassis is a 3d printed fpuc1, with some basic electronics, all wired up and ready to go. The body im using is a 125th scale. 1969 mustang boss 302. From this revel model kit, an all around really nice kit, with a great looking and well molded body Music, the wheels and tires that are included with this kit are no exception, especially with that nice white lettering. They looked so good that i wanted to use these wheels and tires with this chassis rather than a more conventional rc wheel and tire. This isnt the first time that ive used wheels included with the model car kits on one of these rc chassis in the past. Ive simply glued them to the axles. Doing that certainly works, but obviously it doesnt make removing them very easy at first, i didnt think about just modifying these wheels that they could be glued on, but pretty quickly. After looking at these parts, i decided that i want to instead design and 3d print a custom part that can be secured with a typical wheel nut rather than glue.

Basically, i wanted something like an adapter piece that i could secure to the chassis and that i could secure the wheel insert and the tire to it. I really wanted to design something very similar to this white part that you see here. In fact, my custom part really wont differ that much from it only mine will have a cutout in the back for the hex wheel mount to fit into, and it will need to have enough room for the nut that will be securing it to the axle. Hopefully that makes sense, but if not youll see soon enough, basically its a lesson in dont, reinvent the wheel, if you dont have to, in this case quite literally Music. So i got a bunch of measurements from this part that was included with the kit and transferred them into my own design, which i modeled in autodesk fusion 360.. It was mostly just a matter of copying the part that i had already and making sure that it will fit the wheel hex on the rc chassis and that there is room for the nut to fit between this wheel. Adapter piece and the chrome wheel insert piece that was included with the model kit, basically that chrome wheel insert piece or whatever you want to call. This will be like a hubcap. If that makes sense, though, i guess it might also help kind of hold the tire on as well Music, so Music. So, after just several minutes of design work and 3d printing, i had my new part which, as planned, isnt all that different from the one included with the kit.

But this one will fit the chassis Music. So, hopefully, by now you get a good idea of how this works. You can see the wheel nut in there, which holds this new piece that i just printed on and theres still plenty of room for that chrome wheel, insert piece now. All i need to do is cut down the axle shafts so that they are just long enough for the nut to thread onto, but not too long as that wouldnt allow me to put on those wheel insert pieces with. That said, though, fortunately, these pieces have a large enough hole in the back for the axle shaft to slide into further confirming that this conversion was meant to be. I measured the location of where i wanted to make. Each cut then removed the excess axle shaft with a rotary tool, Music to hopefully make sure that these wheels dont go flying off. I used some loctite, hopefully a little on the end is enough to keep them from coming loose, but also doesnt make them too much of a pain to remove without bending the whole chassis in half. But i guess well see Music and there you go with the tires and wheel. Inserts pressed on these wheels look sick. I love the look and, unlike with using glue, these are fairly easily removable, although certainly more difficult than with a conventional style rc wheel. Now one thing im not sure of yet is how well those tires are going to stay on.

They feel pretty solid, but i have a feeling i might have to use a little rc tire glue to keep them on but again well see. Music. Again, though, i love the look of these stock wheels and i was eager to get that body mounted so thats what i did next ive mounted bodies with screws and magnets plenty of times before, but its not too often that ive used velcro. So i decided i wanted to experiment a bit by designing some new body mounts that would allow me to use velcro velcro does have the advantage of adjustability when you glue magnetic body mounts in youd, better make sure that they are positioned just about perfectly. However, with velcro, though, you can move the body around to be positioned exactly where you want it each and every time you install the body that is also sort of velcros disadvantage. However, as it might take you a few times to place the body exactly where you want it, as opposed to magnets, where, if you have them positioned correctly, all you have to do is basically just drop the body on top of them, and it will be perfectly Aligned every time really both have their advantages and disadvantages, but its always nice to change things up a bit and experiment with different parts and techniques. I designed a very basic adjustable mount with a base that can be glued to the chassis and an upper part that the velcro can be secured to the two parts are connected to each other with m2 hardware, Music, heres, a look at the finished parts, theyre very Basic but should get the job done, and hopefully they proved to be durable.

Music. I did need to glue on some extensions to the front and rear of the chassis so that the mounts would be under the sections of the body that i wanted. I then mocked everything up to make sure that the body will be sitting high enough Music. The mount in the rear was a bit too short, so i printed a taller base and with that new part, i glued each mount to the chassis, since this car wont have any detailed engine bay. I glued the hood in place. The underside of the hood will make a great place for the other side of the velcro to go Music and with those two pieces of velcro in place. The body has been mounted its simple, but there is a little bit of wobble. I think to correct this ill: try either making a wider mount, or maybe installing three or four mounts instead of just the two that i have here. One thing i am trying to avoid is having too much of the velcro making contact, as it really starts to take some force to separate the body and chassis regardless, though, im satisfied with these new parts so far and im looking forward to really putting them to The test and man im loving how this mustang is looking, especially with those stock wheels. Once this car is complete its going to look sick. If youd like to use these parts for your own projects, the stl files have been posted over on patreon.

The link will be below in the description im, not sure what model kits these wheel adapters will fit other than this one, of course, but im sure ill be making some more of these for other builds in the future. Hopefully, if youd like to design something similar, this gives you some ideas, but thats going to be all for todays video.