You know, i hope everybody had a good a great fourth of july weekend. You know um hope everybody made it through a safe and sound, no nitro injuries, no rc injuries or anything. You know um. I just wanted to do another unboxing and everything um been waiting on this engine for a little bit, um there’s a little back story to it, but i ain’t gon na get into all of that i’ll just the end result i’m super pleased with not only the Company but the staff, the customer service, everything, and so i wanted to send a huge shout out to absolute hobbies, um huge shout out to chad over there absolute hobbies, chad, if you you know, come across this video man huge. Thank you to you huge. Thank you to the whole staff that you you work with, and everything like thanks brother thanks man, another huge shout out to you, know amr engines huge shout out to the staff um. You know aaron jen everybody over there huge shout out to y’all. You know like they got me in got me out. You know, and i wasn’t even expecting to get this. I got this today. I was expecting maybe more like wednesday, thursday this week, but you know pulled up, you know and it was on the doorstep. So huge shout out to amr engines, you know anybody who comes to see my channel or, whatever you know highly recommend absolute hobbies, highly recommend, amr engines, you know can’t go wrong with either one of them and that’s just off customer service and that’s.

What i want, i want to sort of put out there to everybody a lot of times. You know we buy things from these places. These stores, you know these stores don’t, actually make you know the product, but as far as basically um getting the product, you know from the manufacturer, to your hand, for a good price having to deal with any little nuances and stuff and the store basically stepping in As the middleman and straightening everything out, you know, that’s that’s we got ta, get some of these stores a lot of their props some of these business owners. We i get them, they props and stuff. You know and it’s cool to say you know a this company. You know that’s more of a corporate company – hey, you know great great thumbs up for them, but let’s let’s give props to the the smaller business owners. You know the ones that’s not super super super duper global got 15 000 stores in every country. You know the ones that they got a a home base and then they try to service the world. You know let’s give props to them because i know that’s that’s, a daunting task, so huge shout out to absolute hobbies huge shout out to uh amr engines with that being said, i’ve opened the box, but i haven’t really looked in the box. So let’s go with it. Wow it’s greatly packaged up all right. Nothing in there, so yeah see got another one and that’s what this is right here, let that focus in so that’s what this is get this open straight off the top.

This is what i’m talking about straight off the top give your hair shim clearance and everything you know you can’t beat that man packaged up nice got your ami engine stickers in there comes with 6.5 7.5 millimeter of intruries okay, so i got a .63 millimeter head Stack for the uh head, shim clearance factory, so i got this one um all bath broken for me. Appreciate you over there amr and look at that beauty. Just look at it. Would you just look at it? Just look at it, man, beautiful beautiful engine, no signature! Little signature, signature and lights case back plate. I can see the o ring here. Button on there let’s see what if we got money here, i can get it all. Okay, so it comes with three ventures: got a seven millimeter in there i’m gon na see if y’all could see in there let’s see. If i get some light there we go, i would say a long low end needle, but this is one of more like one of those um like medium longs because say, if you put, if you pulled it all the way open, as you can see, you know It does come out once it’s all the way open, but at this point you know the tip is still in the barrel and everything in the spray bar, but i would i guess you could still consider that a long low end let’s see hold on one.

Second, let me break this down and be right back all right. Y’All i’m back hey, i just got ta, say man, great quality, great quality, and this is a seven port y’all so that you see it on the head. Seven port and that’s gon na go along with the one i showed y’all. You know before in the last video the optima tiger. So this is the v4 case that’s the v5 case. You know pretty similar, just different insignia and stuff on the side of the case, but this is a 5 port. Like i said, this is going to be a 7 port ceramic red bearing you can see the factory working there look on the exhaust, so that’s the block that’s a ceramic bearing japanese front bearing and i will be sending this to amr. I will be sending this one to get all bath broken and stuff cleaned up and everything and that’s the head monitor minor low cg. They just mailed out. You know this bottom fan black and gold, just like the other one hold up one. Two three: four: five: six: seven, seven fans on this one, just like the other one. I guess at the end of this video i’m gon na set them side by side and see which one is: has the lower cg let’s see dlc coated, crank, drilled and filled adrian abi adrian burton influence two slugs a little cut right there beveled a little bit From factory up there pretty large hole nice little cup right there that’s the crank here’s the piston bypass port got the dimple little hole for the order.

Get down to the bush, then get up to the pin so that’s the piston go with the button here. O ring button head sim stack api craft like slope on the combustion chamber, drop that drop, that tool here’s the sleeve it’s that important so y’all know how mine has been y’all seen enough videos, i don’t know how my hands be shaky, looks good, looks nice and Good so that’s that in the back plate now y’all remember my last video i said on that tiger engine. It was off me, get the back plate off and stuff, and what i was talking about is this cross section right here, it’s so thin, because it’s milled out, you know on all four sides on the back plate of the tiger engine, where there’s really no place To grip to try to twist and pull it off, but didn’t have that problem with this one bam reds and alpha ain’t, the only ones that got it. I don’t know if y’all can see it see. If i can see the hole, see the two holes at the ends of the circle, that’s in my circle, see if i can a little bit better there you go so it’s got that back plate on there that backplate mod that we’ll be talking about the brightness Seem to be about the top of the town and stuff but here’s another option that has that backplate mod on there, so just want to shoot that you know hold on one second and um.

Let me get this back together and i’m gon na put it side by side with the tiger engine as promised. You know i got them back together. I just want, you know, show you the difference in head height, so both of them are like. I said basically both of them the same block. Pretty much um only difference is the heads. You know that’s them back to back and you can see where this one is milled a little bit more, because i think they milled it up to the second fan, which they only made this first fender on the inside on the performer. This is the tiger. This is the performer. You can see, see the difference right here. So the tiger is, you know, a little bit lower cg, both of my milled out as far as in the fans got holes in the fans and everything those holes right there. You see those holes in this one, but you can see similar. You know blocks and everything back plates is different. Carb is the same. Let’S go to over the differences. Um head is different, cranks are different. Um and back plate is different and different, sleeves five port, seven port, seven port with a little bit of work. Five port. Pretty basic um, the crank is different. This one has the uh the round crank with the the holes and the counterbalance. This is more your typical crank um, this back plate, you know, has the boost ports.

This one doesn’t um, like i said in the heads you know this one’s milled down further than this one that’s it y’all i’m gon na, be sending this one out to amr. You know get a basic cleanup or bath breaking i’m about to start running this one. All right, so that being said, let me get these things together, stay up a little bit. That being said, i’ll highlight y’all on the next one.