I don’t know how much battery i have on my camera. I brought two double a’s out here. I don’t know if they’re, if i need more or if those are even good batteries at this point, um i’ve already opened it, but i haven’t seen the car, so it looks like it came in blue, a different color and different type of packaging than here is Our screwdriver to unscrew the batteries right here, um too hard to get off. I don’t think all right. There we go now. The car is actually not the biggest, but i think it can get around our little crawling trap go ahead and show them the track. So i think it’s good enough here is the controller very plasticky, but forward to reverse um. There is oh on and off and then that’s where you put the batteries in so yeah. I think you only need two and then you can also switch this over kinda there’s. These i’m, not going to mess with those here is the car now the suspension. Oh, this is nice. That’S, nice suspension, it’s. Actually, one of the nicest toy grades i’ve ever had all the trash will be thrown away, but let’s get our two batteries. I think it only takes two, i hope so, but first the same thing on and off switch down in here a screwdriver works for the car and the remote control radios never done a review video ever so. Maybe this, where you guys like this so yeah, just unscrewing the this here, so the i’ll see you guys whenever it’s unscrewed, all right, guys, uh, we got data, see how easy it is to pop this out.

Okay, now uh, this goes until there. This is also a bigger battery pack than what it showed. So maybe they’ve just upgraded this, because in the pictures, whenever you ordered it, it was a very small battery which you guys saw in the video, if you guys have seen that yet i don’t think anyone’s watched it yet. But it depends on when you’re seeing this video so yeah and i’ll catch you guys whenever the this is screwed on all right guys, but here’s. One thing i didn’t show you finish that the charger pretty nice charger usb plug it into a little box um. Now i need to unscrew this but yeah like i said this is right now right handed which i’m right handed um and this you can push it over to the left side. I don’t know how oh yeah, you have to unscrew that but i’m right handed so i’m not going to really show you guys that okay guys, so this battery turned out to be triple a. I didn’t pay attention to that. But yes, it takes double a’s. I don’t even know if these batteries are uh used or not yet, but the truck doesn’t give you a sign that it’s turned on um. I don’t know if the controller does either, but it also has a tiny screw to easily lose so i’m going to put that right. On top of the box never mind it just fell off it’s right here somewhere i saw where it landed, but yeah um.

So whenever the other battery is here good news, i found the screw yeah but here’s the truck. I think it looks pretty cool. I mean it’s metal body uh, the only like most of it’s metal and look at that’s, good and uh that’s. The only thing that i think will be bad about it uh that well the grip now some people well, whoever made this i don’t think knew what wasn’t really a like. The tires are soft kind of, but they’re not really really soft because, like you have to give it quite the amount of pressure, but if you squeeze it enough, it will eventually get used and flattened out yeah not easier to squeeze but yeah. You just have that’s the only thing downside that flat tires on your knee flat tires on a crawler but yeah i mean it’s got four two motors for both axles. So yeah i mean that’s the box it comes in. I mean it came in this for me. So yeah i mean it’s exactly what i not exactly what i was expecting because the battery like this big of a battery. It was like that big in the picture, so i mean yeah because it was literally one of these. It was that big in the picture. Oh yeah, all right guys. The rc is on Music, reverse, steering, not bad for a little toy grade cool hold on. I need to get my cameraman over here guys.

It literally just got up this really big rock let’s see if it will do it again. It went backwards, dang it. I wish. I got that on camera, i literally just got it over the rock all right, guys: i’m gon na test it ooh. I made it up that part. Okay, it’s gon na be kind of hard to do this. I’M, not going to make the crawler look any better than what it is. Let’S take off a little bit of the rock sticks, but i did make this track for hobby grade. So, okay, that helps yeah that’s the thing the motor’s kind of low. So you got ta hit all this stuff at an angle that motor gets stuck on these rocks. I think i things the pictures were bragging about how the motor was like right there, but that’s actually kind of a bad thing, because now it’s stopping it from falling, go how about you go on this thing, that’s, just an extra piece of the track, because that That was really narrow before yeah. You can see right there that gets caught on the rocks like that Music. Here we go, but now let’s take it to this hill Music, and they just took off this piece right here and like moved it back a little or put the wheels more in front of the motor that’d be a lot better, but it is a good little Toy grader, i mean i want to call it completely.

I mean it at this part of the hill, but you got ta remember it might be able to do that with a little bit more power, because this battery i didn’t charge it. I just used it with how much battery it had 30 bucks. I mean you get your money’s worth so i mean, i think, it’s a good price. The grass doesn’t seem to affect its speed at all, so yeah hold on.