Welcome back to channel, welcome back to rc vlog, guys i’ve gotten a whole bunch of cool stuff. The past few weeks – and i haven’t showed any of you guys so today, we’re gon na go over some of the things that i got from pnb uh. Also, i got a new car and you guys actually voted on this car, but i won’t reveal that to the end. But i got a whole bunch of stuff in the mail too. So we’re just gon na go over some of the really cool things that i got recently and yeah. I just want to show you guys because it’s freaking awesome all right. We got a whole bunch of cool stuff. So look i got my camera pointing down. So you guys get the full effect. You can see up close of what i got we’re actually opening a package. Today too, i i don’t know what’s in it um it should be pretty fun, but nonetheless let’s dive right into it. First things. First, this beast. Look at this – oh, this is beautiful. This is the traxxas udr 3d printed car stand, so you guys are probably thinking it’s, just a car stand. Well, if anyone has adr, they know that one of the crappiest things about the not the one of the crappy, the weird thing about the udr is you can’t put it on an actual car stand because it sits all weird like in order for you to get It to balance you have to put it where the drive shaft hits the car stand, so it kind of leans forward or leans back it’s all jacked up, but see this slit right here.

This slit enables you to lay the udr down on it perfectly fine. It sits perfectly flush. This thing is awesome. I’Ve already started use using this. This was given to me uh by a subscriber. His name is billy big, shout out to billy thanks a lot buddy um. It was 3d printed and look at how beautiful this thing is. It is just i’ll show you under it. It’S super nice. Super sturdy definitely have i’ve been actually eyeballing. This i don’t have a 3d printer. I was going to ask on a 3d print it for me. Um but billy beat me to it and he he dropped it off to me at pnb, big thanks to billy again, but man. This thing is awesome, so this is the traxxas udr. The car stand. Oh man, i don’t have like i don’t, even know where the 3d i don’t even know where to look for 3d printing blueprints are or anything, nor do i know where they sell these. But yes, this thing is freaking awesome all right up. Next, i got something that another subscriber brought me while i was at pnb i’ve, been talking to subscriber a lot about uh motor fans and engine fans or motor fans and esc fans, and he gave me some of these. These are game. Changer rc fans guys check these fans out. These fans are insane uh, it’s it’s such a hardcore fan that, like literally guys, you could probably use this as like a band to fan you off like at your pit, stand, it blows so hard, it’s, pretty cool it hooks directly up to a 3s battery which We’Ll do now i brought a 3s battery here and then you just plug it in directly to your 3s battery whoa.

Oh my gosh. It blows so much air, so much air wow that’s blowing like crazy. These fans turn a whole crap to an air and obviously it’s it’s bigger it’s a little bit deeper. So let me turn them off, so you guys can hear a little bit better it’s a little bit deeper. So you it like the application that you put it on and the car you put it on is gon na have to be able to fit them, but i am confident that if you get this fan on a car, it is definitely gon na keep it cool. These are the game, changer fans. I think you can get them on ebay, i’ll, try to find the link and put in link in the description below, but these fans are freaking awesome. Look the gc like one more time because they’re so cool holy smokes, guys that’s blowing up. Look at that like blowing a crazy amount of air holy smokes you’re awesome. So yes, these are the game, changer fans. I got these recently. I don’t know what i’m going to put them on uh. Probably my x, maxx that’s, probably what i put them on, but yeah it’s got a nice little connector, so game, changer fans, super cool got this recently at pnb. Let’S put these back in here: here’s the uh the case there game, changer, rc, look an f1 car in the front, pretty cool all right! Next thing i got this is um kind of so this is a little different.

Uh i’ll just show you. So i got this stuff out at pnb. This is vp power wash, so i used to have a lot of this vp power wash back in the day when i ran for vp whenever i was running a lot of uh nitro stuff, but they changed the formula. So apparently it’s better, and i can tell you that it’s better, so what this is a really, what a good a good way to use. This is if you’re going to an rc race and between rounds, you don’t want to do like a full cleaning, and you just want it to just clean it off. So it’s clean four rounds before around like a qualifier or whatever perfect, like basically, i use this after every time. I ran on the track because i like my car to be clean, especially because a lot of people will walk by and check my cars out or just walk by and check cars out in general, and i want my car to be super clean. So again, this is a new formula. I started using this stuff again, it’s really really cool and it works really really well now, it’s, not a substitute, for you know doing a full washing where you’re you know doing the whole simple, green and wd 40 thing uh, but it is a good quick, wash Um at races between races but yeah, good stuff, really like it vp power, wash big thanks to vp uh for reaching out to me.

They basically came over and said: hey try this out and i tried it out. I liked it a lot and i bought some and got some more so super cool, vp power wash good stuff i’ll, put a link in description below for this stuff all right. Lastly, we got this box. I got this box in the other day in the mail um. This is my address is on this box, but guys, i know you guys like to reach out to me like hey your address is on here. This is actually my mailing address. If you guys want to send me stuff so and yes, my mailbox is mailbox 69. I did not pick that out. I just got the mailbox and that’s what it is so let’s open it up. Let’S make sure we open it up on top um. Maybe this is the top. It looks like there’s a battery in here. I kind of have an idea what this is, because the person who sent it kind of reached out to me, but there wasn’t that much engagement or conversation. I said that i would open it on air and we can see what it is. Ooh jen’s ace charger. Look at this. This is a hundred watt 100 watt, smart balance, imars imrs, 3 charger us. This looks cool let’s, see what it looks like inside let’s open this up, ooh wow, i mean look how sleek and sharp this charger looks and it’s small, very solid charger.

100 watts see how many amps oh look there’s like a little a little. I guess this is a uh. Oh there we go so we can stand up like so see, what’s in the box. Maybe i’ll take this this uh charger to the next race with me. I think that would be cool check. This stuff out let’s see what kind of connections oh look. Finally, it came with all the connections. That’S, really nice let’s see. The connections on the side looks like you need um. These are xt xt60s, yeah xd60s and you actually a lot of the chargers are going. This route, where you have this connector to for the the actual battery connectors um, it looks like you need xc90s, but it’s cool, because it actually xd60s it’s cool because it actually comes with them. Some of the chargers that need xt60s, don’t come with them, looks like it has a usb charger, your balancer there and then it’s an ac charge. That means you do not have to plug it into a power supply. Let’S turn this thing on see. It looks like here’s your connector here i will say this charger is sharp it’s, very aesthetically pleasing i mean look at it. It’S got nice like brushed metal on the back nice pretty front facing thing. It sits up which is kind of cool it. Doesn’T just sit on its back let’s see. I will put a link. I will find the link and put a link in the description below for these.

Oh nice let’s see the different settings. We have looks like it charges at 5, amps we’ll do 6s. I, like it it’s very clean, very sleek, super cool charger. I will try this out test this thing out and let everyone know how it performs for me. I think this is perfect for a charger that i need to just set in my house or on my desk, and if i need to charge something really quick it’s got a nice, it’s got good features and it doesn’t charge super fast, so it’s safe to charge Inside the house, so super cool charger – very, very nice love it all right and, lastly, the car that i got at pnb again. You guys voted for this. I asked you guys what car you wanted me to buy. I wanted to support those hobby shops out there. So i bought one but without further ado check this thing out: oh man, the punisher, the team, corelli punisher, so i think it’s, a cool car right i’m excited about it, but i’m kind of not excited about it because there’s, no one that really supports team crowley Around here in regards to part support, but nonetheless we’re gon na find out what these cars are all about. I have never owned one before in my entire life. I have no idea what to expect. I kind of have an idea what to expect i’m expecting it to be very similar to like the older armas, because look it looks super similar to an older armor.

Even those tires the colors. They look very similar, let’s flip this around here. Yes, my vortex and wrestler back there anyways check this out pretty standard stuff. Yes, we did get to sing. I will be doing an unboxing and i’ll be doing a full review on this soon, but i’ve got so many other cars in line. I still have to finish the vortex, build the ultimate four wheel, drive rustler and then i also bought remember on the live feed. I opened up the bandit. I still got to drive the bandit, so i am all backed up on car reviews right now, but we’re doing cool stuff too. I mean we’re going to big races and yeah. I can’t pass those up. We got a whole bunch of events coming so i’m. Just going to do it whenever i got time, but man, the punisher that body, oh, that body, looks sick. Typically, i don’t really recommend getting anything with a black body because it’s hard to see, especially at night, but in this case i mean look at it, looks like a freaking charger, not a charger. A challenger is that a challenger or charger kind of challenger charger ish.