So, for the sake of me keeping my instant reactions, i haven’t opened this yet um still sealed all this off banger that’s, all i’m gon na say so someone’s been into a little bit there. Now, as you know, i have an rc monster truck already buggy. I have an rc micro cooler there’s, one thing which i’m missing from my arsenal: let’s crack him open, that’s all i’m going to show you so far guys. So far i see wpl the box as as normally is with banggood it’s. Really big battered uh someone’s clearly been in it because the original tape has been broken as long as it’s. Still here i don’t care. Oh it’s, all in pieces, nice wheels, oh they’re, so nice and shuffled they’re really nice wheels ties, i mean so yeah guys got a new crawler, so guys so far. First, impressions super impressed with this let’s start building it because i have been waiting too long to do this. We’Re gon na do we’re just gon na cut a bit of these spring off. Um kind of uh, hopefully dampen the suspension of it because um i looked at videos online and it does seem like the suspension, is a bit solid. So we just cut a few coils off it. Nothing much just literally this much but that’s going to help because that’s going to be um it’s just going to make it a bit a bit softer Music, guys i’ve got to mention, but also for this truck.

I bought these steel drive shafts for it center ones because apparently they break and it was tenor on ebay, so i’d pick them up fit them later: Music, Music, so Music, all right! So what i did here, i packed the axles full of grease as much greasing as i possibly can, because in the future i am going to be driving through water and i’ll just keep some of the water out of the gears, at least for long enough. Until i end up taking it to pieces and rebuilding the axles, all right guys, so we got the crawler out on a track sort of thing and we’re gon na see what it can do. Assembled nice it’s all working pretty. Well, i think let’s see what we can do with it now let’s see if we can pull it back up. First real world test, oh straight up kind of as you can see, we have had some snow, so that’s, always cool nice and slow and controlled. As you can see, that’s a really steep angle, ah take down oh and the battery fell out. Don’T worry, put it back in just like let’s go, oh that’s, one thing that i’ve noticed about it. Every time it rolls over the traction pulls out. How can it make it up? The hill let’s see lovely, slow, controlled speed, squeak going on somewhere, but don’t matter. Can you make it up the final obstacle? Let’S see? Oh, oh, i just made it beautiful now.

Can we make it back down again Music? Maybe not the most grippy wheels in the world but see if you didn’t job for me quite fine, so jag break rather i mean so look it’s staying beautifully still on this angle, and this is a really steep slope let’s see. Can it make it down? Look how controlled that is now getting stuck beautifully, slow, controlled speeds, as you can see, the wheels are properly full of clean out through you, can’t make it all the way up. I don’t blame it. Not even a single bit of wheel spin. Look how easy that’s getting oh, oh bit, of a wheel spin at the end made it let’s try it! This is a lot more clay and a much steeper incline made it uneasy and i’ll kind of make it up easy, oh, beautifully, slow, controlled, speed, glow! Music! Look at that Music. Oh, look at those wheels, absolutely full of mud covered in it, lovely slow, speed, nice and controlled. Oh, is it gon na make it up no wheel spins? Yet, oh, oh, i think it’s. I think the wheels were a bit heavy for it. Oh look at that. Oh look at that. Look at that! Look at that! Oh! Is he gon na summon it? Oh, i made it geez it’s really steep guys let’s see. Can it go down nice and controlled as well? Look at that. Look at that lovely, slow speed, already plenty of power.

This is where a bit of weight in the front end oh we’re, on the wheels we’re on wheels. Oh there we go. Oh we made up. We went up. We ready up lovely Music we’re. Already testing it: okay, guys! If you enjoyed this video with my brand new or uh wplc 14 shark, i hope you enjoyed it. Give us a thumbs up subscribe and don’t. Forget we’ve got a massive goal of 1000 subscribers by the end of this year.