We have different models. Well, they’re all the same car just different body covers and other things like that, but the engines are the same. The way you turn it on is the same, but they do not come with a front light. This one comes with the front light it’s a really cool, rc car. You can go 26 miles per hour. Here is the uh body cover, as you can see, uh it comes with an extra tire which was mounted onto the back of right. Here i took it out from orion dynamics and uh the lights up. Here i took them out from mario dynamics, and also it comes with two extra batteries no actually comes with two batteries: one extra uh here’s, the charger you can plug it into a usb cord uh. You can plug it into your regular phone charger, an adapter uh into a computer. It comes with two extra bolts uh, and it comes with a wrench in case. You need to replace a tire or tighten some stuff. It comes with two extra two extra pins to mount the body on uh. The the battery pack is right here, the lights you have uh, well, the top lights, it’s, really easy and but the front light. These two are a pain to put back in uh. Basically, right here, you just have to put it in if you can even right there, you have to put the front lights in if you want to put the top lights if uh i’m gon na put my camera mount uh, because i put my camera mount up Here before and this car goes super fast now, let me introduce you to the controller.

The controller takes three double a batteries, uh steering you have proportional steering and proportional throttle backwards forwards backwards. The left right uh, it has multiple buttons here. This is the on off button uh right here, these two uh, this one is for the throttle. Basically uh. You can switch the way so basically right now it’s on normal. So basically you go forwards. It actually goes like regularly goes forward like this and backwards like this, but this one it does it backwards that to go forward. You have to push up like where you’re going backwards and to push forwards to go backwards, but i’ll just rather keep it on normal same thing, with the steering same thing uh, you can see these three knobs. I had steering trim uh to make the wheels more straight when you’re driving so go straight, throttle trim in case you want in case uh you’re in case uh. Somebody else is going to drive it like uh like a beginner. This is a really good beginner rc car, because you can even change the speed mode like the lowest. It goes pretty slow and but uh, but when you have it on number 10, it goes really fast, like a 20 more than 20 miles per hour. Here is the steering trim, so how much you want it to turn when you are decision all right tell you that uh, how much you this is how this is for how much you wanted to turn right now i have a number 10, which the sharpest turns You can make, but uh rather have a number 10 for a steering trim.

I have it on number one because that’s uh, where it will order those year everything. I have basically have these two on number 10, this one. I keep it on number one, because you know thing will go left or right, you’re going forwards, uh that’s pretty much it. Let me just turn on the rc car, so i can show you how it looks and you have it on oh yeah and also one more thing: uh, every five, every 15 to 10 minutes. You have to let the motor cool down for a little bit, because the motor will get way too hot and and it might start to smoke, uh here’s the battery i’m gon na about to plug it in to it get a car for it. Turn on the car, as you can see, the proportional steering is a little bit or a lot it’s, a really nice rc car, a really fast uh. The shocks really feel super good. I mean they’re, really good it’s uh good for mountain climbing, like a small rocks like a small rocks. Uh, try not to drive it through the sand because uh there is some uh like a magnetic rocks in the sand. Every all sand has magnetic rocks in the sand which will get into the engine and bust the engine. So i would not rather do that uh off roading is pretty good as long as you don’t go in the sand or uh most of the time.

One tire. If it’s, if uh there’s like a rock that’s half away, it can go up it if it’s at full speed, uh the shocks, they’ll work and but if it’s on one tire, only sometimes it’ll, just uh it’ll just stop the tire and then and then it’ll just Be all three only three wheels uh when you flip the rc car, you have to flip it back that’s. All i got ta show you so uh that’s uh today’s review thanks for watching uh i’m gon na take this to uh to uh the graph i’m gon na. Take this to us i’m gon na go. Do some i’m gon na go.