That was good. That was the best cringe office reference kind of so i think it’s. Is it faster thrasher or is it bathroom, crasher bashful thrasher? I think i think so. Okay, here we go. This is the punisher. We were very impressed by our very first team i’m, not going to say it, because this is the first time in rc history. Where rally, i don’t feel so bad about not knowing how to pronounce the name coralie corley co rally ever since we did those first couple: videos of the first team, coralie that’s, what i’m going to say or co rally code co release really correlating. We heard like 10 new ways of how to some people said yeah backwards. We can say punisher, i can say punisher there’s, no denying this is the punisher it’s just funny, because popeye come on you, okay, he’s down there chewing on his tree. This is a 6s monster truck brushless, of course, and it’s mine. We were very impressed with the buggy, which was say the name say the name, radix or radix. I think most people said radix that’s. Another thing it’s just funny that everybody’s no one was in a negative way, all at all like saying you know how to say it or whatever. I think, there’s, just a lot of confusion. I don’t think there’s a lot of team, whatever fanboys out there like hardcore fanboys that are like. Are there? No, so far from what i can tell it’s very like supportive, like people that are getting into this brand, i think want to see it grow and do well and so i’ve even noticed on their facebook page.

The people that comment there seem to be pretty positive. In the ground vehicle world that’s very refreshing, i have learned that this company did kind of establish themselves in the racing world. I thought it was 1980 something – and i thought it was uk based, but i don’t think that’s exactly right, but the point is now they’re. Getting into the bashing world and they had like a round one of their vehicles and they had some known issues but they’re on their strong version, two of a lot of vehicles and i believe, the punisher here’s. What we have is their newest vehicle in the lineup and from what i have seen online. I was very impressed. So after we had that buggy, i thought we need to get back into this and uh see like a true fashion. This could possibly be like the big flagship rc i mean it’s, pretty insane when you’ve gone the throttle and uh – and i know new car it’s crazy. It looks good i’ll, let you do the honors of peeling that off, but it is dibs, and i found this one too. I found the brand oh let’s pop right off. No, what popped that off the body i took the body clips off. Oh, i see okay it’s, like the plastics ran through the body. This video before we before we drool and salivate too much over the rfc, is sponsored by buffalo dip. My favorite snack guys, this stuff is delicious.

I’Ve been operated by a small family here and if you want to support them, they’ll be linked in the description box below we have an exclusive rc sailor, promo code, where you can save, i think it’s, five percent yep on your order, use it use the promo Code order, some it’s, really good stuff support the good family back to the punisher. You know what i really like about this vehicle it’s, a pretty unique look to it. I love that black and yellow it’s got like a black and gray and yellow theme, and it does not look. I don’t know how unique it is, but the black is pretty cool, bright, yellow. If you really want to get down to brass tacks, how unique is any vehicle with four wheels a motor, an esc, a steering, servo receiver? I mean a person on the outside. Looking in could okay all right right here again, i get it and just looking a person on the outside looking in could say that every rc vehicle is the same yep. So i think there’s enough uniqueness here, but it’s pretty obvious. You know who they’re kind of designed after, but i i do think that this one is the most unique that i’ve seen and i like it. I really like the way it looks. Let’S take a look underneath. It does feel like there’s a little bit of reinforcing on the body. That’S cool you’ve got these two little uh shields, or these like skids, yeah that’s on top that’s, going to help a lot, because if you flip upside down, instead of scratching a hole into your body, that’s going to save your body, i really like that.

I also like these body clip savers on here, so you pull those off you’re, not i’ve lost body clips or you just pulled off. You just want to unplug the battery and you lose it in the gravel or the dirt. You know you guys have literally gotten annoyed, though that’s happened to us and sent us like little zip, tie ones and stuff little little body clip savers with zip ties. Yes, you can like find them better, yeah, okay, so just like our buggy, this has the option to run a single battery or two batteries. We have converters for our batteries. I got a couple converters, so we’re we’re really transitioning a lot of our collection to success. Exactly same thing, i was on 8s even ate us. We could do that yeah, so we’d be set. I highly recommend that if you’re not good at soldering, they make little converters. So these are xt90, which i think is a very good choice of a battery connector. For this, but let’s be honest, you know we run a lot of things that have an ic 5 connector or an ec5 connector. They make converters that are just a few bucks and you, if you have the right battery, can buy just one converter and then you can run whatever batteries you have in this vehicle. So bear that in mind. The motor on here is actually pretty big and i feel like it’s big for the scale of vehicle that it is like that is just a really really beefy motor look at that guys, i’m sure you can see that that is sweet.

This chassis also has those clips up here too. Oh yeah, like the last one there’s like these little clips on the front that hold the body in slightly annoying, takes a little bit longer to put your body on, but when you’re running it, when you run it it’s nice that’s right, the shocks are massive. I think this just looks like a really good. Well, rounded basher! I mean i’m excited to drive this thing. If there was any confusion on that little jump there, our camera started to overheat. Just a little bit filming in 4k is not easy on um on the equipment, so we’re going to take a look at the radio and it is my truck. You did just get two really cool ones and i’m i’m pumped about this, and i was hoping at least it matches that’s right, okay, okay, it matches. I was saying i was hoping it would be this radio, because now it does not match yeah good for them. So i think when they designed this radio, they designed it to go with the punisher. I hope so it looks good and it did find when we took our um little radix out the name it did well, it just felt good when i was driving it. Actually, we did a really cool slow motion. Ram shot is that on our shorts channel now we have a very cool shot to show you guys and check out our our shorts channel it’s, just called the rc sailors, shorts we’re, getting really close to 5 000 subscribers it’s on instagram, and it just got a Nice ramp in slow motion and bashed through the ice uh, and you know we were driving it with this radio and it just feels good.

It feels like a good radio and it’s in your hands. You know we don’t love the uh, yellow rubber handle back here, because it’s just going to get dirty and show that dirt really really fast. But it does feel good in your hands. So i think if they just made that black same color as the radio that’d be a much better choice, it’s just it would look better with all their cars yeah. Okay, some people like to poke a little bit of fun of us when we focus on how things talk about the color choices here and the body clips. Let’S talk about the body clips for a little while Music it’s, okay, there was a youtube channel that did that like six years ago, they were double our size and they made fun of us for uh talking about the body clips and how something looked. And now we are much bigger than them, so negative nancies, you know just don’t, be so don’t, be such a sourpuss it’s kind of neat, just just a little bragging moment right there, oh we’re allowed to do that. Sometimes you know that has happened with how when we first started, i can think of about three channels that made fun of us and then we passed them within like a year and it was always a goal for us. If a channel like reached out – and you know, try to make fun of us because we like to talk about the color of a vehicle which or mispronounce something or whatever publicly make fun of us and we didn’t do anything back, we just said we just ignored It we we need to be bigger than them, and we are thanks to you guys.

Well, you know viewers can tell when someone is a negative nancy. The viewers don’t want to listen to that drama, and so just thank you for supporting us. Yeah very much reminded me of that anytime. We talk about that stuff, i think back when we started our channel and how much hate we got from like the youtubers just for being different youtubers for being different. It was like, and now they all copy us yeah and what you guys should look at like thumbnails, how many of them we decided to go with one look, even somebody that’s bigger than us now like they basically copied us elements of us, but not everything, because They’Re, not family friendly. You know that’s one thing that most people don’t copy and whatever that’s that’s on you. It doesn’t mean you’ll uh. It doesn’t always hold you back there’s a couple people that are huge. The amount of people are like that are like vrc, something everybody that’s pretty cool. That was, we were the original to do that. Vrc blah yeah, i think so. It’S, pretty cool, just it’s um change is okay, that’s kind of what i think we’re saying some people don’t like change, and we got to experience that someone asked us recently. Would you guys do a video where you talk about like when you start your youtube channel? We used to do these q and a videos all the time. Oh yeah, we can do a q, a we don’t do that anymore.

You guys want a q, a it’s been a long long time like two years or so. If we, if we get like an overwhelming amount of questions in in this video, because that means these people watched to the end and unboxing, they like us enough to ask a question. If they ask so, if there’s an overwhelming amount of like questions, maybe i’ll do like a community post or something something where we answer some or no, where that, where everybody can have an opportunity, if there’s an overwhelming amount of people, then you’ll want a q. A just tell us or ask a question for the four q: a just make sure you say this is for a q, a good yeah, then uh, maybe we’ll do yeah there’s a lot there’s so much stuff about the rc sailors that goes on behind the scenes That we filter from you guys there’s just a lot of drama behind the scenes. You know we’ve even seen some of the biggest youtubers out there just air their dirty laundry out in front of the world just unnecessarily we’ll just say it that way unnecessarily. They need to happen, and you know people have tried to do that with us and we just drama comes at us and we’re like boom. Get out of here get out here. We don’t need none of that. I think that’s the way to be but there’s. So much stuff there’s, so much stuff, it’s crazy, but we, you know the hobby should just be about this one thing and that’s this and that it’s fun and nate likes buffalo dips.

What else is this? I like buffalo yeah you like what’s wrong when you’re. Well, our camera already did i had a bunch we’re grateful guys, we’re, just a couple of goobers that um decided to share a hobby together and when we started it, we had. I told abby and it’d, be really cool. If this whole youtube thing could like pay. Our internet, we wanted to just pay our internet bill, you know, and that was our goal and and not we didn’t do it to pay the internet bill. It was just like that’d, be cool, it’d, be cool, it might, they might get there someday, and you know over a long time, i’m talking years, it finally did get that point: life’s, crazy, life’s, crazy. We just wanted to find a hobby. We could share together, and this just was awesome. It was a perfect way for me to like tinker with something because i like video games. So you know i like to do things with my hands and stay busy all the time and you wanted to do something where we Laughter or we went outside right. We wanted some fresh air together yep, so we landed on this and we kind of like always had something to work up to. We started with ground vehicles. I want to eventually get you to fly a plane. Now you can fly a plane, pretty good, and you know we there’s always a new goal. You can work on in this hobby that’s.

Why it’s so awesome so we’re grateful and for all this progress and the channel growth and starting from zero to where it is now literally starting from zero to where it is now? I just want to thank god for eight years of awesomeness on youtube and just having fun with rc’s and sharing it with you guys and a massive thanks to our patreon supporters, because you guys allowed us to grow even faster and uh. You must have seen something on our channel back. You know when we started that patreon page, some of you guys have been supporting us since, like day one and so we’re very grateful for that. I mean very grateful. It’S it’s, crazy um. How lucky we are! Thank you. This vehicle will be linked in the description box below be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell, because we’re going to do a speed run with this. So if you want to see it running, make sure the notification bell is on don’t, miss it, and i will bash this. I promise we’re working on some bashing stuff coming in and i’m fingers crossed very excited and uh we’ll have another team, coralie corrally. Who really did video, probably the speed run of the buggy, which was absolutely amazing, very surprising how fast it went and how easy it was to control that video is popping up right about now.