Four recently, i reviewed the one two four on the channel and i hate to say, like six numbers in a string, but um these have numbers for their names instead of an actual name. It would be nice if they’d name these something come up with something original that we can find on. Google it’s, not that hard numbers are kind of hard to remember, and you want to make some cool association with your rc car right. You want it to be called like the kraken or something fun. So you know chinese companies, they name things odd things, but uh we’re gon na run this car. Today it is a brand new car that’s just coming out from wl toys. It is the big brother to the one two four which came out on my channel a while back to huge hits around a hundred dollars around 120 for the ready to run combo. That one is smaller, is 1 12 scale. This one is 1 10 scale, so it’s more of a scale that you can find extra wheels and things for. So, if you’re looking for something that you can find more parts easily for this, one is probably going to be more universal as far as putting new wheels and tires on there. So i would recommend this one. It is running also the same power system on there. It has a 550 brushed motor and don’t. Let brushed motor fool you, because this baby is fast, and so is the one two four one two four was doing.

Like 40 foot jumps off these berms uh and it’s crazy. This one is doing around 20 foot jumps and about half the distance, but it is bigger and heavier, and still just as durable and that’s. The good thing about this review is that this car came back still working after about a week of driving this car. So i usually keep things for about a week and then i post the review after i’ve experienced it not just the same day review and get it up and be the first guy on the internet. So let’s go ahead and take this out. But before we do make sure you do subscribe on the channel and make a comment down below because we’re doing a giveaway in june coming up, if you comment, let me know where you’re from in this video you will be entered automatically for our random. Drawing coming up so one lucky winner is going to get this free ship to your front door. A brand new insta 360 go brand new in the package and a flywheel firefly hexacopter, so check those out. Those are going to be free to one of my lucky. Subscribers so uh we’ll announce the drawing i’ll, let you know when it’s just going to drop one day on the channel, so you have to subscribe. So you know when the video giveaway winner is going to be announced, so let’s go ahead outside now. Let’S do some ripping with the 104 and we’ll, come back and check it out on the bench here we go all right, guys, let’s do some more jumps.

Let’S do some big jumps here that other battery is super hot. So if you’re running this car man watch out for that that battery will get super hot full throttle, oh almost made it out over, there almost made it to the dirt pile. But again i don’t have any broken links. Yet now i was running this car over. In my neighborhood for the first time and i had a link pop off just like right, close to the house like just kind of playing around and i’m, not sure what the deal was, but it seemed like. I was doing less than what i’m doing now. Like now i’m putting way more punishment, giving it way more punishment than what i did. Oh super hardcore, big speed, big speed, big speed, yeah buddy did i make it to the sand pile over there, tough times, tough car, freaking, ripper dude, all right, oh straight. On that front, bumper, too much of an incline on that other side there or i just don’t – know how to drive so it’s. Probably what it is. I just don’t know what the hell i’m doing all right here we go whoa dude. This thing is crazy fun. I kept around this big berm dude. It throws a rooster, tail serious, rooster, tail heck yeah. I like that incline right. There that’s a pretty good transition, oh right on top of itself, not that so i haven’t even thrown a link, yet it’s super fun to drive.

I think i’m, getting like 20 minutes on a battery nice now i’m, getting the hang of it. Oh i got it. I had a stick stuck in there and it was making funny noise all right here. We go full throttle. Oh i’m, spinning out let’s come back around come on baby, come on baby let’s go let’s, go, oh, i think we’re somewhere near the end of this battery, maybe, but it just seems to keep going up on the berm full throttle back this way. Music, heck yeah landed it dude. This thing is crazy. Durable let’s try this one over here. You guys want to do this. One won’t be able to get as much speed, but oh yeah, like busting, rocks out of the way. This thing does not care heck. Yeah. All right, you guys here we go full throttle. Oh, like came off the top of the berm and like hit the back wheel. Flipped up in the air didn’t go off flat. Oh heavy abuse, so yeah. The bash prospect of this guy is pretty freaking high. This thing will take a beating look at that still going dude. That thing is a ripper one tenth scale in the house. One tenth scale in the house, not scared. All right here we go see if i can keep it straight. Oh hit straight on that up. There’S another one coming what’s up, dude just doing a little bathing Music super nice just doing some little jump bash in here, uh, probably like 10 minutes, it’s like a little mini rip, track that’s a nice truck.

What is that? One whoa super nice sounds the brushless motor sounds killer. Oh yeah, oh nice, nice. That was a good, send. It super sick, truck, sick truck it’s the horse. Oh okay, oh yeah, rustler yeah, yeah i’ve been sending this one now for about 20 minutes and i haven’t thrown a link yet which is crazy. Oh yeah, i have not popped a link, you guys and wow. This is fun. Sorry about the camera. There we go now it’s straight still in one piece got some scratches on the bottom and still sending it still got a little bit of battery left. The bottom of the body feels a little bit warmer. The motor is, i think, the cam motor on these gets pretty hot, so one thing to watch out for, but holy crap that dude just did a full flip, so sick, pretty good. I was not expecting it to survive all the punishment that i handed to this car. The front end of this car is kind of amazing, and everything up in here is nicely put together from the factory. I have to say that the original review that i did for the one two four that one actually had missing, bolts and stuff when i came back from the drive and this one came back with everything intact. So if you get one of these from china, just do yourself a favor go over this thing with a phillips head screwdriver and make sure all of these bolts are tight, but not over tight, so that’s, the good news this front end right here.

It does take. Quite a beating, i was hitting super hard clay yeah i mean it’s almost like concrete out there and it came back like not broken so um. It takes quite a punch from the front end and the oil shock survived as well. So that’s good news. These also didn’t loosen up up top, which does happen sometime and the drive links and the steering links up front here did not pop off. In my one, two four review, the drive link popped off of one tire, and i had a little a lot of play in this tire. So also make sure you tighten up the nut on the outside of your tire so that your tires don’t fly off. Just make sure these are nice and snug, but they are lock tight bolts, so they really shouldn’t come off, but i feel like this one looks really cool running around the track. It did nice burnouts. It has a kind of a cool, canopy or body as we call them in the rc car community and it is pretty hard plastic, it’s, it’s not likely to break unless you have some concrete flips. But the cool thing about the characteristic of the drive of this car is that it actually does not flip over that. Often little wider tires in the back skinnier in the front kind of classic, like buggy stance or baja buggy. They call it a climbing truck, but it’s, not really a climbing truck.

This car probably does around i’d, say 35 miles per hour, just on a guesstimate. I know that other people have probably speed tested this one with gps, but the cool thing again is that it is a 1 10 scale. You can find wheels and tires for this to upgrade this so that’s. The first thing i do, if you bought this other than that the electronics that are in here also held up pretty well the servo in the front. The drive servo is super duper tough, it is a waterproof servo and the esc. I don’t believe the esc is waterproof. All of the drivetrain in the center here for the four wheel drive is all sealed up. It has a nice aluminum top plate protecting that drivetrain, which is cool. All the training is sealed up there. No dirt inside we’ve got dual transmission system here front and back the battery bay on the side did better on this car than the one two four, the one two four the battery flew out multiple times. You can even figure out how to run a strap across here, lateral, which would be nice. It needs kind of a lateral strap to keep it from flying out the side, and that was a problem i had with one two four, but this one again did not but there’s a lot of metal and aluminum upgrades just front to back, and i really like How this car just came loaded with aluminum upgrades at the bottom talked about these before they’re kind of like a skateboard deck.

Look at all the screws on the bottom it’s full of screws, very tough, very durable. I mean this can take a super hard hit and just keep trucking, and this battery was getting me a 2s 2200 milliamp battery with the dean’s connectors. Getting me like close to 18 minutes drive time, so it felt like i was driving forever on one of these batteries, and these batteries are actually pretty cheap, they’re lightweight and they produce a ton of power. It is a lipo battery, not a nickel metal battery, so that makes this car a little bit faster kind of wakes it up. Then we have a heat sink coming off the top of this motor, because this brushed 550 turn motor man. This thing has strong magnet inside, but it is very powerful, very powerful, um it’s, a carbon magneto inside this one by the way so interesting, that’s. What the the specs say on it. Rubber tires oil shocks. 2.4 radio comes along with it as well. Four double a batteries go in the bottom and i don’t think that the radio is anything special looks like a little bit of. Wear has happened on the drive wheel since i’ve been driving it, but i’ve been driving it. A lot. You’Ve got your on off button right here. That will turn it on and off, and we also have throttle points here, throttle trim and steering trim and everything came lined up pretty well, i just kind of just slightly modified the front tire to keep them straighter with the steering trim and i was often driving So i think this would be a cool car for somebody who’s, looking for like just a general basher car, maybe for your kid or your first rc car would not be a bad choice.

There was another guy out of the field and he was running some kind of custom. I believe some kind of type of traxxas truck. That thing was rad. It was doing crazy, high flips, but then again he has 500 into that car. So um. This car rolls in at 154, and this one is about 25 dollars more expensive than the one two four, the smaller 112 scale, buggy. So um. I felt like that. One got more air and you know personal preference. I like that one twelfth scale car i like it a lot. I like the way this one looks better and uh. It is a little bit slower, but it is also a little bit heavier using that same 550 motor, so there it is guys hope you enjoyed the review and it was extremely durable, but don’t forget to comment down below and get your comment down and where you’re From so that you can get entered in to win that insta360 go sitting back there brand new to your door, drone guy rc car guys, whatever you are. I will send it to you for free. So thanks again for watching guys, stay humble kind out there and keep driving or flying whatever you do and make that comment.