My battery is actually going dead on this, so itll be a quick video, but i want to give you an update on some things. I know its been a while uh dont forget to subscribe notification bell and all that good stuff were gon na be practicing tomorrow. Um quick thing i did end up selling the drs express great car um. I ended up just buying a serpent 748. I think my whole fleet is all going to be serpent. Serpent was in the one of the first companies that made me a dealer, so i think it just makes it right. Ive heard about them forever that i just supply serpent cars well, im gon na supply. All types of cars, but i should support them and run their car, so im gon na get into racing. More often youll see more videos on that. Um drag racing on road racing, all that stuff, so um, so yeah the uh drag nola, drs or vr1. Ah dr01s its sold somebodys coming to pick that up full car uh. This car has a trinity three and a half turn motor on it: a uh hobby, wang, uh, xr8, esc, great esc. I love the hobby wing. You can do turbo boost all thats, a censored setup, not sure what im going to run on the 748e, but i got things coming on. We also got the new uh gt, serpent, srx8 gt, ready to run great car. We have these on a site.

I actually have a customer coming to pick this up. This car just needs battery and stuff like that ill actually well take this out, so you guys can take a look at it. Um ill actually do that so, but a lot of things are selling um were getting packed with some stuff. We got. We carry aeromax stuff soda serpent. So if you need anything with aeromax tires foam tires, the gq foam tires. A lot of people been liking. Those im actually gon na start getting their eight scale tires. Uh people are using them, so its really good stuff. The shop is looking pretty good, got some cars im still waiting for this customer to pick this one up uh this drag car up and we have this x ray that i did buy um. But you know: didnt come with the engine and stuff like that, because i got it from bahi and they took the engine and i got a tank for it, but i might just end up selling it. Actually, it is on ebay, i put it up for sale. So its actually gon na be up for sale, uh, so thats up for sale. If anybodys interested in that, i actually will put the link down below for the ebay uh thing so ill supply. Some foam tires with it. I did get a tank, so ill supply that um, so theres an x, ray nt1 nts or i think its np1, so thats there uh were still doing things with the maverick im.

Sorry with the ac is on its hot. In here the maverick got the castle. Copperhead system uh, i bent the axles on two of these drive shots whatever you want to call them cvds, so i got ta get two more of those but um yeah. Let me show you guys this uh gd car all right, heres, the gt. This baby looks sweet, look at comparison from the 10th scale. What a big difference! I never had a gt ive seen a couple hoboas or whatever you want to call them habeos, but this comes ready to run here. Let me unpop this. Take these pins off, because the guys coming so heres that the body comes already pain. It looks like it still has a clear film on it until somebody buys it. But here we go comes with a 1900 kv motor uh. You can run a 4s on. It forgot what size the esc is, i think its like 120 amp, but um does come with a plug, so you can put these use deans plug. Of course you can always change them and put the different plugs or adapter um, but it looks pretty pretty decent. I mean i im interested to see what its going to do even tomorrow, Music, really nice car already set up. I dont have any foam, so the tires feel kind of firm, its really nice aluminum shock mounts. If people start buying these im sure there will be some aftermarket setups on it, you know like maybe the chassis do it aftermarket would be really nice in carbon fiber um i mean i wouldnt say: do the shock mounts in carbon fiber because it probably needs the Strength to it buy some foams, i dont have any foams, but um looks really good.

I like it its got a diffuser in the back aluminum uh chassis, serpent logo. All over it. I know the uh serpent does have a um kit that you can buy and i think that ones a little bit more legit. This also comes in a nitro version, so you can see it right here. They come in a nitro version and also the g uh. The other one that they race so for on road racing, but this looks pretty good its a good starter car. You know people like it, probably just upgrade it. If you get tired of this, you know it looks like the can. You could definitely put a hobby one can in there easily and a castle system, eight scale castle system, so um or even a spectrum system. But you know some people just go tp and all that kind of stuff. But here you go heres the gt. I got two of them if anybodys interested in those uh ones, gon na, actually also be one of them left and uh anything else, weve got going on. We got motors and all all that good stuff bodies uh tamiya stuff, but this thing is pretty sweet. Im surprised i havent sold this yet im sure somebodys gon na, like that in the wintertime, so itll be gone, heres another one right there, its a little buggy. So quick video just want to give you guys some updates on the stuff we got going on subscribe.