I could i wonder what could be in the box huh. Oh today, we’re gon na find out what’s in this box because it is from wpl. This is from wpl official website. It just got here i don’t like how it’s got i cannotice right now. It’S got this thing here, damage to here just to order this beginning of the month. This guy here took it out how many days they got here, hey there. Thank you for your man. That’S, big lots of law that’s what you said right there it’s like pause, the video and watch. If you want to where’s my other stuff, i ordered okay, maybe it’s inside the box, then might be let’s get this up close classic model key truck i’m guessing bam. 110 scale rc 2.4 gigahertz classic model key truck. I guess real world drive d series. This is the d 19. I think i per sure that’s what it looks like i’m, a big fan of these trucks. I always want one of these trucks and i finally got one they’re here in united states. You can buy them for like five brands up there in new york, but or or more. Actually, i think it’s like around three to four, maybe five on up and i love these things. I always wanted one, and when we made one of these rocks, i had to hurry up and buy it. So i did so that’s pretty oh yeah, okay, so there we had it cut open on this one side and looks like we taped it on this side.

I guess this side’s already broke seal. I open this. Oh okay, be really careful not to cut my hand or anything because i don’t want to demonetize. So this is what i ordered these little tiny clips. I wish they sell the uh female connectors too. After when i bought these, i thought i’d get. The female connectors too, are the male connectors. I mean, i think these are the females right here. Actually i wish they had the females like like this here. This is what my bodies take and then i can just. I can actually plug it in. I can switch out the back connector and run them one of these it’s a 2s cycle battery. So i got more connectors. That’S awesome. I have a oh that sucks. I have to be sorry that no big deal just goes to the second part. I could just resolder it, and this will go towards my b, one six by six for a new off and on splits, because it’s got the longer off and on gosh, okay, i don’t think it’s taped yeah. It is taped. No, i know unless it’s got like a matte finish to it. I remember my cameras over here wpl model w w y y lwj.com Music steering feels pretty nice. It’S got there’s like texture to it, and i like, like the texture. I love how it feels feels nice. Then up here you got your t rate s rate your steering adjustment, the off and on switch.

You got your trigger going forward and then you got backwards. I like that batteries i put in it and then over here we got some other kits like these be opened and then good. You can buy a light kit. Like 20 bucks, you could buy a whole big old light kit like show you got your stickers and stuff like that. So basically, it’s pretty light, it is actually very light. Tires are like a hard, hard kind of grippy tire i suck at doing reviews, oh god, or dump that that’d be pretty cool. We did. It looks so cool, oh man, i love this truck and then you can see how it’s got the uh, oh it’s, so cool off and on switch that is not hooked in yet or it could be dead. So you got the transmission and stuff let’s. I believe the motors right here and i believe, it’s powered by a 370 or a 280 motor, which is a lot bigger than when i got over here and then i know over here – is your Music battery. I just got ta figure out how to open it. So this is pretty funny i’m. Looking at the manual doesn’t tell you at least i don’t think i see it there twist. The tire ah it’s got these kind of batteries. I don’t care for the batteries here, but i wonder like, for instance, compared to a different size battery. It almost looks like this is going to fit.

All i got to do is change the plug and i’m good to go. We got it running through. The frame. Looks like because they did not, i mean it’s, not bad, but dang. You have to have like a pair of tweezers or some snipers to get that in there there’s my flash. So i can see here there we go, i mean got juice. Dipping is a sound kit and, through the tires up just a tiny bit holy snipers. Does this thing have to have break? Oh it does. I have to tune it a little bit more, better holy sh holy. Oh, my god. What was that is that the two speeds guys oh doing this with one hand sucks what does this do? Applause, Music, so Applause? What well! I just did my first modification to my dub, d19 d12. So the axle being up in the carries where it’s got a low now it’s on the other side, all i did is just flip it around. Once i took the bottom pieces off of there took the axle from up there, flipped it under now. It should give me a little bit more of a break. This works at that like how much of a angle it is now it’s up higher. So now, if i wanted to, i can run these the pr d12, my m d, 90 truck tire. Look how much get that is. Oh god, i was here well, it’s done too bad.

Hey what’s up everybody um! After doing some, not more research, but i came back to memory on this troller here s rate is the steering rate and then t rate is the throttle rate which is like you guys, got two different speeds and then two different speeds for the uh steering to Make it more faster and sharper left like i do like in the pictures as well like that so it’s pretty cool. I could do that and then how do i get this stance? I’Ll show you that in another part of the video that i did, i just want to talk about the controller a little bit kind of go over that now these tires will fit and i did run it until the battery went dead. Now i got ta try this battery, so if you guys want to see a battery mod where i take them all my 2s light bulbs and stuff it into one of these, all you got ta do say: do it when i do it because it’s not that Easy it’s not hard to do it.