I see everyone running it, so i thought let me try it out see what it’s all about the xk match, wltoys, whatever you want to call it it’s a one, temp skill, four wheel, drive to us lipo right, so let’s open it you’ve got your manual rear Wing there you’ve got a charger. I’Ve got your transmitter there. Four double leas in there guys yeah four double e’s you’re good to go. So it comes with these little buttons here, guys yeah to put on your rear wing. You put your rail your little button there. You get your little screw boom and it’s done. So this is the battery. It comes with guys, 2200 milliamps 25c, so we got the same esc all in one same esc and motor that runs in the one two: four zero one: nine and one eight and the one four four zero. What whatever it’s called guys. You know what i’m talking about, but it’s in a bigger car. Now i presume it shouldn’t run as fast or shouldn’t be as quick, but yeah we’ve got a little center diff there. Well i’ll say he sent a spool because it doesn’t look like he’s got any different, no oil. In there, no no back casing got some thick drive, shaft front and rear coil overs metal drive, shafts yeah we’ve got these carpet tires on there. Astro carpet tires guys. Why would you put these on there who’s running an astronaut carpet come on come here toys they fit the fan to the esc, that’s the w toys xk match, whatever you want to call it we’re gon na test it out guys and see what it’s saying so.

Let’S get the battery in get the body let’s go and take it for a rip and see what it’s saying if you’re interested in this or you like this car, guys there’ll, be a link in the description down below guys. We’Ve got the w toys Applause Applause! Oh, oh Applause, oh Laughter, Applause, Music versus the famous one, four, four zero zero one driver, p, yeah all right, let’s go three. Two one go run a tree: Music, Music, Music. Oh ah, oh your world popped up; Music Music. It might work. Oh, oh, Music, great Music, Music.