Look there a box cartoon box and lets find some toy vehicles guys wow. Look there guys here are some brand new toys, guys its really amazing guys some new toys brand new toys, guys so dont, be late. Lets collect all the toy, wow vehicles, toy gun, wow, all our brand new intake packet and some brand new toys. Just look all are colorful wow, a knife: oh a diecast toy set beautiful guys. I unbox all the toy and introduce all the toys with you guys. Look wow! No more vehicles are here so guys i collect all the brand new toys. Now i unboxed and unpacked all the toys, so lets start so guys. This is the toy box which is full of brand new toys. Now i unboxed and unpacked all the toy. First, i picked the uh bus vehicle look. This is a bus, so lets unbox guys. Oh wow, oh guys, its a remote control bus wow. So i oh yes, wow guys just look a spider man! Stickered toy bus, its remote control, bus, nice, color wow! This is the battery place, really amazing, guys nice looking its really great great looking, and this is the remote of this bus, its a rc bus. I run this bus in my next video, so i put it here and then guys. Another toy box lets unbox. This toy vehicle, whoa whoa a fast food car, fast food van look: this is the first food, then its big, its also battery controlled guys.

This is the battery place on off switch its really really awesome. Nice color first food van first food sailing, then wow guys just look when i open the door its automatically shut down. Look. This is another side, its really impressive and beautiful guys. Awesome really awesome. I put it here, and this is the diecast toy set fire rescue fire vehicle toy set. Look all our red color, because fire rescue team sign is red, color beautiful, so lets unpack, whoa, guys, wow pick the first one, its a ambulance, fire rescue ambulance, wow mini sizes, metal toy fire, rescue ambulance wow. This is a crane beautiful fire rescue crane. Its also beautiful guys, really really beautiful and guys. This is the fuel wear. Where were fire rescue unit, vehicle Applause and guys? This is a jeep fire rescue, jeep off road, king off road vehicle fire rescue chip and guys. This is the fire rescue later truck fire rescue later wow, all a red, color Applause and guys. This is a suv fire rescue car, mini sizes, suv fire rescue car and guys wow, look a knife, plastic toy knife, golden color, bird and black color knife part wow, and this is my favorite city, bus, luxurious toy city bus. Look at that color guys. Look at that color and look at that model: luxury line, its totally realistic metal toy vehicle city, bus, its weightful, heavy weight and great quality; superb quality toy city, bus and guys.

This is your favorite pie cycle food driving bicycle look. This is the paddle pedal of this bicycle wow, guys its pointed out, and now i attach the paddle its a beautiful cool color toy. Then yahoo a construction toy set. I think you must like this set. Just look all are really really beautiful, so i unpacked the packet, look: wow Applause, yeah, guys, Applause, just look its really really awesome. A brand new construction toy set its a excavator truck construction, excavator truck plastic made, but good quality and good looking toy excavator. This is the crane truck construction train truck chinese product, guys nice, color combination, nice quality, beautiful product and guys look. This is the cement mixer, concrete, mixer cement, mixer mixer truck its also nice color combination, beautiful mixer truck and the final one. Oh, its a dump truck another construction vehicle sand carrying brick carrying dump truck and guys wow. Another truck truck vehicle look wow a pepsi container truck tank truck guys, not container its a tank truck. Look beautiful, cheap quality plastic made pepsi tank truck awesome and guys look here: a toy pistol wow guys. This is the pistol okay, and this is the bubble. Look beautiful bubble, bubble, toy pistol and guys just look Applause, the cutest and superb looking toy ambulance, its really cute and realistic emergency vehicle toy ambulance, wow, flexible door, wow flexible back part, its totally realistic, guys, metal toy ambulance, emergency vehicle toy ambulance wow.