Today we are gon na unbox, open up the bronco, the new trx4 bronco, the 2021 bronco, not the old bronco. They made a new bronco. Just came out we’re gon na open it up today and we’re gon na go drive it. It is super wet outside. So i don’t want to get it muddy. You can get it muddy, it can handle the mud, it can handle the water, but i don’t i don’t like to do that, but we are going to drive it today, but before we open it up, i got to show you a couple of things. I did a battery exchange yesterday, while i was at the track store because i had one one: three cell battery had a bad cell, so they have a lifetime. Warranty traxxas has lifetime warranties it’s like half the price. If you get a replacement, but i did get a replacement for this one but check this out, they have a new one now, so they gave me an option they’re like do you want the shorter one or the longer one i’m like what i thought there was Only one size 5003s – they do have a new shorter 5003s check this one out. The thickness is the same. Actually maybe i don’t know we’ll find out here in a second all right, so the thickness is almost the same, but it’s a lot shorter. I was like yeah give me the new one. I don’t know what that is.

Apparently this is a running change. I think it’s kind of interesting, though, that that’s the older, the oh look at this one that’s the older sticker on the battery. So this is a really old, 3s 5000. This is the newest one, so it looks like the older one. This is one that i just exchanged. So yes, new running change, new 3s 5000 battery it’s a little bit shorter. All right, i kind of wore out that whole battery discussion didn’t. I here she is the new traxxas bronco trx4 yeah. It looks so good. So the first thing i noticed is look at how clean the box art is. They totally changed up the box art you can tell like they actually put a background like it’s it’s definitely got a refresh. Here. Are the box panels there’s the red that’s, the color? I got that’s color i wanted actually, and then that is the orangish yellow, which i actually like that too. I saw this at the traxxas store. The other day. Super clean here is the top part of the box panel here. So basically, this is just like the traditional trx4, the one with the two speed transmission, locking front and rear grip, drifts, front, rear and uh it’s got all the bells and whistles for a trx4. There are your different different colors. You can get. Also, look your license here so typically, i like to collect cars that have licenses so in a traditional sense.

I would probably collect this car and not actually bust out of the box, but i will bust this one out of the box because i want to drive it and i’m on a trx4 kick right now, but look at how good that box looks. I’Ll show you the difference between this box and the other ones. Okay, so i kind of lied. They do have their own little themes, but man that trx4 bronco looks good, that one’s pretty cool. Oh man look at all those okay, so maybe i was freaking out about the box for no reason, it’s, just different, so i’m not used to it that’s why? It looks really cool to me, but it does look. Cool here is the bottom of the box, different things that come on it. It does come with the titan 21 turn xl5, waterproof, esc and motor, which i actually like it. I mean i, i haven’t changed out any of my trx4 motors any of these. Yet look. They have the full the full functional, led kit. I don’t have this one. I don’t have that kit yet, but they do sell it and when it does come out, i will get it and they have that dude, which did you know that they have seven seven days a week tracks to support that’s, actually pretty cool skill level, one because These things are super easy to drive all right enough enough for the horsepower let’s open this thing up all right.

Opening this thing up so i’m, not expecting anything out of the norm, i’m, expecting just like the typical stuff that comes with the traxxas trx4, which also i mean it comes with everything you need, except for the battery charger. So you will need a battery and charger for this car. I like to use the traxxas 3s 5000 that battery lasts forever and you can use it in all different types. Oh man, look it’s, got a little hole, a little hole for the wheel, but yeah that traxxas 5003 is. You can use it on a lot of other vehicles, also so that’s. Why i like it? Oh man, look at this thing, wow! So look. It comes with a fifth wheel for the back that’s, actually pretty cool um wow. They lexan this thing up pretty good or put the cellophane all over this thing: it’s, nice and buttoned up. So one big thing about this new trx4 – and let me set this aside – actually let’s pull the rest of this stuff out, so you can see what comes in it remote. This is the bluetooth enabled remote. It does not come with a bluetooth module, but you can get a bluetooth and a bluetooth module in here, and you can sync it up to your phone. You can set different different, your different endpoints and travel and things like travel endpoints same thing, but you can also there’s actually uh. I don’t know what they call it, but it can tell the basically the angle in which your your car is sitting at.

So for crawling it’s, actually pretty cool, because you can see the angles that you’re adding basically front like back and forth and side to side angles, which is pretty cool, i’ve, never used it because i don’t want to have my phone out when i’m driving, but that Bluetooth module does enable you to do that. The other thing is is, if you end up putting another servo in here, you need to do like a a channel. Reverse a lot easier with the bluetooth module. All right, let’s see what else comes in this thing. All right comes with your standard tools: the rtr tools comes a little wheel, wrench and your 202525 allen hex driver and then your manual and then a couple of traxxas stickers, so not bad little parts list, also but other than that. Nothing in the box. Aside from the remote in the car, so the big thing about this car is actually i’ll put. This up here is the the body, so it does not have clips on the body anymore. It has a like a latching body which is kind of cool, and it is kind of a pain whenever you’re crawling or at the creek and you’re doing stuff, and you like body clips, are so cheap but i’m not gon na lie. I get so bothered whenever i lose a body clip and when you lose too many body, if you lose two body clips you’re having to improvise and if you’re at the creek or you’re trail, riding or rock crawling you’re flipping over.

You have a good chance of losing those body clips, so they got rid of the body post which look at this very, very clean. They got rid of body posts and by getting rid of the body post, it actually looks more scaled because there’s, no body post going through the body. Oh man, this thing looks good. Okay, let me give you guys a close up all right guys. This thing is super clean. Look at the detail, so check out those moldings on the front that bronco molding, i mean the detail on this thing is insane look at those headlights, wow that’s, pretty cool, even all the way up to these pieces right here. Those are little details that i really appreciate because it makes it look so much more scale and it just goes to show how much thought they put in these cars. Oh my god, look at this. They have rear view mirrors that actually fold in you know how like a real cars, your rear viewers fold in they got folding rear view mirrors. Look even your windshield wipers. Look so good again, no body post holes looks really good. Another thing i noticed is the tires the wheels and tires the tires are the same. So it comes with the canyon one nines canyon trail, one nines, what they call them, but look now they’re more of like a glossy finish. Hmm i like that on this car looks good, but i was gon na put on a used set of canyon trails that i already had since i planned on, ripping this pretty hard, but now that’s going to be a little bit different, but it’s not going to Look bad, i think, it’ll still look good, because these are still matte.

Looking here, let’s take this off. We can do this together, guys you ready, oh, oh, oh yeah, so satisfying okay, let’s move around okay, so even on the side check out the detail on the side like the door handles then there’s a little bit of like sparkle, finish to this paint job man. This thing looks so clean. Let me turn it on the back check out that license plate trx4, that’s, pretty sweet instead of texas, says traxxas. That actually looks like the texas plates emphasis: traxxas, the tail lights, the detail, wow guys. This thing is pretty freaking sick. Oh, oh god, this is the only problem. Look even the bronco logo right there. This is the only problem with cars that are this clean. Is you don’t want to drive them? At least i don’t it’s too clean to drive dang it man that is clean, wow. Okay, let’s take the body off. I might need both hands all right, so you do need two hands to take the body off. So essentially, i don’t know if you can see it, but under here there’s these little tabs right above the tires. So basically, what i found the easiest way to do is you just pull up on these tabs here and then you pull up on tabs on the front and then the body just comes right off. So, as you can see on this body or on the chassis in the fender wells, there’s these little latches and that’s how it comes along first glance, i don’t see anything crazy different on this car.

Aside from these little these little latches for the body to put the body back on actually pretty pretty simple, at least i hope it’s pretty simple, i’m, assuming you just there, they click right on clicked right on very nice. That is that that does make it easy. I’M, not gon na lie. Let me give you a close up of what the chassis looks like all right. So here is the chassis again. Nothing glaring different aside from the bumper, so the bumpers are obviously different because they’re for the bronco and when i say different i’m, comparing this to the older trx4s there’s, not very many changes here. I don’t see anything crazy. Obviously, these these little holes in the fender wells – these are the ones that you need for the latching body, which i’m not gon na lie it’s pretty freaking cool, but it does have all your different gear shifting and your locking diff servos here your xl5. This one does come with the tqi receiver, which is good, so nothing crazy out of the norm here check under the car, nothing crazy there guys. I want to go drive this thing. I just scratched my body anyway, so you can see basically whenever i, whenever i unlatch the body you just kind of go, come up under under the fender well over the wheel on each side and then kind of clip it on so there’s. What it looks like under the body see those clips there that’s what clips the body on man that’s so freaking cool i’m assuming see these covers these covers, will just come right off and you can put the headlights on traxxas is really good with their light kits.

They integrate really well there’s, not wires everywhere. It looks really good. It goes in really clean, so i’m really excited about getting this light kit. Oh man, guys this thing looks so good. All right, we’re gon na i’m gon na put i’m gon na put some older tires on some older canyon trail, ats or 1.9. Because again i don’t know i might be getting some water. I don’t know what i’m getting into, but i want to keep these pretty nice shiny ones intact, but let’s go drive this thing. Oh man, look at that: oh wow, Music, Music, so Music, oh man, so i’m i’m, not gon na lie guys. I know this is gon na be hard to believe and i’m. Not just saying this, i think this is my favorite trx4 ever. I think this is the best one ever and it’s it’s weird, because whenever i first heard about this this body that just kind of snaps right on i was like okay, yeah snap on body cool, but it’s super easy it’s not like you got to shimmy it On and like latch something you literally just push it on there i flipped over a few times the body didn’t come off so easy to take the body off there’s, not any guessing. That body is pretty sweet and this this bronco it seems like i guess, the it’s like a lower center of gravity, because it didn’t roll as much as like the defender or the bronco it’s, almost like the body, sits lower.

So it handles a lot better. So with the handling and how the easy it is to use that body and just how aesthetically pleasing it is, i i think it’s the best trx sport ever i’m i’m, not even joking it’s, at least my favorite. You definitely got ta check it out.