So i thought i would do a quick video of them just wanted to give you my first impressions of them and some dimensions and weights and things. So this is the new sledgehammer tire, its kind of hard to get the whole thing in shot here for future videos. I will create a better area for this, but for now this is what ive got. So this is the sledgehammer tire. It has the same. Tread pattern as the smaller 3.8 and 2.8 sledgehammer tires that traxxas recently came out with it is 8.4 by 4.3 inches and its on a 4 inch rim, so its 0.4 inches larger than the stock x maxx tire sidewall feels about the same. Let me grab a stock tire here about the same as a stock tire. Maybe a little bit thicker tread feels similar. I know theres been some concern about the foams in these some of the stock. Tire foams have been having problems. Hopefully, these foams – i mean theyre, going to be a different size, so hopefully theyll be different than the stock ones. They come in this black chrome, color, green and orange, and i think theyre 80 bucks a pair 80 something dollars a pair, so they should be a little bit better than the stock tires, theyre, definitely bigger. So what i want to do now is, i just want to grab my scale and i want to weigh the stock tires, and these and ive also got a set of the new mx57s and well, and a set of the trenchers and well see how those are So stock tires are about 600 grams.

Three set. These are 640 grams. The new pro line mx 57 badlands. These are the same badland tread, but with their oh, i dont remember what raid wheels, i think, is what they call it. So these are a lot lighter than the old mx 43 badlands. These are 690 grams and then the big boy – trenchers mx43s, are 990 grams. So quite a bit bigger there. So lets take a look at size. Comparisons, real quick, well get this out of the way, and first i want to bring in the stock tires with the sledgehammers. You have to give me a minute to get things adjusted here, so you can see that the sledgehammers are a little bit taller about a little under a half inch taller than the stock tires width wise. They are camera up here. They are about the same width as the stock tires. Now, the new mx57s are tiny bit bigger than the stock tires, but almost identical in height to the stock tires or diameter. So the battling of the sledgehammers are going to be a little bit bigger than the badlands as well, and then, of course, the trenchers. The big boys are going to be a little bit bigger than the new sledgehammers. These are the biggest tires that im aware that you can get for the xmaxx. I think maybe the mad max tires are a little bit bigger as well like i said, these big boys are really heavy and were talking over 300 grams, more per tire than these sledge hammers.

So im pretty excited about these. I, like my truck to be big ive, got the wide max on my truck, and i just wanted to be a big truck, so these hopefully will help it be nearly as big as the trenchers, but not be quite as heavy and quite as damaging to the Drivetrain, those trenchers are pretty heavy on the drivetrain, so lets go ahead and get this thing out in the back and well do some jumps and some running around on it and well see how these hold up guys. Heres the setup mmx8s 1100 kv hobby wing 5200. Milliamp hour smc batteries and the new sledge hammers lets go Music, Music, um, Music, hey, okay, all right guys! Well, there you go thats the new traxxas sledge hammers on the x maxx. I think they handle up pretty good. They dont balloon too badly, not quite as much as the stock tires. They seem to have good grip, but not too much grip and they let the truck self right pretty easily.