Thank you me at the lake now lets unbox this thing and ill run you through the spec Music. This thing looks sweet, look at that, so the swordfish comes ready to run, except for the transmitter batteries. Of course, its 2.4 gig, with fully proportional controls with trim and dual rates on the transmitter, its brushless with a water cooled esc and comes with an 11.1 volt, 3s 1800 milliamp 45c lipo with the deans connector, which should give you a runtime of about five minutes. Usefully it sends a low voltage alarm signal to the transmitter when the battery is low, so you know when to bring it back in, so you dont get stuck waiting for it to drift to the side of the pond. The boat itself is 47 centimeters long and 14 centimeters wide with a waterproof double deck system, and it self writes itself if it capsizes its fitted with front and rear, led lights, which look pretty cool and will help orientate it in low light. Not that i would recommend running this thing in the dark of course. Also in the box is a usb charging, cable, stand, allen, keys and hex wrench spare propeller and an instruction manual, but they say on the box that this thing can do 55, plus kilometers an hour. So lets go back to me at the lake and see what this thing can do. Man, this thing looks: sweet Music Music when its stationary, because of the battery it leans to one side, but as soon as its moving it levels out and planes nicely Music, swordfish by name selfish by nature.

This thing is fast Music. By the way, ive got this from banggood, so if youre interested check out the link in the description – oh no thats, not good, Music. Oh that wasnt gone for a minute Music. It turns really really nicely you can turn at full speed, but its best just to shed a bit just to make the corner Music. This thing is fast fun and flipping amazing. I had a whale of a time. I really really did. This thing is brilliant. A few little issues with it: firstly, there was a little bit of water ingress into the hole from when it went submersed um, but i think it was because one of the catches might not have been done up properly on the double hull, so thats a tip For you is to check theyre all if you get one of these check, theyre all clipped in place and then its its, not tight, um but im going to forgive it that bear in mind. This is a speed boat and not a submarine. It was fully submersed for a good few seconds. Um there really wasnt that much water in. Secondly, um was sometimes it was a little bit hesitant to accelerate um. Now in the water there was a little bit of debris, so grass reeds other things like that, and it did clog up the propeller a few times um because of that debris um. So that may be why um, but on the whole, this thing takes off and it goes like a rocket, its really controllable and, most importantly, it was just a brilliant laugh.

I had a great time now. This is for sale at the moment on banggood im gon na put a link in the description below so check that out, if youre interested guys, if you like this video, then give it a big fat thumbs up. I really really appreciate it and if you havent done so already consider subscribing any comments or questions, leave them below ill always get back to you, and it remains for me to say guys, take care of yourselves and keep crawling. Oh actually, that doesnt work is it um. I dont know keep voting.