So look at that real quick here guys and you do have a built in there is a light right here on in the engine bay. So you do have an engine, you know, i’ll lighten the engine bay and you do have working working headlights i’ll show you that real quick here, guys um. If i can go ahead and hold this hold this phone down for just a moment and let y’all see the working headlights working tail lights of the vehicle. So here we go, there are working headlights on here and tail lights and you have brake lights. So i’ll show you this real quick in action. So let you know what you’re getting for your money. So this is a pretty nice little rc car. I want to show you all the speed here. Okay, if i can now, this is something i’m probably gon na. Have to contact um i’m gon na have to contact newbright about. Is this very weird noise coming from the car and of course i know that it’s, probably you know, i ran this car outside and stuff like that and it’s still, it seems to hold up pretty quick, so um let’s see if i can get this thing all Right so i’m gon na do here is i’m gon na go ahead and Applause, so let’s look at the controller now the controller, the way the controller feel the way the controller feels it’s it’s pretty cheaply, made now there’s a lot of play in here.

With this, with this uh with this joystick right here that controls it going forward and backwards, you can see it does have working headlights and it has the turning signal. So i’ll show you that real quick again. So look at that so it’s, really nice, um it’s. Pretty cool um, so they took a lot of time they took. They took a lot of thought into building this rc car nubrite did and this car runs on a lithium ion battery. So there’s no need there’s no need to go ahead and uh worry about having to purchase batteries for it. There’S batteries that are included with the transmitter and as well as in the car, and you charge the car via usb. So you could plug it into a usb port of your computer. If you want to, and it takes about two hours to charge, it and let’s see it’s, just it’s it’s, just a it’s, a freaking blast guys. I love it. Um let’s go ahead and give you a sample of the of the engine noise, so you do have little like sound effects on the car. So there is a. There is a speaker on the bottom of there um that emits the sound, so let’s go ahead and show you that so there you go so it sounds exactly like a corvette would and what’s cool. Is that it? It can tell whenever the car’s in motion you’ll. Actually hear the car revving up now, i’ll show you all something else: that’s really cool is that on this car? Okay, if i turn the car off okay, so if i turn this rc car off guys uh, you do have a gas tank button, so i’m gon na go ahead and turn this car off real quick here guys i’ll show you if it will demonstrate for me.

Sometimes you have to wait for it to charge up. So why is this thing not focusing okay? So what is going on here? So this phone is not looking for focus, come on, focus come on, oh, so my s8 is last 10 is definitely you know bugging out right now, um, but usually, when you press this button right here, it should demonstrate for us. So we can do it. It’S. A demo button, and usually when you press it this will go off so apparently i guess i’ve had this thing running for too long, uh and good god. I mean what is wrong with my focus guys. What is wrong with this focus um, so let me see. Come on focus man can you at least freaking focus? For me, i mean good lord, just focus. Okay, so it’s, not letting me focus so let’s see it focus on my hand, okay, so basically um yeah. This thing is like oh, this phone that’s. The thing with this galaxy s10 – it has a pretty nice camera and it seems to work whenever it wants to so apparently but let’s. Look at the detail of the car, now i’ve, already kind of dinged it up a little bit but it’s, not that bad it’s. Really not that bad. You see there’s a little paint right here that came off and that happened when i was like when i was driving it outside and i uh i hit a park.

I had a. I hit a curb in the parking lot, one of those gra. No, those concrete jungles um which are outside, and i kind of like you know, chipped a little paint off, but it’s it’s still not that bad guys, it’s, really not that bad um but let’s see. I don’t think it’s gon na. Let me do it, but when you first get this rc car there, it goes okay, so demonstrated for now, and you can see share that there’s, the leds right here in the front and of course, in the back, you got led action as well and you got A led right here so there’s plenty plenty of uh illumination on this car, so i paid about 59 for it at target and i recommend everybody to go and get this car dude get this car. If you can get the one that has the the app version. It’S, more detailed and more stuff that you can do with it. You can actually turn the headlights on um let’s go ahead and show you that action again, real, quick and i’ll end. The video and i’ll give you my honest thoughts on this car dude. So there you go Music Applause, Music, so they say on the box that the car goes only uh nine to ten miles an hour. I have gotten this car to go at least 15.. I mean i, i don’t have a way to like check the the speed or whatever, but it was pretty dang fast when i was like driving it outside and that’s all.

I want to say guys on this car and look at the detail. I mean you could tell you know newbright. They took they took some time to design this car now. One thing i will say is that this car collects a lot of dirt, so when you’re driving it outside, it is going to have some dirt inside of it, and i can hear dirt inside there around, where the bearings are uh. But when you turn the car on i’ll show you that when you turn the car, when you, when you turn on the switch, the engine will start so i’ll show you that real quick. So this is really really amazing, guys a really amazing car. There you go uh and of course you can turn it off.