Dit is een 4×4 met een 6.7 liter Powerstroke diesel engine and it’s a v8. It also has a trailer tow package, it’s really easy to get into this vehicle. Just talked to our sales team they’d be happy to take you out on a test, Station, storage and speaker in the door as well as power locks, windows and mirrors. You have power extending mirrors and memory for two drivers. The driver’s seat is powered with lumbar. You have your lighting controls here, macht, paddles, tilting, steering wheel and a grab handle in the body to make it easier to get en the steering wheel can tilt, as I mentioned, and on the face of it, it has dash controls cruise control, sync voice, activated system When we start up the vehicle, we’re gon na see any important messages, as well as a mini that you can toggle through I’m, just gon na get in there age mode trip a B, fuel economy, truck apps settings information and these all have sub menus. Your automatic select shift ur has tell all at the end when you press it, you’ll see it to the right and then off again up above is a little cubby and you’ve got your av line in USB and SD card, as well as a little bit of Storage there and then you just close that right up you’ve got a display screen. So when you put the vehicle in reverse, this is where you’re gon na see your back up.

Camera view on the top is information. Bottom right is climate with heated and cooled driver and passenger seat. Top left is phone and entertainment is on the bottom left. Amfm sirius, satellite radio, CD USB, as well as bluetooth, SD card and AV in, can then go home for different options and, zoals je zien, I’m touching the screen, so you can make choices that way as well. You can go into the system for different options. Like wireless and internet, you have your volume and tuner there’s your hazard lights and your media control down below is your dual climate control for driver and passenger, as well as AC and Max AC front and rear defrost and there’s your fan. You have up feted switches as well as integrated trailer, brake controller there’s, a couple of cupholders down below off to the side: traction control, 4×4, locking differential there’s, A 12 volt and the on and off for the passenger airbag in the center there’s more cup holders. For you more storage, and then you can flip it up for another seating position and underneath more storage down below just by unclipping it off to the side is a 110 outlet as well as 12 volt you’ve got a glove compartment up above. Is your auto dimming rearview mirror and you also have your lighting controls Universal garage door, opener that’s the power switch to slide that power back window and you have not one but two. Sunglass holders 18 inch wheels black running board body color door handle keyless entry, keypad, driver’s side, fuel cap, the black handle extends to the tailgate.

The tailgate is lockable and removable the backup cameras located just below the Ford badge and the backup sensors are on your bumper. You have a four and seven pin connector and a trailer hitch, and when we open up the tailgate, you get a notice inside it’s, nice and roomy it’s lined, and it has tie downs in all four corners on your fob. You have remote start speaker in the door and windows that can be flipped open for venting. You have seating for three in the back with a 6040 split there’s, a lever here that you pull up and then push up the seat. You now have access to the floor area and you just lift that lever again and drop it back down. There’S all weather mats on the floor and up above lighting in the back hooks and access to a sliding window: chroom, Bumper, dual exhaust six and a half foot box privacy glass in the back windows. He didn’t powered sideview mirrors with power, extensions, halogen headlights, foglights, tow hooks and so many more reasons to visit us at Island.