Four doorsand it also has a four cylinder front: Wiel, drive it’s a really easy vehicle to get into just ask our sales team I’ll. Take you out for a test, Station, storage and speaker in the doors, as well as power, locks, windows and mirrors. Your driver seat is manually adjusted. Your lighting controls are located here and that’s. Your trunk release your steering wheel, can tilt and telescope and on the face of it, you’ve got your dash controls cruise control and sync voice activated system on the dash would have seen any important messages and as well, we have a mini tank I’m, just gon na Toggle through it for you let’s turn down that air event trip one trip to information settings and these all have sub menus in the center you’re, seeing a display screen. This is also where your back up camera will appear when you go in Reverse you’re, seeing the temperature to the left, that’s outside and the clock to the right. You have amfm Sirius radio Bluetooth as well as CD and you’re, seeing your CD player right there. You have your volume and tuner there and there’s your hazard lights and below that you have your climate control, so you have your front and rear defrost as well. You have your AC and Max AC you’re, seeing a USB outlet as well as a 12 Volt, and you have an automatic shifter. You have a couple of cup holders and inside your armrest.

You also have your auxiliary line in in USB, as well as more storage off to the side. You have your glove compartment and up above you have a manually, dimming rearview mirror. You also have your lighting controls here and you’ve got a sunglass holder. Sorry, my fingers are wet there we go and as well. You have ambient lighting and you have handles on the passenger side to make it easier to get in 17 Inch. Nitrogen filled, wheels body, color door handle and, op de achterkant, you have a spoiler, which is black contrast to the rest of the vehicle below that Ford badge is where your backup camera is located, and your backup sensors are on your bumper when you’re ready to open Up that trunk, you can do so from the release inside or you can double click. Your fog it’s powered and goes up easily inside its nicely carpeted and roomy, and when you’re ready to close everything up, simply put your hand on the top pull down and now it’s securely closed storage and speaker in the door as well as power windows. You have seating for three in the back with a 6040 split, very easily, bring down the seats by pushing the button, you now have access to the back storage area when you want to bring the seat up, simply put your hand on the back and push up Behind each headrest, you also have anchors to be able to tether baby seats on the back of the front seats slim pockets in the center console a little cubby.