Goed, and you will use the Foxx printout as a guide. It lines up with the edge of the bed support once you mark the three holes per side to drill you can get to removing some of the aluminum from the wheel. Goed: Muziek, now we’ll unbolt the current shocks that are installed on our truck the top and bottoms just have a Bolton nut to remove. Then the shock will slide out place, simply replace the new shock into the bottom mount and then slide it in the bolt to hold it then install the upper bolt. You might need to compress the shock of it to line up the mounts now to mount the bracket insert the two allen head bolts to the outer two holes you drilled now from inside the bed, threaded in the bracket, just a turn or two on each bolt. This will let the bracket line up to the third hole, while we install the short Center bolt into the bracket, then remove both allen head bolts. Voorlopig, you can slide in the Fox plate into the reservoir, then insert those two Allen bolts through the front, along with the backing pins. Now you can install the reservoir to those same two holes from earlier, since our reservoir is now mounted we’ll.