I control Daddy for a day!!! 24 hour remote control the day challenge!

I control Daddy for a day!!! 24 hour remote control the day challenge! [compare_prices_deals] Bron

RC AVONTUREN – 12s Lipo 44.4v LOSi e-5T – 1/5 schaal 4×4 Race Truck

Ultieme Lightning McQueen – RC Auto Beoordeling!! ► JamesChats

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YouTube-kanaal Trailer | RC AVONTUREN

My name is Aaron Baraka for those that are new to the channel. I am the creator and host of rcadventures. My show focuses on the radio control, hobby and all of the fun and Wonder and excitement that we've discovered that it has to offer with more than 900 videos a hundred of those […]

Review & Uitvoeren | Tornado 1:12 Schaal 4WD Elektrische RC Auto

Dus deze auto gaat niet na het breken van de bank., het is, waarschijnlijk geweldig, for people that are trying to get into the RC car sport and really don’t know where to start they might not have the right tools or batteries and chargers, en dat alles – and this does Have replaceable parts as well […]


RC AVONTUREN – Traxxas X-Maxx krijgt zendtijd – 6s Lipo, Elektrisch vermogen 4×4 De Vrachtwagen van het monster

Everybody asks me why I don't buy other larger trucks and I'll tell you it's, omdat ik deze heb.. Nu de xmax, though people have a varying opinion, I've read that it is one fifth scale that's why I bought it under that idea that it was 150 ale. It is electric I'm taking […]

Little vlogsPLAYTIME WITH RYANRemote controlled MONSTER TRUCK playtime at the PARK

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RC AVONTUREN – OPTiMUS OVERKiLL – ROLL OUT! 6x6x6 BiG RiG Transformers Tribute Semi Truck

I wanted to make sure that all the features are working on it. I have not installed a sound kit yet, but rather I wanted to test it mechanically. Here is the rear, steer nice and strong running on a castle B ec pro, which is really a power regulator that's going to each one […]

RC AVONTUREN – We hebben een nieuwe baas – Dual Motor Traxxas Summit 1/10e schaal MT

Everybody'S gon na want to have a look inside at this one tenth scale tracks. This summit and I'll tell you. It is a huge machine, a beast I've been running for a long time. A lot of you may recognize this as the floating Traxxas summit that I had, as well as the rat […]

RC AVONTUREN – Laten we RACEN! Dubbele Traxxas X-Maxx – Slalom Competitie

Niet. Ik woonde toevallig midden in landbouwgrond.. Wat een geweldig uitziende semi truck, Koo, Koo, kachoo, OK. You finally picked up into X max Wow one fifth scale, the better color ha ha ha ha red vs. Blauwe. What could we do? Lou? We got a little special thing […]

RC AVONTUREN – Project Roadway – Hydraulische zware radiobesturingsapparatuur