Ray touchscreen remote review: Plenty of promise, but no Harmony

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RC AVONTUREN – Project: “SPiNTiRE” 4×2 Dually Tractor Truck “CA10” Kit uitpakken – KiNG KONG RC

What a beautiful 112 scale kit look at this guy's it's a 4×2 one driven axle in the back. The CA 10 I've been playing a lot of spin tires, which is a video game right now on my xbox one X, having some fun with that, En, of course this is very, zeer vergelijkbaar. […]

RC AVONTUREN – Unboxing the Blackjack 29 BL Catamaran RTR Radio Control Speed Boat

Now as I've mentioned in the last video, Heb ik gedaan, I unbox the pro boat, the impulse 31, which was a V hull. Nwo, when I was on the horizon hobby website, I was under the Pro boat category and I saw the blackjack 29 Nwo. Dit is een 29 inch brushless RTR catamaran, Die […]


RC AVONTUREN – FPV Unboxing an Earth Digger 4200XL Excavator from RC4WD

RC AVONTUREN – TRAXXAS XO-1 4WD Super Car – Unboxing

Click Here To Subscribe! ► – 1080p HD for Maximum RC Eye Candy! What a beauty, this RC super car is stunning to look at. No driving in this videoonly because there has been a severe flood in my city.. and everything is underwater. My wife and I are OK.. as our homes […]