GET WETTwo Guys Play with Muddy RC 4×4 Vrachtwagens – AXIAL SCX10 RELIKWIE & POWER WAGON | RC AVONTUREN


RC AVONTUREN – 1/10th scale 6×6 Snow Fun – Macht & Freezing Temperatures makes plastic Brittle

RC AVONTUREN – Rescue Mission – graafmachine, Blizzard, BEEST 4×4 Vrachtauto

RC AVONTUREN – Ski-Doo MXZ on 3s Lipo, Art Attack

She chickened out, ha ha ha, but shot ha ha ha. So here is my old new bright one fifth scale toy rc conversion, and we had issues in here with these pegs being pure plastic and everything being such a toy quality when it was in the coal that actually snapped very easy thanks […]

RC AVONTUREN – TRAXXAS SUMMiTFugitive Recovery Vehicle 4×4 – Apocalypse Truck

RC AVONTUREN – SLiPPERY HiLL CLiMB – Schaal RC 4×4 Vrachtwagens achter de DRUMHELLER BADLANDS (PT1)

I do you have yes don't, dat doe je nu. Ja, ja., yeah they'll be a big help. Vandaag vanavond, hey John, hoe glad is het gladder dan babypoep? Oh yeah that's right Joe Joe Joe a summer yeah me and Pat came and those where these then I went everywhere. We'Ll call them you're […]

RC AVONTUREN – PuLP FRiCTiONWhat I did todayRadio Control Hobby 4×4 Vrachtwagens

What a beautiful deer! I know all the hunters right now, we're going crazy, but this is in our backyard. I love the wintertime whoo she's a cold 20. Vandaag, ha ha ha well here it is my traxxas summit. I'Ve got to to sell lipo batteries in there 5 thousands each these two motors […]

RC AVONTUREN – ALTERED BEEST 4×4 – BLiZZARD Trail in een diepe vrieskou

I just got to get on location. I feel a little bit like Les Stroud out here, Survivorman ah awesome. Goed, the snow is definitely deep but check it out. Look at this calm, quiet and untouched. Goed, one of the things I didn't anticipate ice and snow wait. Deze truck weegt ongeveer 20 Pond […]

RC AVONTUREN – TORTURE TESTiNGCEN GST-E 4×4 De Vrachtwagen van het monster

Oh myself, oh great job! Wow, je hebt ta. Let me try this for sure. Goed, it's, tough from over here driving it out us yeah. Do my best not to hit you at school man, I'm gon na try and follow it through the water we'll see how it goes. Goede! geluk! Succes! […]

RC AVONTUREN – Snow Cat Snow PlowingUpgraded Kyosho Blizzard SR Snow Machine

RC SNEEUWFREESMACHINE INTRAC 2011 R aan het werk / Faszination Modellbau 2016