RC AVONTUREN – 1/12th scale Radio Controlled Bulldozer

RC AVONTUREN – Losi DBXL 4×4 – One LapGasoline Engine Break-in

RC AVONTUREN – 12s Lipo 44.4v LOSi e-5T – 1/5 schaal 4×4 Race Truck

YouTube-kanaal Trailer | RC AVONTUREN

My name is Aaron Baraka for those that are new to the channel. I am the creator and host of rcadventures. My show focuses on the radio control, hobby and all of the fun and Wonder and excitement that we've discovered that it has to offer with more than 900 videos a hundred of those […]

RC AVONTUREN – ART ATTACK Snow Mobile Layout & Overzicht (Pt 2) (Upgraded Parts Arrive)

It really was made to be toy quality and yeah. We could have put lots into it to make it worthy, but I also wanted to give the Art Attack snowmobile snowmobile a chance as well. Now what I did have running was a brand new Tekin Pro for 4000 kV censored, borstelloze motor. Dit […]

RC AVONTUREN – Tent aanhangwagen & Mercedes Unimog×4 – RC4WD & Tamiya CCO1

Echter, je wilt dat dit een CCO een loopt gewoon op een twee cel lipo batterij een zalf os waterdichte servo, a spectrum receiver that's. Ook waterdicht mijn enige leger kerel die dit hele project leidt, het geven van een koude voor jullie. Hier gaan we de RC vierwieler, rijden bivak […]

RC AVONTUREN – Afstemming & Tweede run van mijn Gas Powered Losi LST XXL2 1/8e Schaal Monster Truck

RC AVONTUREN – LOSi 5T 4×4 Trucks do BattleRadio Control Gas Power

RC AVONTUREN – Knight Hauler 1/14e Schaal RC Tractor Truck & Trailer, Radiografisch bestuurd

RC AVONTUREN – Modified “Scheur in” De Boot van de straal (My 1st RC Jet boat run, OOIT!)

RC AVONTUREN – Twee Earth Digger 4200XL graafmachines verbergen giftig afval

Doesn'T work right now! Nee, our battery to do it happened, looks like the pin that holds the cap onto the motor to make everything kind of spin yep snapped into a few places. There'S a drive pin here drive in yeah drive, pin from the brush motor. There is a rock that got caught […]

RC AVONTUREN – OPTiMUS OVERKiLL – ROLL OUT! 6x6x6 BiG RiG Transformers Tribute Semi Truck

I wanted to make sure that all the features are working on it. I have not installed a sound kit yet, but rather I wanted to test it mechanically. Here is the rear, steer nice and strong running on a castle B ec pro, which is really a power regulator that's going to each one […]