4 G machine sensing, illness, remote control and I’m, going to peel it with my m8 Android TV box, because that came with this piece of junk that doesn’t work very well. So I thought I get myself something relaxing what cut it actually sat down and I ended up with the ear moose and I believe, het is echt goed, of knives. They tried a year but what’s in the box is the remote control here and it’s got just looks like a standard, Afstandsbediening, maar op de achterkant, it’s got a quirky typing part. Wat zit er nog meer in de doos? Uiteraard, the instructions which are reasonable to read and this little USB the bite device that you need to plug into your Android box. It doesn’t come with batteries, so you need to get your batteries to triple a batteries. I’Ll go ahead now, just put them and pretty simple and we’ll see how easy it is to connect up. Er staat., switch this on. Er staat., switch your TV box on at the same time and place or key on your remote control and peeling should take place. Dat is., how simple it’s supposed to be let’s do the test. OK, so here we go let’s, try it out right when I’m business. Now I see the capsule, you see the cursor moving across the screen: Oke, there’s a lot better I’m standing a good 10 feet away and upon the get up to about 10 Meter, so let’s just try it to go to settings.

Yeah good advanced go so works good, no black and no excellent, very good piece of kit well worth the investment. I would recommend this. It was a little bit confusing to start with, but that’s on the two river at five ten minutes and it’s just a case of wait. Oke, thanks for watching folks like subscribe and comment as well.