Air man is real, RC airplane fun, with real RC airplane controls. Super easy to fly even for a beginner, you control the throttle left right and altitude. Now you can do breathtaking climbs in strained eyes and turns on a dime air man has an incredible 200 foot range. If air man flies too high or loses radio contact, he’s programmed to automatically return to earth, air man is superhero, strong and made of lightweight yet durable materials. Dus, no matter what the trouble he’s ready to fly again and again, air man features powerful, twin propellers and onboard rechargeable lithium polymer battery. You can recharge airman right at the field from the transmitter, so you can fly your missions over and over again. Hair man makes the perfect gift for kids of all sizes and kids of all ages. Now you can have hours and hours of real radio control fun for the whole family with air man. Air man leaves other RC toys on the ground. The air man flying superhero comes ready to fly right out of the box. The transmitter can be programmed for up to 16 different channels, so you can fly multiple planes at once. Attach a streamer then try to cut off your opponent, streamer for spectacular air wars. Voor een beperkte tijd, you’ll get the incredibly fun and easy to fly air man with RC controller and rechargeable battery. In your choice of radical red, bombastic blue outrageous orange and electric yellow for only ‘.

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