I have here the r610 scale, crawler from amewi it’s, the pro version. The same truck is also available in a basic version. This is cheaper but has less features here on the side. The features of this pro version truck are explained: lockable differentials in the front and rear axle the dampers with rubber socks. These are the servos for locking the divs by remote control. Ook, a lot of metal parts are included in the pro version, the metal side rails of the chassis. A lot of gears are made in metal. This is the metal motor mount the differential in the rear axle. The truck is equipped with a two speed. Transmission metal drive shafts, and it has universals in the front and rear axle. Here you can see the xlr portals for more ground clearance. The steering linkage is equipped with a damper to protect a servo included is a 6 channel radio system and the high torque steering servo with metal gears. The truck is available in different colors with wheels or chains. I have here their military body with wheels here in this box is the transmitter. It is the same remote control that is used also on other rtr trucks. It has six channels, so it works well with the additional functions of these scale crawlers. These are the parts for the cage on the flat bed and an instruction manual and parts list is also included. The wheels are not installed and the truck holds with two zip ties.

The wheels are separately packed in this box, the rims are beadlocks made in plastic and the tires feels good soft and the thread has a realistic look. The body holds in front with two magnets and at the rear, with a hinge, so the body can be easily flipped up. The electronic speed controller is a hobby wing quaker on 1060.. It can be hand up to 3s lipos. Dit is de 550 geborstelde motor. The gearbox is pretty big. This is the servo for the two speed transmission. These two servos are for the deflocking function, and this is the battery holder large enough for various batteries. Here you can see the very strong motor plate and the slipper clutch, and here in this box the receiver is installed and so good protected. The dampers have an internal spring are filled with oil, and the piston is covered with a rubber sock at the rear and in front is a four length suspension installed. Zoals je zien, the links and drive shafts are made in metal. Here you can see the portal axles installed in front and at the rear. The steering servo sits on the front axle, and this is the damper on the linkage. This protects the steering servo from shocks. Now i screw on the wheels. Now i insert four a a batteries into the transmitter and turn it on. The blue light indicates it’s ready. Now i install a 3 cell lipo battery and turn on the esc, steering works and the motor also now i’m going to test the two speed gear shift.

I push this switch and the set will change the gears. This function works perfect now the diff locking, as you can see the divs, are unlocked. Now i push these two buttons and the rear and front x is now locked. I push again and now the divs are open again. Ook, this feature works great. The esc can be programmed via these two jumpers. I removed the rear one to get the esc into crawler mode, so it has a drag break and goes directly from forward to reverse. Now let’s check the appearance, it looks not bad it’s, something like a land cruiser 70.. I like the matte finish, but i think the body needs some minor improvements. The first problem are the matte coated windows. It seems, as they have over sprayed the matte coat over the whole body without masking the windows. To solve this, we can wipe off the matte paint on the windows. Tommy offers body cleaner for this, our karzon calls it paint killer. If you don’t have these products, you can also use nail polish remover, but be careful stealing that from your wife, this work needs a bit of time and patience, but the result is very good here. You can see the difference as you can see now. De ramen zijn vrij: next i like to get this rear bed in black, so i mask everything around now: it’s ready for the paint job. This is done and i can remove the maskings as next i can install the rear cage.

This is included on the military versions of the truck the rods holes by small screws. I think this really improves the look of the truck. Helaas, the front lights are only stickers and everything is over painted and no light buckets are installed at the rear. It is better there are light packets integrated in the rear bumper first, zoals je hier zien, i cut out the stickers in a round chain and i have removed the ink and matte coat with the same painkiller as i used before on the windows now i’m. Going to use these light pockets, i had left from a light bar. I glued them on from the inside, with sugar glue and also the leds are glued in now and installed at the rear. Here you can see how it looks with the lights on not perfect, but better as nothing. Now i add some body lines with a fine permanent paint marker. This works good on this body because it have deep grooves. So the pen follows easily the line and, as last of course i will add a driver figure. Zoals altijd, i use the same method and drive a figure from tamiya here. You can see it’s installed on the inside with strong tape. So i have add some scale. Details on the rear pad and it’s finished. Naar mijn mening, it looks good now and it’s ready for a first tour on the trails soon i will do this and make a running video stay tuned, to see this and subscribe to my channel.

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