I have a good idea of what it is and i’m, not even sure if this is even an rc car, but i think i’m pretty sure it is because it says armor on it says armor on it. It looks like an rc box and we did order some rc’s and some of them weren’t that big, because a lot of our rc boxes are a lot bigger won’t we yep that’s what i see it’s the armor granite voltage. I don’t remember the color. I think it was black and blue, which i kind of hope. It is i’m a little excited about this car because it’s, a beginner car and it’s a two wheeldrive i’m, not very fond of that, but it’s, upgradable and it’s. Definitely something that you can grab do a bunch of projects with change. The motor and esc has a brushed, i think, a 540, probably a 15 turn, and then it has a built in receiver in esc and the amp is, i think, 60 let’s see if it’s on the box right here take a look right. There let’s see it says all matter, diff gears, but inside is plastic. So when you do upgrades you want to a lot of times people change those out. I know people don’t and they run it for a long time like that. But i imagine at some point: you’re gon na need to change up those gears, obviously there’s nothing to the front other than the servo, and i see a lot of people.

Uh put rugged tires on all four, which i just think is uh kind of kind of not too smart because on the front, you’d want smooth tires, because if you only have power in the back you’re going to be pushing like when you push over rocks and Stuff you’re going to get resistance, but if you have knobby tires on the front that don’t have any uh uh any uh juice to them, then uh they’re gon na be pushing like rocks on the tires you might as well tape rocks to your tire. You know what i mean, so i would think if anything, you want lines going this way so that if you were in the dirt uh, if you were going to have any tread, there would be lines going around the around the tire so yeah and the transmission Is all in the back and that’s what that was what i was getting to and that they’re plastic inside there, and if you upgrade this to this, is only a 2s or it comes with the nickel metal, hydrate 1800 battery and uh it uh uh yeah. When you go to upgrade it it’s uh the drive cups here, they they uh wallow out as you get more speed and everything now overall out the box from what i can see. She’S, pretty good i’ve been keeping my eye on this car for a long time and i have a lot of other cars. I decided to get this one because it has a lot of potential, but you have to upgrade a lot of things: it’s, a good project.

Car for a hobbyist and that’s, why it’s still popular now and you see videos on it everywhere, that’s why this is probably nothing new to anybody but uh. This is the first time i’ve actually seen up close and personal. What do you guys think this is great? You, like it no it’s all right. Springy sharks, definitely toyish, so you got for at that remote. I can already see that everybody knows it’s, probably better than the spectrum it’s, not bad. I like it foamy yeah. I feel that light feels right, though i’ve held a lot of remotes you’ve held a few but uh yeah. It feels pretty good it’s a little tiny but it’s pretty good tall let’s see what we got here. We got uh i’m, not sure what these are got. Dual right, i, like the body better than the red and the blue. I would probably like the red and the black too, but i have a lot of red car, so this actually works out tires. I do like them a little cheesy, not that cheesy. In other words, that when they land, this sponginess is going to soak up a lot of the impact and not hurt the or not not hurt but soak it up before. It starts to hit the shocks or the arms or anything like that to cause any tight damage, because this car here, i told you already the metal, the weak plants on it and you bump it up to a 3s that’s.

Probably, what i’ll do at first at least there’s a 3s now it’s set up like nothing like i’ve ever really seen, but it’s pretty decent, and these shocks need to be tightened, put more clips in them and if they’re, i believe that oil filled. I have to look at the box, they look like they are so probably definitely some thicker oil help it out. These are okay, it looks like they might break. This is definitely solid. Servo it’s, probably gon na, do good because all it has to do is just uh serve. I mean steer um, so yeah there’s the i didn’t check to see what the esc was, but evidently it needs to be cooled. This esc can take a 3s. However, the motor cannot so or you can’t run this esc unless you with a 3s unless you get a different motor. So that was an option i was thinking of, but um it would. It would also have to be a brushed motor and most people definitely want brushless, so uh they have 550s. You know i’m, not sure exactly how the turns work. I know a lot about the brushless kp and stuff, but as far as the brush goes, i haven’t really read up on it much one thing i do like about this, i can tell you: is that uh, it seems like the shocks are kind of pointed downward. I’M noticing and they uh lookyou can see how it sits kind ofand i know with my toy grade cars that are just about as good as some hobby grade that they’re just basic suspension.

That has this ability to fold in the front and it causes it like some certain crawlers, like maybe the master rock brawlers. They have this great ability to rock crawl on a toy level to a great price too, with the ability to just fold in the front. So i think that that’s going to be pretty decent going up things. You know things like that and, of course, if you land on your front, you’re going to be more likely to land on your uh shocks like that and that’s actually kind of smart, because very rarely do you land backwards, because you’re going to win on your back Ties first, so i think that’s pretty decent. I don’t know when they did that or what’s going on there, but that’s pretty decent. I like that and uh i’m, not too sure about the diff in here, pretty sure there is a rear, dev and uh. I know the spur is right here. Pinion is right here you just take the screws off wherever they are right there here and down here, two screws um, probably telling people stuff everybody already knows, and then uh on this side is the battery tray.