That is why I’m still in the same shirt, because we are taking advantage of kid free days herethere are sea sailors. Welcome to our RC family. Here I have Amazons most rated and highest rated RC car is what you have to search to find this. The amazon has it’ll be linked in the description box below i’m gon na go ahead and start driving this and then i’ll go inside and show you what comes in the box. Okay, we have the ramp out. It is on flat ground, but it’s like solve this RC car. If you search RC car on amazonand this is the highest most rated car that comes up so i saidlet’s buy it and get it on the channel and just see how it does. This is actually you search, RC car, this concept, but in my opinion this is a buggy, my car and it is a 116 scale, it’s supposed to go anywhere between 15 and 25 kmh, so what’s that mr. converter 15 miles and I would say, 15 to 25 Kilometers that’s, like 10 miles an hour, if that, maybe like 9 that’s slow, so it comes with 2 nickel metal hydride batteries, so you can have double the fun. This is a 700 million ickle metal hydride battery it charges via this USB cable here is the transmitter. It is all or nothing non proportional steering and the throttle super sad. This is everything that comes with this setup.

We’Ll have it linked in the description box below if you want to check it out for yourself, let’s go drive this alright let’s see if I can hit the ramp with this without all or nothing know what I want to know, drive or rear wheel drive. I think it’s really let’s see yeah just rear wheel, drive, yeah, yeah, yeah that’s. Okay, then you can trim it but there’s a little trim tab on the bottom. Oh my god I mean they did do a good job of making it look cool. I will you know: what’s, going through the grass now there’s a shot on the. I want you guys if nothing else, even if you don’t buy this, as you probably probably aren’t going to, I want you guys to click the link, follow our link, go to Amazon and watch their promotional video of this. You got it, you got it, you got it, you got it, you got it, you got it. Yeah there’s one shot that I’d love to recreate that they do. I think you know what I’m talking about let’s. Do this peeling out peeling out a dead end? Did you guys watch the promotional video, please tell me you did there we go, we did it. Okay. Can I Drive it a little bit. I got ta, try it. Oh you rolled it. So I get to drive it. The transmitter feels okay, it would be nice if I had some foam on that wheel, though huh yeah it’s, so funny that even on this, like really flat surface it snow bounces a lot, it is bouncy.

No, I will give it this 2.4 gigahertz, which means you could literally drive hundreds of these together. If you wanted to so some people will buy this and say: oh, I just got one of these for my grandkids. Can i drive two of them? At the same time, together the answer is yes, so you can drive multiples together, Abbi. I have a challenge for you now that I got to hit the ramp. I want to see if you can hit the ramp while holding the toys are upside down. Whatever my gosh, I couldn’t, do it no upside down, you can you can be creative upside down you’re already in the grass come on. You can do it. Oh yeah, you got it your first try. What are you doing? Well guys here’s the thing, so I want to know from you if you think this is worth the money. Let us know in the comments below Abby and I just covered a really cool hobby grade RC vehicle, the red cat racing piranhaswill have it linked in the description box below too because for ninety dollars. You can go from this four in total of ninety dollars. You can go from this like boy RC, a really nice hobby grade, RC truck what I mean where’s your money spend better. I want to know from you guys. Let us know in the comments below if you’re interested in this we’ll have the links in the description box below, but the big thing is check out that video I want to know.

If did we do a good job recreating that shot? Do you think that was a legitimate shot that they had in their little promotional video guys? Thank you so much for watching we’ll see in the next Music Applause Music. I keep turning. Oh you had a look when you’re driving all right one more to go. Okay, one more for the road, I think you like driving it upside down. That was it that was your ramp.