It is made of engineering nylon which strengthens its verb ability that’s. I have no idea wheel twist angle is flexible and changeable. Wat moet dat betekenen? I have no idea it’s a lot bigger than i thought it was gon na, be i heard yeah so a lot of designs that are very proprietary to this company, apparently that we’ve never seen first off it’s this motor, Ja, Heel leuk, looking design, never seen anything Like it and the remote and these wheels and tires are unique as well: very yeah they’ve never seen anything like that. Never yeah! This is completely original by them, and the remote design i’ve never seen anything in this shape. Metal gear servo, too metal gear servo. This is ingenious. I’Ve never seen anything like this before you’ve, never seen a locking mechanism like that it’s amazing, open it it’s brilliant, het is, Briljante. How come none of the big companies have come up with anything like this. This is so smart. It comes with a cap. Come with a cap dude, i just found out something super cool yeah actually might help before we get to that. What did you do to your hair? So they provide a two cell 1600 milliampère, which you can obviously fit here and it’s great by the way that locking mechanism is brilliant. Hopelijk, no one steals this idea from them, because this is amazing, i’m sure they’ve patented, that by now for sure, on a previous video we made, which is the wl toys that we made it came with that better, which is a very inexpensive upgrade.

They can put this one, it actually fits and then it lasts longer and then it probably rips harder too because of the capacity. So you know what no one cares: fair enough honey let’s talk about shocks, echt snel. Wat hebben we hier? Honey um not talk about shocks, echt snel. I agree guys. While batteries are charging, i just got to show it. I think connie just finished, building it uh. Zoals u weet, connie fell uh when he was a baby, just as i did and uh it altered our life substantially, but this is legos it’s, so freaking cool. So this works and it moves the steering. Now it comes with a real gearbox. So you have high range low range and i used to build a lot of them when i was a kid which wasn’t really that long ago, does that open it does? Oh and just um? Are you kidding me that thing is nuts i got ta tell you man, i admire this thing. This is epic man, yeah it’s super cool. Kijk hier eens naar.. Oh man, inline six and i love it. Yeah inline six is driven by the wheels and it’s got a functional winch here, you’re kidding me wind it all back in and this is lego technics lego. Technic yeah got a four speed transmission. No one cares isn’t vxl. Nee! I we’re not going to talk about that. Remember yep, het is, a four wheel drive what is that bathtub leaf bath with batholith parts assembly diagram, guys if you uh, if you know what this word is, please comment down below this will help us a lot of that.

So we can spell that that’s, it it’s. A four wheel, drive baffleth parts Music. Goed, it is not yeah Music, Muziek, Muziek, so honey yeah. I just noticed something this doesn’t say on. Er staat.: open okay. What does it open? No idea? Oh dat is., really fast! Oh wow, i got ta tell you for the money, shruggy brushless, vrij duurzaam. I like it so now what? What do you mean now? What to the roof oh hold on? It seems all right, perfect, Music hold on. Oh, i didn’t care just go yeah. I think we need to find like a five story: building yeah yeah, het is, Briljante. You know what connie i think we need to check the remote durability. Also sure i mean he’s a reviewer anyway, you know all right. Goed, Laten we! Do it all right so remote from second story, yeah perfect? How do they make them so durable seriously? Now guys serious talk, Ik bedoel, i know we’re doing a bang good special videos, but how do they make all those components so damn durable? I just don’t get it Music all right connie conclusion on this. One pros super durable, i mean you guys saw. We gave it absolute hell, absolute hell now, guys it’s not supposed to be waterproof. We just sent it just to send it, but uh it’s not supposed to be waterproof, but still super super durable cons. I would what probably faster a little bit more power. Be nice yeah shocks.

They really do interfere with the behavior of the car. If you’re really trying to be picky, i would maybe try and put oil in them for the price. I think it’s brilliant, but the only con, Ik zou zeggen, is maybe a little bit faster for a brushless system. But besides that i mean for the money. It’S a lot of cars, but the tips were good. We didn’t even really mess with gearing, but it might have more in it. The motor was not even lukewarm really throughout right, so it was comfortable to touch so yeah yeah, but uh super cool car, we’re gon na put a link in the description below.