It also comes with six combs of controller, de auto, Uiteraard, and two batteries a charger and a real awesome, cardboard Ram. Wanneer u de doos opent, you’ll see everything you will need, the batteries can be put in the little indent on the plastic in the inside and the controller is on the left and the car itself is on the right. There are six cones in total and they are placed above the car. You notified they’re a little hard to get out and under the plastic is the cardboard ramp. This is really awesome for a bunch of different things. You can deal with the car and that’s all the stuff you’ll find inside of the box. Now let’s go outside proportional, slow to or you can go and ask for for steering whoa tumble Rumble Music, Ja. Oke, it beat you wait. Did I lose control? Wachten. I lost control so that’s the right, but that is good. How far did again, I was like all the way down the hill. Got it. Oke. Oke, Ben je klaar, dames en heren? Three two one go that’s amazing right. Look at my foot. I almost got stopped. Two ramps and twelve cones: this is the combination I want top speed. Is the camera so overall, the craze on phantom bye cheering is well worth the money.