This is the spot. I do a lot of work in the kitchen like you on the table, you get yelled at little screws on the floor, you step on them like legos, but today is a good day today, i'm building this new kit from element, the enduro gatekeeper builders kit. I already ruined the manual because i already got excited and tore into the box. Apparently what's a kit. You ask that's a good question for use used people you use utes that have only had ready to runs. You have to build this every part of it not just put a battery in not peel off the plastic off the body, some body clips. This is from start to finish, you're building it. This kit doesn't come with tires. Doesn'T come with electronics, so you got ta pick a lot of stuff. So when you pick one of these up got ta make sure that you know what you're doing by getting electronics first, sometimes i don't i took some cheater steps. This kit was already supposed to be built, but i went on vacation, so it wasn't uh today we're captain america, so my team will be very patriotic and not patriotic. If you aren't here and then i also matched my coffee cup this morning, it's almost october. Dus, if you're watching this in october, this makes sense very orangey, so another exciting thing today i bought some tools. These are protex quarter inch drivers for my makita drill.

This will speed up all screwing everything. Together you get the sent attention. I won't script it strip anything out and i'll, build it faster after this cup of coffee, so let's, look at some parts. You'Ll see me build some stuff and then at the end, tell you what i thought of the build and i have all the electronics. I think so that's we're two steps ahead of my last video, so let's let's get to work, pretty solid instructions. Alle schroeven staan op één pagina. So this way when you're building it. If you need to know what three by eight cap head and button head and uh all these, whatever screw you're using is listed, there are spacers uh everything except a couple of things are missing. I did find a couple screws that aren't there. It did say titanium when i know they're not and but overall pretty easy to follow and just pay attention and really get a magnifying glass. So my uh gopro is charging so i'm gon na be missing a little bit of some of the building blah blah blah. But i'm through bag, een twee: Drie, which one is just the frame rails and so far so good. What i learned so far when building the gatekeeper here is, they do use a lot of different size screws. Dus, bijvoorbeeld, i got caught out like an idiot in the uh frame, rail or whatever they call it, but they do use two to two sizes, different here and they're kind of in some of the chassis braces, the depending on the thickness of the chassis.

They do adjust it six to eight millimeter, not a big difference, but i put a six and a half and you strip it out so make sure you're paying attention drink more coffee before you start, but overall the chassis is pretty standard. The plastics feel really good. They'Re very firm they feel like they got a lot of glass in them. It'S a nice quality feel dog barking in the background is always good, but here we are so back to the next bags. It goes much faster with the power screwdriver. One thing you do have to remember, because this one's actually a little bit too fast uh, it heats up the plastic and you can a burn your finger when you're holding the other side because that's what i did, but you can also strip the plastic very easily. If it's not going in right and you'll, also melt it a little bit so you'll actually weaken it so be careful how fast you're, using the drill put it on the slowest speed. It does save a lot a lot of time. Dog bark no bark just like our live, shows no bark um we're in the kitchen. This is what happens. I mean you get. Birds mailman may come, but overall cranking along here i'm, a little bit behind on the times. Everybody else released your video by now, and i didn't you know that vacation thing, but um we'll get this together today to be honest, you because uh with this guy and uh how easy this goes together.

These trail trucks are really kind of basic, even though they look really complicated. Just a lot of bracing but uh just crank through this thing and it's fun to build it's, not a lot of annoying parts. Just pay attention to directions. I will say that the instructions get this out of my mouth uh, some of the photos, a little too tiny. I know on a screen when you're blowing it up on your giant 27 inch imac, those uh diagrams are showing direction and what is uh what's, just where everything is going, is easier to see on a big screen, but on this paper a little too tiny. Voor mij, Uh, there are some things in here that did note front on a couple parts that was helpful, but a few of these parts have like a little bit thicker front and rear and uh. It was really hard to tell which side was supposed to be up, so i hopefully guessed right or i have to take bad thing about a ladder chassis is that if i need to take this sucker out right here, Ik heb ta. Take the whole thing apart. So hoping i guessed right probably did um and just keep pranking and if it's wrong, you won't know, because i won't tell you, i will tell you so back to the back to the grind here: uh more coffee, this way don't screw up and pay attention when You'Re building stuffi don't know why i'm about to shut off to shut this thing off, we are on to the legendary, legendary, legendary legendary stealth x.

Transmission for those who've been around racing forever, will know that uh team associated kind of created this stealth transmission, and what that was is that originally, they had like a six gear transmission and a strange external differential interesting at the time, but uh we've evolved. En nu hebben we een drie versnellingen transmissie in deze. We actually have uh we're driving front and rear at different rates. So this this kit's cool, comes with a lot of gears. You get three of these. You get three of these pinion and then the uh. I guess we'll call them drive gears. You can run this truck in three configurations, one to one in the front, a slight overdrive to the front and then the most overdrive to the front. What that does is make obviously the wheels dr in the front drive faster. So for crawling, it'll pull over things, going downhill, you'll, get kind of a drag break effect, because the the rear wheels will spin slower, Daarom, kind of slowing you down. It'S, zoals je weet, sticking your foot in the rear, tire uh. I guess you could flip this and run overdrive to the rear and i think that might help in some situation, but probably not don't. Doe het. Als je dat doet, let me know what it does if you felt anything uh the metal gears are labeled, easy uh. My tired old eyes, these uh green eyes cannot see if these plastic gears are labeled teeth still looking.

I can't find it so the only way that since i'm running the most overdrive when i'm exaggerating this a little bit and i'll have a photo but uh. I just stack these up flat and uh since it's the biggest and the smallest. I chose the biggest and smallest it's, 54 En 52, i think or 56 52. Whatever this split is the middle one. You throw out not throw out you're gon na keep it in case. You need it uh and the same with the metal gears uh just pointing out that these were hard to see and uh. I would have liked a number on there if they're on there on there i apologize element if they're not i'm mad at you um, but i still can figure it out. You can you can figure it out. So if i can do it, je het doen. Trust me so on to building the transmission i'll, have some fancy better looking photographs in there instead of my blurry video shaking from the table, so let's uh go back new cup of coffee and we're i'm going to stop trying to shut the video off before i Stop talking, Geloof ik, i'd learn this by now, but i didn't so let's get back to work a little trick here. Uh screwing these caps into the gears. They got little two and a half millimeter threads, nothing to really hold on to. They tell you to grease the screws and i was like: why would you grease the screw but uh they're pretty tight and the plastic's hard, which means it needs some lubrication don't shove it in dry.

You know what i mean so put the grease on there. Don'T be afraid of it uh, i put it out an allen wrench through the pin hole this way, i can hold it instead of filing down my skin with the this guy and because it was pretty hard so get it tight. Put this little trick, use the pin there's a little camera here, go through the slot and then be much easier to get together. Oke, half a cup of coffee, not too bad building the transmission so i'd like to point out that i'm, not an engineer. Eigenlijk, i am an engineer i did go to school for that i forgot but it's for natural resources. So if you want me to test your ground water, i could do that for you as far as designing transmissions that's, not my specialty, but i can say this built more than one. So this is a rock racer crawler, faster than scale speed, uh kit. I did find it odd that there's no slipper now i get why there is no slipper, because you want full power. It'S locked everything except for the center, is overdriven. Eigenlijk, it is locked in the center that's a dumb statement um, but no slipper means, if you're putting some serious speed and power into this going over rocks fast. You do run the risk of breaking something, and now they may have over engineered this and i'm, not trying to say that this will break at all.

But from my experience, when everything is locked and you're putting bigger power than like a you know, A 35 turn crawler motor. You do run the risk of breaking something. So if there is an option to put a slipper on this and you're serious about kind of going faster through rocks, i would put a slipper on this, and now you could lock a slipper, but at least you wanted to give every once in a while, not Ideal for crawling because you don't want it to stall, but even then it's, probably not a bad idea, but i don't know if it's cost savings, or they just didn'twant to put it in there. But this is not a slipper it's. Just a gear uh mounted on there, but they're, obviously uh it's set up that. I think you can put a slipper on this it's fairly cheap and i'd recommend it. Even though i am an environmental science management engineering degree. I would engineer this different good morning. It'S getting weird because this shirt and cup matching is not on purpose. I have no idea what's happening, but it's subconscious, america, blue red white, blue orange, i don't know what's going on anyway. Today is you're watching this in one long, boring video, but today is uh, Achterzijde, pumpkin day or sorry front axle day, so the uh gate keeper has got some solid rear, Assen, the plastics really nice and stiff. You got metal gears, uh front cv a or whatever we want to call these these days, cbd, cva cv, cv, Gewrichten, Uh, here's, the little uh wormish gear here, so we're gon na get to work on this hitch.

My nose and uh watch some of this stuff and i'll tell you what i think about building axles and pumpkins. So look at the video, so these are pretty simple, they're, just a solid axle, so you just have an input gear. So one of the things that i've learned from building more than one four wheel drive car is you can put that solid, locked gear in the wrong side and what happens is you will actually have wheels turning against each other or pulling away from each other? So the wheels won't go in the same direction, so just pay attention stupid mistake and i won't say that i've done it before, but i've never done it before i can't even i don't even know how to do that. It'S very difficult to say yes or no. Tegelijkertijd, so just pay attention look at the tiny little instructions make sure you're lined up and you'll be okay. So just a quick note here, this is the pumpkin supposed to fit into this pretty easily, but i realized that it wasn't fitting that easy. So i just took an x, acto and kind of chamfered the edge, so it had like a lead in position and then it's really tight, which isn't bad because you don't want stuff getting in here. But if you're gon na take it apart, pretty it's too tight. So put a little dab of the assembly grease on there after i cut the little edge off to just to get it to line up, i did get it to go on, but it's still super tight i'm, not even gon na, be able to do it again.

On camera it's great, but it snaps in super duper tight. So hopefully i never have to take this apart again, because that will probably be a pain in the ass there's, no real place to put a screwdriver in and get leverage, but just a little kitchen tip use an x, acto kind of angle. It out and put a little grease on there, because if you want to get that out, you need some lube cool little feature on the front suspension front. Steering is that right here you can see these are the caster alignment tabs, so you can actually adjust the caster and change the steering feel just by basically pulling this off and it's got teeth and you can twist them to go positive or negative caster right now. It looks a little bit tilted back. I can't tell you how many degrees, but i can find out at some point, maybe i'll put that in the video, maybe it's a surprise but make sure you have them aligned. You don't want one all walleyed over here, because uh get a pretty good uh. I don't know if it's like a half a degree adjustment on each thing, so you can be a little bit off so just make sure they line up Music, we're jamming pretty hard here. So one of the things i really hate about hexes is that pin do that. Wat is er gebeurd? This pin goes in this hole, vrij eenvoudig, but if you take the hex off normally you just got a plastic hex.

Your pin goes good example, element smarter than you and me they put a set screw in there. Dus, instead of a clamping hex, they just have a set screw hold the hex on there. So when you take the wheel off your hex doesn't come off and you lose the pin out in the dirt somewhere or something stupid where it always happens where you can't, find it like on a yellow towel. So thank you for the holes good holes. Sometimes i make mistakes, but i make them for you uh. Dit is de achterkant, pumpkin sticking to the instructions uh. You are supposed to put the axle in before you put the bearing in otherwise you get this no working, so the directions clearly show you that, but because i'm smarter than the directions i just put the bearing in and then screwed everything together so solid axle in Bearing in and then that'll work actually turn the gears and then two giant oversized retaining screws shoulder head screws to keep the bearings in, but hey i'm, using two millimeters on almost everything so i'm, not going to complain that the screw looks ridiculously big for what it's Doing but do it right and don't? Do it wrong right wrong wrong, but i did it for you, i'm pretty honest and when i'm an idiot i'm very honest. So normally when i build a kit, one of my tips it's not really tips. What i do when i throw out all the bags and plastics and trees and stuff that come in there, i put it in the box in the box.

So this way, when i go hey where's, this other part see this part and see no part part no part, and i look down i'm like oh, Nee, i don't know where that part is, if i threw it out, it's right next to me in a box. I didn't do that this time i threw it out, but luckily it was just in the garbage, and this is why i usually put everything in a box until i'm done, because a part like this, which is very important on hereobviously not very happy without it Was in the garbageand i found it so be smarter than medo what i say not what i do or i don't know, but put all your trash in something that's not trash until you know it's trash because then you'll not lose your part. And thankfully i didn't lose it just a small i'm, not complaining but i'm complaining. These are the uh links. You have to thread basically like rod ends on there, maar zoals je kunt zien, they're smooth and no place to grip and that's full thread till the end. So i would wish they had a hex on there, so you can grab it or a hole through it, but what you have to do is grab it with some cutters and really hard you're going to mark the bar, but that's. The only way i can see it get in there and you have to build a lot of these, which i'm not going to show you because it's going to be me swearing because nothing worse than building tie rods, then building tie rods that are basically you put Grease on and try i don't know i tried to invite it and do it i'm, not sure how they thought.

You were supposed to do this, but you need some good dykes hold on to that thing with, zoals jij, Weten, gi joe grip and then use a allen, wrench anything to go in there and spin it on there it's much easier and you'll swear less so uh. If you want to swear less, do it like i did. Zo niet, dan, you may cry progress. I finished all the links. I swore a lot. So a couple things i noticed in the instructions is that the links don't show you. The bent ones see these ones right here, these bend and in there they show them straight so it's very difficult to tell the direction of the bends and how uh the ball ends, which are also bent, are supposed to line up and again i'm going to complain About the size of the manual photos or cad drawings, they're too small, and at times you can't, tell orientation or where it's actually going it's a little difficult. So uh the links for the steering were difficult to figure out and then also the attachment of the rear arms of where they were going and what part of the chassis they were going into. I don't know if it just got confused with the older models, the ones that don't have the trailing links and it kind of just slipped in there. But it took a little bit of me looking at it figuring out and actually looking at pictures built online.

For me to figure out all the links and balls and your balls and lengths where to stuff all that stuff, so i haven't said length that much since the first legend of zelda but it's, getting there obviously i'm going to be talking about the pictures. But this is where we are so far: we're going to get a move on to the drive, shaft shocks and almost to the body and we're almost done, except for some of the electronics which i'm still debating we'll. Discuss that one at the end of the build here, so my dog's eating in the background you can hear them, but here we are gatekeeper, almost done let's, look at some more photos and talk about okay, a little status update here shocks are complete. I didn't do any video of the shock builder, pretty straightforward threaded bodies. They got adjustable collars. The only tricky spot was there's. Two o rings that look the same ones: the cap ones for the adjuster to kind of hold it in place, two different sizes, but just pay attention it's, pretty easy to to figure that out pretty smooth uh pay attention to the orientation of all the holes. You got metal inserts here to adjust shock, location and angle a little bit. Nothing radical. I mean you're talking millimeter front and back um and just uh bleed them properly, which is not a how to bleed shocks, but you don't know how to bleed shocks.

You probably shouldn't build this kit, but you just push the piston up. Let the oil go out. Tighten the cap. The piston should go all the way in and then slowly move back out. You get a little bit of pressure going in there and that's the proper bleeding. There is supposed to be air in here. There are motion, Schokken, it's, not you! Can'T have a hydra lock at the top, so it's, not a bladder or anything other than that we're. Getting pretty close but bronze shocks and just pay attention to orientation a lot of things that go certain ways and you got to kind of look and, to be honest with you, the instructions are not super clear. I keep pointing this out, they're, really small uh photos and i don't really think they're perfect. Yet so i think there's a few mistakes in there, but if you're paying attentionand you sit there and scratch your head, net als ik – you'll figure it out and see which steps are wrong. But the shocks are in different spring rates on front and rear. It'S marked with a little color on the shock you, obviously the coil coil per inch is higher on the front, but they have color coded. I can't see them on there, but it's color coded with a little dot of nail polish or whatever shock polish, not nail. Pools, if you're going to build this kit and don't have this tool, you will hate life, you will hate screws, you will hate roll cages.

You will hate just everything on earth because i'm going to show you an example here. This is one 16 millimeter screw for the roll cage and i last kind of met like five million that's one imagine trying to screw that in i mean you'd, be blistered up cramping up like my hands cramping just holding it. I couldn't imagine screwing. That thing in my hand, so roll cage is cool. Op zoek naar, but holy jesus, don't don't. Try without this you'll regret it. Music screws there's a lot of them in this kit uh. So much that i broke a tip 1.5 snappy snappy on the wheels but uh. If you don't have that you're dead, don't don't build this kit without a power screwdriver or whatever you call them we're done and looks pretty good little joe nery paint job captain america. Algemene, i chose the bigger 1.9 inch wielen. I had some smaller ones for competition crawling, but i feel like it needed bigger tires. Let me know what you think down in the comments, but overall this is the element gatekeeper. More of this speed, crawler rock racer, u4 class suspension, looks pretty good. Everything looks pretty pretty pretty good on the kits uh what's cool about this is that, even though this complicated uh cage here, flips open easy access, pacman so that's it for the kitchen today, it's been a long couple days, you'll notice that shirt changed. My beard changed everything changed a couple days here, but the next step is to pick the motor i'm still really leery, of putting this crazy motor in here, because i just feel like it's going to ruin the experience too fast too fast means it flips over flipping.

Over means i don't like it, so i think we got to go a little bit slower. I don't think i'm sticking this big ass, tkin hd motor in there with for short course, i think i'm going to go with something a little slower just to be smart for once. But here we are next. Video is going to be this thing running and my actual thoughts overall build. It was fun. Uh instructions need a little help there. Veel kleine uh, zoals ik al eerder zei, and i don't want to focus on it, but the pictures are really too tiny. For me to see which way things go and there's a lot of directional parts on this, that really you need to pay attention to, and they probably should put a little bit of better pictures online um. But overall it was a fun, build i'm, tired of screwing things together. So i'm gon na look for ready to run next that's smart, but i mean look at these wheels. Proline wheels 000 bolts on there to each wheel, so total is in 10.2 million bolts and uh, but overall element gatekeeper, brc magazine and derek's kitchen next build. I have no idea what it's going to be, hopefully it's something easier because still have to work on that. Tamiya and stick some electronics in here that makes sense so catch you on the flip side and we will make some sandwiches so it's done, but not really done, because i still have to add the motor which i was going to add one that didn't make sense.

Put in the speed control and get out and shoot all the action and video and stuff like that, having run vehicles like this before this class of u4, they are pretty tippy toppy uh they're not made to corner like a race car but they're a little bit More realistic, so i have to be realistic with my expectations, but i am looking forward to running this kit. It built very easily instructions need a little bit of tweaking. Naar mijn mening, Hoewel, maybe bigger pictures, but overall just an expansion on the enduro series. I can see this getting the front independent suspension as a sort of another kid or somebody doing that to kind of help. The high speed stability not so much the crawling. So next video will be the full review with driving impressions and all that fun stuff. That normally is done for velocity rc cars magazine subscribe today to whatever the youtube hit. The bell, all that crap, but also the magazine, do something buy some stickers buy a shirt. I don't even have a shirt but buy one and then send me the money.